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Release Date: 1995

Album Notes:

Bob Rupe Of the Silos replaced by Armistead Welford on bass

Track Listing

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Transparency Transparency
2Your Best Friend Your Best Friend
3Black And Gold Black And Gold
4Is There Something I Should Know? Is There Something I Should Know?
5Hesitation Hesitation
6The Firefly The Firefly
7Sugar Fix Sugar Fix
8Maria Maria
9One-Eyed Dog One-Eyed Dog
10Tarzana, Pt. 2 Tarzana, Pt. 2
11Angelene Angelene
12California California
13Everything Everything
14Over 40 Over 40
15Mickey's Big Mouth Mickey's Big Mouth

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Tour Dates

2018-04-19 Las Vegas, NV
2018-04-20 Los Angeles, CA
2018-04-21 San Diego, CA
2018-05-04 Toronto, Canada
2018-05-05 Cleveland, OH
2018-06-23 Vitoria, Spain
2018-06-25 Bologna, Italy
2018-06-26 Sestri Levante, Italy
2018-06-27 Gardone Riviera, Italy
2018-06-28 Roma, Italy
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