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Broadside Ballads

The Baseball Project

Release Date: 2011
Broadside Ballads

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Track Listing

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# Track Title Play
1All Future And No Past All Future And No Past
2Cubs 2010 Cubs 2010
330 Doc 30 Doc
4Lima Time! Lima Time!
5Phenom Phenom
6(Do The) Triple Crown (Do The) Triple Crown
7DLBlues DLBlues
8The Way It's Gonna Be The Way It's Gonna Be
9Te Giants Wil The Pennant Te Giants Wil The Pennant
10Blood Diamond Blood Diamond
11Golden Sombrero Golden Sombrero
12The Ballad Of Mike Kekich And Fritz Peterson The Ballad Of Mike Kekich And Fritz Peterson
13Dizzy Dean Dizzy Dean
14El Hombre El Hombre
15The Magic Mitt Of Jason Byles The Magic Mitt Of Jason Byles
16Show Up To Work Every Day Show Up To Work Every Day

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Tour Dates

2019-10-13 Oslo, Norway
2019-10-14 Copenhagen, Denmark
2019-10-15 Hamburg, Germany
2019-10-16 Berlin, Germany
2019-10-17 Utrecht, Netherlands
2019-10-18 Paris, France
2019-10-19 Brussels, Belgium
2019-10-20 Diksmuide, Belgium
2019-10-21 London, United Kingdom
2019-10-22 Madrid, Spain
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