Steve's Tour Diary

  • Bowery, Buckfest and other Surprises

    2011-11-30: Bowery ElectricSteve Wynn & The Miracle 3 | New York City | Friday, December 2 - 9pmYes, I'm writing my own concert preview. It must be the retired rock critic in me (--granted, I haven't been a rock critic since I was 19, but you have to stay in shape). Nonetheless, the Miracle 3 and I don't playmore
  • Battling the Elements--The Road to New London

    2011-08-25: It's easy to talk about The Baseball Project using metaphors from the game itself. We had a Spring Training tour last March, a regular season tour in May and now it's time to embark on--what else?--our Pennant Race tour. Yes, six months after the release of "High and Inside" and about 60 gigs into 2011 and we're stillmore
  • The Road to Madison (first pitch, final shows)

    2011-06-10: There's nothing like celebrating a birthday on the road. The party is right there and waiting for you. You're with your pals, you're in a bar, you get to play some music and strangers will make a fuss over you. And that was the story on Wednesday for Linda as she rang in a new year inmore
  • The Road to Pittsburgh

    2011-06-07: All of this baseball has gotten in the way of our non-ballpark eating. Anyone who has read this diary regularly in the last 15 years knows that dining adventures get covered right up there with music, van travel, friends and roadside attractions. Remember the last Baseball Project tour in March? It was all Mexican food, all the time. If it'smore
  • The Road to Philadelphia

    2011-06-06: I rarely have the chance to stop off at home during a tour. New York City is usually a starting and finishing point, not a pitstop along the way. But last night's show at the City Winery (my favorite Manhattan club, by the way) came right at the midway point of our two-week journey and allowed me and Lindamore
  • Just across the Canadian Border

    2011-06-02: Well, that was just about the easiest Canadian border crossing that I can remember. Maybe it was the late hour or, more likely, it was the commanding voice and presence of our tour manger, John Hill. Man, I saw him talk his way out of a speeding ticket in Athens a few months back and wanted to takemore
  • The Road To Milwaukee Or Nye's; The Morning After

    2011-05-27: The gig? How was the gig? Oh, you don't mean our first club show of the tour--a rousing kickoff at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. You don't want to hear that we played a rocking 90 minute set with our pal (and actual Twins ballpark DJ legend) Kevin Dutcher on keyboards and that we played "(Don't Gomore
  • Target Field

    2011-05-25: Even in the midst of rehearsals and the logistics that always accompany the start of the tour, we still managed to find time to take in a Twins/Mariners game at Target Field. I mean, we ARE The Baseball Project after all. And to make the night sweeter, our pal Kevin Dutcher (who works for the Twins AND will be joiningmore
  • The Tour Begins Here

    2011-05-23: If the Baseball Project tour last March and April was our Spring Training, then I guess it's time for the regular season. Yes, it's about time to start the next leg of our rolling adventure for "High And Inside." But let me take a moment to make sure. Excuse me while I have a look at themore
  • Back Home (For Now)

    2011-04-12: It's always a good sign when a tour seems to end much too quickly. Maybe it's the way the Baseball Project tour was neatly divided between rehearsals Georgia, barnstorm blitzes at both South By Southwest in Austin and Spring Training in Phoenix and then finally a few weeks of more conventional touring on the West coast but whatever themore