Tour Reviews

8.11.11: Sibenik Croatia


4.09.11: Portland, OR United States

It's AWESOME already, and it's months away.

I've already crapped my pants in excitement at seeing this band in this tiny venue that hasn't done live music very much and has a horrific room and sound system. But RIGHT there, will be our baseball loving musical heroes.

I remember buying my first baseball card from some kid for three dollars, who laughed at me since it was barely worth a dime. But it was Pittsburgh Pirate Bobby Bonilla, and I thought he was cute and carried the card everywhere with me in my purple plastic wallet.

That is what this show will feel like all over again: first love of a great game.

2.12.11: Milano Italy

2nd attempt to post review... my 18th Steve Wynn show and always a pleasure. Afterhours were a very welcome addition !
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
The Side I'll Never Show
Medicine Show
Bring The Magic
Punching Holes In The Sky
Wait Until You Get To Know Me
Tears Won't Help
Resolution [*]
Manhattan Fault Line [*]
Boston [*]

When You Smile
There Will Come A Day
The Days Of Wine And Roses [*]

Tell Me When It's Over

[*] with Afterhours