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    It's wild whiplash month of touring ahead for me, barnstorming house concert folksinger action quickly morphing into get-in-the-van rock band touring with the Dream Syndicate. I'm looking at my living room right now-acoustic guitar in one corner and Fender Jazzmaster and noisy stomp pedals just a few feet away, both waiting their turn to shine, softly and loudly in consecutive weeks.

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    posted: 2022-08-31

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    The Dream Syndicate 2022 tour starts next week in California and then runs throughout the year on the East Coast, across Europe and then in the Midwest with more shows coming in 2023.

    Plus there's Tour Merch and more solo touring.

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    posted: 2022-07-19

  • Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions

    Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions

    Very excited to announce our new album 'Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions' set for release on 10th June, with new track 'Where I'll Stand' out today. Listen/Watch/Pre-Order here

    The brand-new album from The Dream Syndicate blends vintage Krautrock, Eno-like ambience, Neu-inspired rhythmic groove and a Californian sun baked sheen into their classic psychedelic, melodic, hue.

    The Dream Syndicate have moved well past their early Velvet Underground influences and taken on British glam, German prog, and more. "Clever, ambitious, and blessedly noisy." AllMusic

    Featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Wynn, drummer Dennis Duck, bassist Mark Walton, lead guitarist Jason Victor plus their newest member Chris Cacavas on keyboards, plus guest appearances from Stephen McCarthy (of The Long Ryders) and Marcus Tenney's expressive sax and trumpet work.

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    posted: 2022-06-10

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  • Dream Syndicate Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions
  • Decade Box Set

Tour Dates

2023-01-12 Bergamo, Italy
2023-01-13 Torino, Italy
2023-01-14 Savona, Italy
2023-01-16 Milano, Italy
2023-01-17 Bologna, Italy
2023-01-18 Roma, Italy
2023-01-20 Catania, Italy
2023-01-21 Avellino, Italy
2023-01-22 Terni, Italy
2023-01-23 Lugagnano, Italy
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