Steve's Tour Diary

  • London

    2003-11-08: Back to civilian life. The last notes of "The Days of Wine and Roses" nothing but an ear-ringing memory, I woke up at 7am to put John Munson into a cab for his return to the states. He's on his way back home to Minneapolis where he will be doing some dates with Mike Doughty (I hope I'mmore
  • London

    2003-11-06: Typing from an internet cafe just about one block from the Borderline in the West End of London, a city that feels like a second home to me at this point. Well, there are a LOT of cities that feel like a second home at this point but London is at the foremost of the list of the secondaries.more
  • Hamburg

    2003-11-04: It's one of those mornings that test, defy and define human endurance. Inspired by the chance to see 16 Horsepower the night before (great band, great show), we blasted through a two-hour set at Hamburg's Knust last night, ending just moments before midnight with a marathon, post-punk, free-jazz (free-punk?) version of "John Coltrane Stereo Blues." And with amore
  • Hamburg

    2003-11-02: And just when it appeared that this tour (and this edition of the tour diary) was about to come to an end, everything has changed. The last date was scheduled for the coming thursday at the Borderline in London. Bags would be packed, equipment would be stowed and dirty clothes would be placed inside a hermetically sealed plasticmore
  • The road to Bremen

    2003-11-01: I'm not about to complain about short drives. Hey, the less time in the van, the more time for sightseeing, exploring, napping, CNN-watching--whatever one does when they're not rolling down the autobahn. But it does mean less time for tour diary writing so today's entry will be short. Here are the headlines--1) Really enjoyable Halloween show lastmore
  • The road to Hannover

    2003-10-31: Okay, remember that diary entry from a few weeks ago where I was talking about the five best live albums of all time? And remember that I couldn't think of too many good choices (Neil Young was one and I forgot the other). Well, my good friend Jeroen immediately took me to task by nominating Van Morrison's "It'smore
  • The road to Kiel

    2003-10-30: Loppen is a club in the middle of Christiania, a self-contained and self-governed commune witin the city of Copenhagen and the surroundings resemble a post-apocolyptic wasteland (shades of Road Warrior) with huts and stalls bearing various forms of hashish and marijuana, items that would be quite illegal just beyond the walls but which are sold within Christiania as if theymore
  • The road to Copenhagen

    2003-10-29: I hadn't played Stockholm with a band since 1998 and last night's show was an absolute revelation--the average age of the fans in attendance seemed to be about 25 and every one of them had a better awareness of my back catalog than I did myself. It was wild--23 year old guys not only asking questions about workingmore
  • Still driving to Stockholm

    2003-10-28: Wow, this has been quite a trip. We left Berlin at 8am, drove for about four hours. And then we got onto a ferry to Sweden that lasted about four more hours, the time passed by reading, talking, snacks and finally sharing a few bottles of wine between the five of us (Thomas, who had more hours ofmore
  • The Road To Sweden

    2003-10-27: Okay, time for a little rock and roll demystification. What does a trashy, noisy, unkempt, world-traveling rock and roll band do in the hour before a gig in Berlin? Do they visit the local opium bar? Maybe trade shots of Jagermeister with longshoremen in the seedy part of town? Consult with a local gothic witch? Drop 50 G's on blackmore