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Steve Wynn


Lots of stuff going on so let's dive in, shall we?

First off, I've spent a good chunk of the last handful of years writing my first book-a memoir of my life from my earliest days as a kid in LA falling in love with music and then the road that took me to and through the first era of The Dream Syndicate.

While I was writing that book, I found myself writing and recording songs inspired by the memoir I was putting together. With each chapter, I would get ideas for songs inspired by the deep dive into my past and vice versa. The reflections became intertwined after a while, a mutual commentary between literal and metaphorical ruminating all ending up as my first solo album since 2010.

So, it's only appropriate that both the book and record should come out the same day-and on August 30, I'll be celebrating the release of "I Wouldn't Say It If It Wasn't True" on Jawbone Press and "Make It Right" on Fire Records.

You can order the book from my Bandcamp page-I'll even sign and personalize it for you. Or you can find it any other favorite bookseller or download site.

The new album will be available at your favorite record store or website or directly from Fire Records at Fire Records Shop and Fire Records North American Shop depending upon where you call home.

And the first single from the album "Make It Right" is up right now for listening on your favorite streaming sites as well as on YouTube. The 2nd single and video "Making Good on My Promises" will be coming down the pike in early July.

Make It Right Memoir
Fire Records Shop
Fire Records North American Shop
Link to Book

I'll also be out there on the road in the coming months beginning with a summer tour with my little summer band, The Baseball Project. We're pretty much zooming right down the middle of the country. Here's a poster with the dates-and you can snag advance tickets right here.

Baseball Project Summer Tour

And then starting in September, I'll be putting together a show for the new book and record-kind of a mix of songs and stories and excerpts from the book and more. It will be unlike anything I've done before and will begin in September in the UK and then the in the US in October before picking up again in 2025 with more shows across Europe. Here are some ticket links and a poster with all the dates.

Steve Wynn Book Tour

Phew! That should do it for now. But more dates coming soon and, as always, I'll make sure you're the first to know. Happy Summer, everyone. Soak it up!

Steve Wynn
New York City
June 2024

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