Steve's Tour Diary

  • Northampton

    1998-05-27: How can this be a tour diary entry when it no longer feels like we are on tour? Oh, sure we played our 105th show of the year last night at the Iron Horse in Northampton and almost half of the set was comprised of a marathon version of "John Coltrane Stereo Blues," the first time we played the songmore
  • Amherst

    1998-05-25: Heaven. I'm in Heaven. Sitting here in the lovely home of Amy Mehaffey (former wife of Syndicate drummer Dennis Duck) with one show in the next 86 hours and nothing to do but read, play guitar, eat Mexican food from Cha Cha Cha (see earlier in the tour diary), sleep, wash clothes, read the mail I picked up during mymore
  • Philadelphia

    1998-05-24: I've never avoided black cats, broken mirrors or walking under ladders but I just seem to have a serious aversion to repeating any song during a two-night stand at any club (this could turn into a problem if I ever play, say, seven or eight-night stands but I'll worry about that when it happens). And, so, I'm proud to saymore
  • Crossing the Mason-Dixon line

    1998-05-21: The accents begin to get lighter, the air less thick with humidity and I can feel us leaving the south and getting closer and closer to the Northwest which, for me, means home. Home. A strange concept as I have spent only five weeks in New York since last August and those weeks were usually stopovers between various legs ofmore
  • Entering North Carolina

    1998-05-20: Like some long-running series reaching its conclusion, all of the recurring characters are coming back to make their final appearance before the show goes off the air. And as the tour rolls into its final week it was only appropriate that we should be reunited with Ford Loving who we hadn't seen since we changed planes in Iceland over sixmore
  • Driving to Atlanta

    1998-05-19: Just a few more in the endless comments about the fabulous Continental Drifters, a band that has been a big part of these tour diaries in the last year. We are cruising on the highway between Birmingham and Atlanta with an advance cd of the Drifters' new album "Vermillion" and it is already my favorite album of the year. Besidesmore
  • Alabama

    1998-05-18: Last night the nine months of touring came full circle as we played at Tipitina's in New Orleans and were joined on stage by Vicki Peterson, Susan Cowsill, Peter Holsapple and Robert Mache of the Continental Drifters while bandmates Mark Walton and Russ Broussard completed the Fall US tour reunion as they watched from the audience. The show felt moremore
  • Driving to New Orlans

    1998-05-17: Greetings, Stevesters! Robert Lloyd here, taking over the diary for the day at the request of your guru, Mr. Steve Wynn. The unremarkable (thoiugh no doubt exotic to our European readers) landscape of Gulf Coast Texas rolls by as we leave Houston for New Orleans, where Mr. Wynn will eat himself into a state of satori and we will seemore
  • Leaving Dallas

    1998-05-16: The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of emotions and this ride to Houston finds us as quiet as we have been on any trip as the events of the past day begin to sink in. 1) ARSENAL WINS THE DOUBLE--After four months of following the amazing comeback and incredible winning streak of the favorite team/obsession of Barry andmore
  • Austin

    1998-05-15: Wes has said that my tour diary could just as easily be called a "Restaurant Guide to the World" and, though that's not entirely true, I do take it as a compliment. I do love food and one of the best things about my chosen profession is that I get to be a food tourist and get to explore culinarymore