Steve's Tour Diary

  • Columbia, MO.

    1997-10-15: Oh yeah, I love playing music and try to do it just about every day but every so often a day off is just what the doctor ordered. And here I am in Columbia eating M&Ms and watching the baseball playoffs (Cleveland vs. Baltimore) and at this moment, all is well in the world. Last night could have been amore
  • Leaving Minneapolis

    1997-10-13: And so my one-day US tour without the Continental Drifters has come and gone and we leave Minneapolis for Columbia, Missouri where the two vans and two factions of the two bands will join again to resume the travelling circus. I most certainly miss Peter and Vicki and Susan and Miranda and Russ and Jennifer (am I leaving anyone out?)more
  • Chicago

    1997-10-12: Today is the day of the great divide. The green van (along with Peter, MIranda, Susan and Jennifer)stays behind in Chicago for the first of two well-deserved days off. And the rest of us? Once again, slavedriver Steve has forsaken such niceties as rest, reasoning that if there is another city to play somewhere, anywhere then it's time to getmore
  • The road to Chicago

    1997-10-11: Okay okay okay, I know this has been a tour of rock star name-dropping, no matter how hard I've tried avoid it. The shows have been peppered with various Hooties, REMs, Black Crowes, Son Volts all of whom are friends or fans or both. To be honest, we're all fairly non-plussed and enjoy their company not for their fame butmore
  • The road to Cleveland

    1997-10-10: Somebody help me, please and I'm afraid those of you in Europe won't qualify on this one (unless if you spent any time in the US in the late 60s). I have been telling all of my bandmates about a TV commercial from my childhood that advertised Hershey's Chocolate Milk mix with footage of cows walking across a city bridgemore
  • The road to Philidelpia

    1997-10-09: Well, it's nearly six pm and usually Iwould have entered the daily stories long ago but you'll have to excuse me today. You see, last night was the New York show and once again the city never sleeps and threatens to take down anyone who tries. A combination homecoming party (for some of us), victory parade and freak show foundmore
  • The road to New York City

    1997-10-08: As if sleep wasn't already a precious enough commodity, there was Mark, Russ and myself hovering around the motel vending machines at 5am buying up every possible snack item like the ravenous post-gig vultures that we were. Oh, we had it all: potato chips, crackers, wheat chex snax and best of all something called a 'ham salad kit,' something involvingmore
  • The road to Baltimore

    1997-10-07: Well, last night was a night off in New York and there was a big New York Yankee baseball playoff game on teevee, Mexican food around the corner and I was in Steve heaven. That is until the Yankees lost by a run and saw their season end in frustration. and now with the Dodgers and the Yankees out ofmore
  • The road to Woodstock

    1997-10-05: A fine breakfast at some Foxboro, Massachussets eating establishment that Susan frequented as a youth growing up in Rhode Island featured the finest dessert of the tour, boldly and wisely ordered by Peter Holsapple. Something involving a brownie, coffee ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge and nuts that piled, oh, about five feet tall, I'd guess. Of course I wasmore
  • Boston

    1997-10-04: Sleep is becoming more and more of a fantasy and last night we got to our hotel around 4:30 only to wake up at 9 to begin the drive to Boston. The usual sleep-deprived morning crankiness was eliminated by a few cups of coffee and then Miranda's (four-year old daughter of Peter and Susan for those of you who justmore