Steve's Tour Diary

  • The End of the Road

    2010-12-07: And what's the best way to end a fun, diverse, successful, story-filled, diary-covered tour that lasted just shy of five weeks, covering 11 countries and 29 shows in 31 days?Why, of course! With a noontime matinee on a Sunday in Madrid in front of a roomful of parents and their kids.Just when you think the entire book has beenmore
  • The Road To Vittoria--Joe Walsh Was Right!

    2010-12-03: Can we talk about smoking? Will we talk about smoking? Yes we can, yes we will. (Have I turned into Dr. Seuss? Yes, I have!) Smoke smoke smoke. It's back, it never went away-take your pick. Spain, like Greece and Serbia, remains among the last of the ANTI anit-smoking holdouts. While mostmore
  • The Road To Gijon--Tour and Diary: The Final Days

    2010-12-02: There were long-and I do mean LONG, the round-the-block varieties-lines in Madrid this morning for their big end-of-the-year (love those hyphens!) Christmas lottery. I guess they began selling tickets for this big roll of the dice months ago and everybody nationwide wants their shot at the big prizes. I'm told that each ticket costs 20 euros and thatmore
  • The Road To Valencia

    2010-11-30: I was eating breakfast this morning with Jason, dining on Spanish pastries on the 7th floor of the five-star Silken Hotel in Bilbao, overlooking the metallic waves and curves, sloops and slopes of the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenhiem just outside our window and Jason said "This is how it should be every day."This is not how it is every day.On tourmore
  • the Road/Air/Road to Zaragoza

    2010-11-27: How much can be crammed into 24 hours? Well, let's see:--When we last met, I was pondering our Dutch version of Thanksgiving (and that's somewhat appropriate when you think about it, as we normally would have been dining in New, rather than Old Amsterdam). We did, in fact, make it over to Bojo for various nasi rames, mackerel inmore
  • Backstage At The Paradiso

    2010-11-25: This is the second time I've spent Thanksgiving in Amsterdam. The first time was back in 1988 with the Dream Syndicate. We ate dinner at Burger King. But now we are older, wiser and our palettes (as well as ability to do food research online) have developed so we are planning to go over to Bojo, ourmore
  • Maidstone

    2010-11-24: Ah, what's sadder than having to hop in the van and leave London after the show? No chance for a late night run for fish and chips or a last Guinness at the fabled Columbia Hotel with the many good friends who graced our gig at the Lexington last night. But an early ferry lies ahead to bringmore
  • The Road/Ferry/Road To London-Ferry NOT Across The Mersey

    2010-11-24: Short drives, short diary. Oh, wait a second? Is he actually COMPLAINING about a short drive? Oh, that Steve. I'll show him a long drive. Wait wait wait-hold on a second, Steve's internal dialogue. I'm only saying that the more extended drives do give more of a chance for extended ramblings. There aremore
  • The Week in Review

    2010-11-21: Welcome to the Sunday review of This Week With Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3. I'm your moderator and featured commentator. In this week's review, my renowned analysts and myself will discuss the issues and controversies that have captured our world this week. Our world, of course, is specifically the inside of this van and various backstages,more
  • The Road To Oslo-Highway E6 Revisited

    2010-11-20: I've enjoyed the expressions on the faces of the locals when I tell them our routing for this four-day Scandinavian tour. From last Thursday to tomorrow night our itinerary reads: Copenhagen to Stockholm to Malmo to Oslo and then back again down to Holland. You should look it up. Fire up your Google Maps and then printmore