Tour Reviews

11.26.03: London UK

Can't top Gurb's review - just to say that Dave and Jason apparently lobbied to come on with 'Younger'; and Ryan Adams was 10 times better than in Manchester - great sets from both men. Can anyone confirm the set list between DVR and Amphetamine?
Younger, Sustain, Maybe Tomorrow, Thats What You Always Say, Death Valley Rain (then I think Burn and There Will Come A Day)Amphetamine, Days of Wine and Roses.

11.22.03: Paris France

For the happy few who arrived early enough to catch Steve Wynn (the show was announced to begin at 7.30 but it began at 7), it was a great moment, full of rock guitars, of charmingly heavy drums and of good songs. If only it could have lasted longer... We hope to see Steve Wynn and the M3 again in Paris for a show of their own.
Strange New World /Southern California Line /Good and Bad /Out Of This World / Death Valley Rain / That's What You Always Say / Amphetamine / The Days Of Wine And Roses

11.24.03: Manchester UK

Excerpt: Last night, egged on by a sold-out and eagerly-indulgent crowd, it was mostly the chump, not the champ, who was in action as tedious swathes of the Rock'N'Roll material got a sludgy workout from a flat and prosaic band.

Generally, it made you long for the return of support band Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3, who had been as ferocious, tight and controlled as Adams and his crew were flabby and indulgent.

But, frustratingly, there were enough moments of brilliantly coherent passion and power, such as Adams' version of Love Is Hell, that you felt compelled to hang around to see what happened next.

11.26.03: London UK

What is it about Wynn and the Miracle 3 that does this to me? I wake up at 10am....fully clothed...lights on....dull memories of clanging guitars and exuberant chat. No recollection at all of how I got home. Eventually crawl in to work at 11...grinning from ear-to-ear...feeling GOOOOOD. Then at lunchtime the DJ plays Stoned Love by the Tom Yum soup tastes divine....Gray's Inn Road, which yesterday was drab, grey and miserable, is bathed in sunlight. London suddenly feels like the best place on the planet. That's what music does to you. The night before is a big, blurry, happy haze. Wynn and the gang come on stage at 8pm to a near packed Forum and proceed to kick out the jams. I'm sat up in the balcony and can barely contain my excitement as Jason and Steve's electrical storm lifts the roof off. It's like Dylan fronting Sonic Youth (in looks and sound....blur your eyes and that could be the Zim at Free Trade Hall) and climaxes with a Brad Rice augmented Wine & Roses complete with 'Who Do You Love' excerpt. In a away it's all come full circle. There we were 15 years earlier at the same venue. Then, despite the no-holds barred performance from the Syndicate, it did feel as if a chapter was, for some bizarre reason, it feels like Wynn and the Miracles are embarking on a brand new venture. So I find myself wondering why, after all these years and a billion bands later, why do those songs and guitars still do this thing to me? Why, when I hear that Fender buzz and the rhythm lock in that groove do I still feel like a 16-year-old going to his first gig? It doesn't really make any logical sense other than that Wynn has hit on some magical alchemical formula that connects with my head and heart to give me a high like a shot straight into my veins. The other thing for me, and I guess for a few others here, is that I can kind of measure my adult life through the man and his songs....each phase of Mr Wynn's oeuvre conjures memories of life and how I've lived it....the ups and the downs...from naive, excitable 17-year-old to slightly-less-naive, excitable 37-year-old. Sure there are other artistes/ bands that have made the journey too....but this is the one that resonates and feels part of my soul. And yesterday was such a goddamn buzz in the way that you can't help but grin when someone (usually younger) gets off on something that you have been grooving on for years. Full marks too for Ryan Adams for getting the band as his support and for also putting on a great show. Should really have paid a bit more attention but was too busy spouting nonsense to anyone within earshot. Man, I am just hoping those cats are back soon as I don't know how long I can do without my fix. I still can't remember how I got home.

11.25.03: Glasgow UK

This review was posted on the Americana-UK forum ( ) by someone called Martin:

I must admit to going along to this gig thinking it was going to be much the same story as the Manchester gig (see post) as I dont think R & R is all that great either and I agree Love... is only good in parts, I'm more of a Whiskytown man. Added to that the fact that I'm no teenager anymore and simply cant be arsed with all the on stage drunken antics, well I wasn't expecting great things.
However that is exactly what we got. This was a stunning gig, due in no small part, to the excellent Steve Wynn and The Miracle Three. These guys rocked!! It's a rare thing these days when an audience is truly surprised by the quality of a support act and I wasn't alone in thinking Ryan had his work cut out to follow such an exhilarating set. Last night confirmed for me that Ryan is an awesome talent. He played for almost two hours and yes it was mainly stuff from the recent releases but we were also treated to Firecracker, New York, To Be Young... and a solo rendition of Lovesick Blues which re-inforced my opinion that his voice is best suited to Country music. I think what made the gig was that Ryan himself genuinely seemed to be loving it. However I would very much like to see Ryan get himself on the straight and narrow and start producing the brilliant music he is so obviously capable of instead of the half-baked,demo quality, self indulgent offerings we've had since Gold.
Just one slightly amusing blip in the evening was when Ryan naively put on a Celtic strip which was thrown from the crowd.OOps!! Cue equal amonts of cheers and boo's. Candidate for gig of the year!

11.24.03: Manchester UK

A great night - can't argue with the last contributor. So good to see SW in a top class venue, stage and lighting set-up etc - 45 minutes (almost to the second - ask Girvan) of guitar onslaught. No time for band introductions, just get on with it - it all seemed to pass in about 5 minutes! On the way to the pub we heard them soundchecking with Still Holding On and Definitely Clean, which made an appearance later on. At the end of the night saw the band on the Merch. table surrounded by people buying the CD's - really hope this interest can be maintained. Next year - murmurings of another RA support slot?, recording in April/May and a release Sept/Oct. If Sid Griffin can get Med. Show CD out, there could be a 'split set' tour like the DoWAR gigs.
My first Ryan Adams gig and I only know the RnR album - really enjoyed the heavier tracks. The guy is strange.
When You Smile / Strange New World / Southern California Line / Burn / Definitely Clean / Death Valley Rain / That's What You Always Say / Amphetamine / Days Of Wine And Roses

11.24.03: Manchester UK

Went to see Ryan Adams again who was 'good', but I was blown out of the water by Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3!

What an amazing band, they had something going and that was for sure. The female drummer Linda Pitmon was exhausting me just watching her, how the hell did she keep that pace going for an hour or so beats me? The guitar interplay was pure class too, with some awesome feedback, and titanic riffing and big smiles.

To think I'd never heard the band!! Bought myself the 3cd's on sale, and now I feel like a kid at christmas listening to them.


11.19.03: Amsterdam Netherlands

Photos are here:
When You Smile /
Strange New World /
Southern California Line /
Burn /
Carolyn /
Death Valley Rain /
That's What You Always Say /
Amphetamine /
Days Of Wine And Roses

11.01.03: Bremen Germany

Photos are here:
Southern California Line /
Candy Machine /
Sustain /
Maybe Tomorrow /
The Way You Punish Me /
The Ambassador Of Soul /
California Style /
Look Both Ways /
Burn /
One Less Shining Star /
When You Smile /
Death Valley Rain /
50 In A 25 Zone /
There Will Come A Day /
That's What You Always Say /
Amphetamine //
Hey Ya (Outkast) /
Now I Ride Alone /
Days Of Wine & Roses //
John Coltrane Stereo Blues

10.31.03: Hannover Germany

Photos are here:
Nothing But The Shell /
Sustain /
Maybe Tomorrow /
Hollywood /
Southern California Line /
One Less Shining Star /
Crawling Misanthropic Blues /
Burn /
Drought /
Death Valley Rain //
Transparencies /
Bonnie & Clyde /
The Way You Punish Me /
Strange New World /
Carolyn /
Halloween /
There Will Come A Day /
That's What You Always Say /
Amphetamine //
Hey Ya (Outkast) /
Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young) /
Days Of Wine And Roses //
The Subject Was Roses (Solo, electric) /
Merrittville (Solo, electric)

10.22.03: Bonn Germany

Photos are at
What Comes After /
There Will Come A Day /
Drought /
Shades Of Blue /
The Way You Punish Me /
The Ambassador Of Soul /
Maybe Tomorrow /
Carolyn /
Sustain /
One Less Shining Star /
Death Valley Rain /
Layer By Layer /
Killing Time /
Good And Bad /
California Style /
That's What You Always Say /
Amphetamine //
Boston (solo, electric) /
Burn /
Days Of Wine And Roses //
John Coltrane Stereo Blues

10.21.03: Marburg Germany

Photos are at
What Comes After /
One Less Shining Star /
Sustain /
The Way You Punish Me /
Maybe Tomorrow /
The Ambassador Of Soul /
Nothing But The Shell /
Southern California Line /
Killing Time /
Burn /
Death Valley Rain /
That's What You Always Say /
Amphetamine //
Smash Myself To Bits /
Play It All Night Long (Warren Zevon) /
When You Smile /
Days Of Wine And Roses

11.19.03: Amsterdam Netherlands

Thanks for a great show in Amsterdam. Was good seeing you all back.
The show really rocked. Allthough the crowd was not aware what they would be getting to hear, I could see the first rows in the hall starting to rock with the band. The rest of the audience was bad. They stayed in their chairs on the balcony !!! How is that possible.

11.16.03: Dublin Ireland

Steve Wynn doesn't just turn heads in Dublin, but commands attention with a scorching 45 minute set that won him many new admirers. Playing without any pre-show publicity to a very partisan Ryan Adams audience, Steve and band really went for the jugular with a high energy set, full of dazzling playing and great stage dynamics. This band not only looks terrific;they also deliver on all fronts with the pulsing drum and bass attack of Linda and Dave topped with the incendiary playing of Steve and Jason on duelling guitars. Jason really wins the crowd over with his playing style, one moment wrestling with his guitar as if it were a live electricity cable, the next delaying and prolonging notes into glorious, slow feedback. The song structures are really strong and the vibe is pure rock n' roll - fun,exciting, loud and quite an experience !! I believe that Ryan Adams requested Steve play the tour as he is such a fan of past works... All I can say is the boy has great taste... But forget the past, Steve Wynn is as vibrant and relevant as ever before and playing like there is no tomorrow. Miss him and the Miracle 3 at your peril....
When You Smile
Strange New World
Southern California Line
California Style
Death Valley Rain
That's What You Always Say
The Days Of Wine & Roses

11.16.03: Dublin Ireland

Not my review, just seen it on a maling list
for Ryan, it is what many in Stockholm says too. Just what Steve wants, to braden the fan base:
"Travelled 100 miles to see ryan in the Olympia Dublin last night. As someone who likes "rock roll" and is loving "love is hell pt1",I was really up for this gig.
First thing to be said was the support act,steve wynn and the miracle 3 were fantastic. Totally rocked the place. Get there early if your going over the next few shows."

11.14.03: Stockholm Sweden

The show yesterday was great almost as good as on debaser a couple of weeks back, too short of course. I think theay have attracted some more new fans as the anonymous writer. I talked to the band after the show and they were happy with the performance and audience.
Thanks Steve, Jason, Dave and Linda for a great evening.
/Thomas K
Strange New World, Sustain, What Comes After, There Will Come A Day, Southern California Line, Death Valley Rain, Thats What You Always Say, Amphetamine. Days Of Wine And Roses

11.14.03: Stockholm Sweden

Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3 simply kicked Mr Adams butt this night. The band looked tight and full of energy. For me who never heard Steve Wynn before, this was a very pleasant surprise. Good songs and a very good preformance.

One last thing...

...Linda Pitmon kicks ass!!

11.06.03: London UK

Well this was Steve's 8th gig in under two years at the borderline and the first I have had to queue to get into, the club seemed more packed than on the other shows I've seen him play at the Borderline.
By the time Barry Everett the club's promoter came on to introduce the Miracle Three as the band he wanted to play at his club on his birthday, and at what was meant to be the last date of the tour, before the Ryan Adams dates were added on. The club was ready for some great guitar music and the Miracle three didn't dissappoint.
From the opening chords of what comes after it seemed like it was a band in a hurry to
entertain, the first highlight was a simmering version of strange New world that crashed into Sustain that I was still singing two days later.
Steve promised that he would play some different songs as he has played here so often recently, this included a real nice version of there Will Come A day, followed by a real spitting fire version of Southern California Line, thankfully
considering the fires there recently they didn't follow it with Burn they managed to slip a cool as hell version of 50 In a 25 Zone in between them. it was like screaming down the road way too fast and high as can be while being chased by all your demons at once.
Then Steve mocked reality becoming stranger than his song writing and gave us his best Terminator routine to introduce California Style that is now spitting with more bile every time I hear him sing it.
We were soon being covered in the Death Valley Rain that they so needed to put out those fires, but this band was on fire more than ever, Jason literally duelling for his life with Steve and Linda just bashing out those rythyms as rock solid as ever.
A great version of That's what you always say helped build towars a climax and Amphetamine closed a frantic set.
They came back to loud cheers for the encore that started with a timeless version of Tell Me when It's over and of course the reply was not yet. As Steve pulled Killing time out of the back catalogue and mighty fine it sounded. Then they did a cover of Hey ya by the Outkast, now as I'm not too familiar with the original all I
can say is it sounded cool and up there with the likes of Cinnamon Girl and Sweet Home Alabama as cool songs I've heard Steve cover.
Then the last song of the night was a quite
rabid Days Of wine And Roses and another great
Steve Wynn show came crashing to an exhilarating

11.06.03: London UK

I've just came home to Amsterdam from a short, inspiring trip to London, not in the last place because of the final show of Steve +M3 current European tour at the Borderline. A wonderful place and a great atmosphere. As espected it turned out to be a high-energy massive performance again (Steve Wynn, also for a guaranteed succesfull birthday party!).What a band! The interaction and joy of playing, Jason playing his amazingly (impromptu) guitar licks almost in an indifferent way, the tighter-than-tight and powerful drumming by Linda, and the familiar somewhat nasal voice of Steve. And, it's great to see Steve challenging his fellow band members for "battles". More than once I could see him being uplifted in some vibe. It seems "Amphetamine" has grown to become one of the favourites on the setlist. Because of the persistence of the crowd, the songs was apparently being played earlier than initially planned. I was wondering what the "Way beyond Nashville"-theme actually meant. Of course, we all know Nashville as the cradle of country music, and especially the bluegrass-variant. I think Steve's songs are in fact way...way...way beyond Nashville, fortunately. Still, I very much liked the special "country" treatment that was given to "Killing time", a song that I hadn't heard live for more than 10 years. Another surprise was to hear "50 in a 25 zone". So, and now the Paradiso is waiting on Nov 19, when Steve will support Ryan Adams. A great opportunity to "win" a new, young audience I think. Looking forward to see the band capturing the sold-out main hall.

11.06.03: London UK

An end of tour celebration that took in much of the same ground as the previous gig - better sound than Newcastle, but a more blase crowd - it was the first time Steve had played Newcastle with a band, and the 8th time in a year or so he'd played the Borderline, so perhaps not suprisingbut for me, any Steve Wynn gig will be a the top of the list at the end of the year! It'll be interesting to see what and how they play supporting Ryan Adams - will it be different to a club/headline gig? I'm going to have to go and see them again to find out!
What Comes After, Strange New World, Sustain, Maybe Tomorrow, There Will Come A Day, Southern California Line, 50 in a 25 Zone, Burn, California Style, One Less Shining Star, Death Valley Rain, The Way You Punish Me, Thats What You Always Say, Amphetamine. Encores: Tell Me When It's Over, Killing Time, Hey Ya, Days Of Wine And Roses

11.04.03: Newcastle UK

Nice venue in an arts centre / gallery type place, but I've heard better sound mixes - not one for the audiophiles amongst us. Good set, with 4 or 5 standouts - 50 in a 25, 'One Less..' that seems to get heavier every time i hear it, and the encores, with the current favourite cover version, and a great JCSB - an audience request, in the key of G, which steve couldn't manage! 'Whatever You Please' was a solo / telecaster performance, requested by Mark for his better half - my God this kid can dance!
What Comes After, Candy Machine, Sustain, Maybe Tomorrow, Southern California Line, 50 in a 25 Zone, Burn, One Less Shining Star, Death Valley Rain, Whatever You Please, There Will Come A Day, Thats What You Always Say, Amphetamine. Encore - Hey Ya, Days Of Wine And Roses, John Coltrane Stereo Blues.

10.31.03: Hannover Germany

My fourth and last show this time around and another killer. Happy Halloween indeed, and the Blues Garage provided the perfect backdrop for the event. Two sets, the first of which opened with "Nothing But the Shell" and "Sustain" and never slowed down a bit. Contained a great "Hollywood". People could leave requests at the merch stand during the break, which made for a wild and exciting second set. "Drought" was definitely a highlight for me, those slower and moodier songs have been very rare on this tour. Also "Bonnie & Clyde" and a long & brooding "Halloween". The encores began with two covers, some Outkast song that not too many people seemed to know (including myself)but everybody enjoyed. I mean, it's obvious that you guys are having a really good time up on that stage, but seldom have I seen a band smiling at each other so much. (Except maybe the E Street Band during "Born to Run".) Next came "Cinnamon Girl", great great version. I've never really figured out where the bridge in that song goes, and I'm glad I'm not the only one. ;-) The night closed with Steve solo doing "The Subject Was Roses" (hilarious) and "Merrittville". All I can say is: Thank you so much for making this a great October! Have fun with Ryan Adams (cheer him a up a little, he always seems so depressed) and a safe trip home. See you.
(another feeble attempt, wrong order)
1st set: Nothing But the Shell, Sustain, Maybe Tomorrow, Hollywood, Crawling Misanthropic Blues, Burn, Death Valley Rain

2nd set: Carolyn, Strange New World, Drought, Halloween, Southern California Line, Bonnie & Clyde, That's What You Always Say, Amphetamine

1st encore: Outkast-song, Cinnamon Girl, Days of Wine and Roses

2nd encore (Steve solo): The Subject Was Roses, Merrittville

11.19.03: Amsterdam Netherlands

Great and inspiring news, Steve+M3 are making a shocking return to the Paradiso! This time it will be a full house, that's for sure. Just grabbed one of the last Ryan Adams tickets available. So, almost I would have been forced to enter the blackmarket,
being at the mercy of those dubious touts.
It remains hard to imagine, Steve Wynn....blackmarket tickets ?
But before the clothes are put in the laundromat for an extended stay in Europe,
I'll make a small trip to London to see the
"final" show of the first "leg" of the tour.

10.29.03: Copenhagen Denmark

Rock solid set of Steve + M3.
Boston transformed into a new beast once again, while 50 in a 25 zone resurfaced in a very cool, 'nothing like the original' version.
John Coltrane also transformed into a cool thing, as you probably have seen in the diary.
Candy Machine, 50 In 55 Zone, John Coltrane Stereo Blues, Boston, Amphetamine, Smash Myself to Bits,... and the rest is currently somewhere in the air at Loppen.

10.30.03: Kiel Germany

It was very nice, loud and wonderful eveving.
"danke" - Marco

5.10.01: Torino Italy

10.30.03: Kiel Germany

Just got home from what very well might be the best concert with Steve and M3 I've attended so far (and it's been quite a few...). 2 hours of high energy music. 3 rounds of encores, the last one Steve solo. I suspected the band still being high on the dope from Christiania but they definitively denied that! It looks like Steve won't be coming back for a year or so as he'll be making a new record but I'm here and waiting impatiently for the next time he'll come around - solo or with M3. Jens Jakob.
Candy Machine / Sustain /Maybe Tomorrow / The Ambassador Of Soul / Hollywood / Southern California Line / One Less Shining Star / Death Valley Rain / Burn / Halloween / Layer By Layer / Killing Time / The Way You Punish Me / California Style / That's What You Always Say / Amphetamine / 1st encore: What Comes After /Nothing But The Shell / The Days Of Wine And Roses / 2nd encore: This Strange Effect / Boston / Crawling Misanthropic Blues / Carolyn / 3rd encore: When You Smile.

10.31.03: Hannover Germany

Hey Hey, My My – Now it's time to rock the good old „Bluesgarage"! Welcome to Hannover! Markus

10.28.03: Stockholm Sweden

A terrific concert, a superb last two songs
as encore, TDOWAR in middle of the audience
and a great Boston with only Steve and Jason. Linda great as ever and a nice t-shirt. A lovely group of artists.

10.29.03: Copenhagen Denmark

Concert of the year so far. I saw you (and The Dream Syndicate)for the first time in 1986 at the Roskilde Festival. The place was flooded by rain, and you were replacing The Cult who had missed the plane from UK.

We soon forgot all about The Cult and the cold rain. It was fantastic and so was yesterdays concert at Loppen.

Hope you'll soon be back in Copenhagen or at Roskilde.


10.28.03: Stockholm Sweden

Great show, such an intensity!

I have seen you twice in Malmö in the late 90's but this gig smashed them both. Incredible version of "days of wine..." and beautiful rearrangement in "Boston".

Amphetamine is the rocker of the year.

Personally, I'd like something from Gost Stories next time you come by Steve.


10.28.03: Stockholm Sweden

Haven't been to a club concert since I saw Pavement some five years ago. This gig, last night in Stockholm, proved to be just a perfect comeback for me. Terrific concert!


P.s.: I loved the drummers T-shirt!

10.24.03: Hameln Germany

I don't know if anybody will still read this, I guess I'm a bit slow for this fast medium. But I do feel the need to comment on what was definitely one of the best Steve Wynn-shows I have ever seen. UN-BE-LIEVABLE. Way over two hours, lots of wild soloing from Steve, simply awesome. Didn't leave any wishes open. Steve entered the stage saying something about the "freaky Hameln audience", and that set the tone for the rest of the night. I brought two friends, one of whom had never heard a single Steve Wynn-song, and they were left with their mouths open, staring in wonder at what was happening before them. You won at least two new fans... Unfortunately, I didn't see any tapers that night (and wasn't allowed a soundboard patch myself), so if any of you ever come across a recording of this show, please let me know. Highlights: "Morningside Heights", "Medicine Show", and "Shades of Blue". Thanks again, Steve! Oh, and while we're at requests - Friday in Hannover is my fourth and (sadly) last show of this tour. Since you said "Silver Lining" hasn't been played in five years, how about "Mandy Breakdown"? Or "Sweetness & Light"? ;-)
(attempted & incomplete) Candy Machine, Sustain, Ambassador of Soul, One Less Shining Star, California Style, Death Valley Rain, Maybe Tomorrow, Morningside Heights, Burn, Nothing But the Shell, That's What You Always Say, There Will Come a Day, Amphetamine
encore: When You Smile, Smash Myself to Bits, Medicine Show, Days of Wine & Roses

10.26.03: Berlin Germany

It`s monday morning and I`m back in office. But I still feel fine because of the great concert last night in the knaack. Steve and the other members of the band were in good mood and played brilliant versions of their songs.
Thank you Steve, for your best wishes. My wife already feels better.
Good vibes to all of you and I hope you will be back soon.

10.21.03: Marburg Germany

The band started slowly, a little bit tired........and in RED!! The second half of the concert was a perfect rock n roll show(with the best version of "Smash myself...."). But it was rock n roll...and not like I could read in the "Oberhessische Presse" next day like popmusic........(hi, blind guy, whats about your eyes and ears...?), but fourth gig I ve seen on this tour.........FANTASTIC!!!!!..hope to see the band next year again..thanx, Steve, Linda, Jason and John..........Christoph and Ingrid

10.21.03: Marburg Germany

Oberhessische Presse, Marburg:

10.23.03: Dortmund Germany

Absolutely great show in a small venue. It's been a powerful, punky gig. Steve and M3 hit the crowd with "Candy Machine" and "Sustain" and even the slower songs like "Maybe Tomorrow" or "Ambassador Of Soul" were full of power. Hope to see SW&M3 soon again.


(Setlist from memory)
1. Candy Machine
2. Sustain
3. Southern California Line
4. Death Valley Rain
5. California Style
6. Maybe Tomorrow
7. Ambassador Of Soul
8. Burn
9. Halloween
10. Layer By Layer
11. Amphetamine
12. The Days Of Wine And Roses
13. Jumping Jack Flash/When you smile
14. Killing Time
15. Baby, we all gotta go down
16. Play it all night long
17. ?? (don't remember; another Warren Zevon song?)
18. The side I'll never show
19. Merritville

10.15.03: Belgrade Serbia

Brilliant show. For full detailed view see

California Style, Amphetamine, Maybe Tomorrow, The Ambassador Of Soul, Hollywood, Southern California Line, Death Valley Rain, Brave New World, The Way You Punish Me, Killing Time, Carolyn, Burn, When You Smile, Tell Me When It's Over, Halloween, That's What You Always Say.
ENCORE #1: What Comes After, Bonnie And Clyde, The Days Of Wine And Roses
ENCORE #2 (Steve with guitar): The Medicine Show, The Blue Drifter, The Side I'll Never Show, Boston

10.21.03: Marburg Germany

Quite different show than the one I saw in Fulda ten days ago (see my review). The guys were AWAKE this time, blasting out a high-energy set that unfortunately lasted only 90 minutes. Hell, Steve, I almost drove longer to see you than you played! Highlights: "Layer by Layer" (again stunningly beautiful), "Burn" (absolutely brilliant song), "Smash Myself to Bits" (incredible soloing by Steve, this alone was worth the ride). Can anybody tell me what the song after "Layer by Layer" was? Surprisingly left out were "There Will Come a Day" and "California Style". I gues it's okay to leave them out from time to time, but Steve, you forgot to put something in their place ... ;-) One last comment: Despite rocking from beginning to end, what the shows seem to lack for me is structure. The shows in March with the acoustic set were a lot more balanced - and no less rocking! Next stop for me: Friday in Hameln. Can anybody give me a ride from Goettingen? And Steve: Where has "Shades of Blue" gone? And "John Coltrane"? And "Silver Lining"? And ...
(attempt) What Comes After, One Less Shining Star, Sustain, Ambassador of Soul, Maybe Tomorrow, Southern California Line, Burn, Layer by Layer, ?, Nothing But the Shell, That's What You Always Say, Amphetamine
encore: Smash Myself to Bits, When You Smile, Days of Wine And Roses

10.19.03: Ferrara Italy

hmm - I noticed I missed 'Nothing but the shell' in the setlist... I was saving the setlist on my cellphone and I guess it's been one of the three times when I forgot to save the message so I lost the updates :( might have been just before 'Burn', but I'm not 100% sure about that.
On a different note, it's amazing how different this show was from the April one in Sesto Calende. Thanks again Steve & band!!

10.19.03: Ferrara Italy

Very small venue, but appreciative crowd so I guess Steve & band had fun too... Linda's hand was better so instead of the peculiar show with Peter Case last April this was a regular (is there any such Wynn thing ?) rock show... my personal 15th show since 1994 - do I have any complaints ? No, unless we want to count the fact that Steve didn't break any strings ;)
I particularly liked Jason's guitar tonight, it reminded me of the 1984 DS pre-Cutler sound. Very very clean but at the same time acid.
Bottom line - never miss a chance to see Steve & band when they're around. Thanks, hope to see you again... though Steve said they're not planning to tour again until end of 2004 in Europe. Oh well, there's more to life than rock'n'roll, eh ? :)
1.what comes after
3.the way you punish me
5.tell me when it's over
6.maybe tomorrow
7.southern california line less shining star
9.death valley rain
10.layer by layer
11.cats and dogs
12.killing time
13.crawling misanthropic blues
15.that's what you always say
17.running from the memory [*]
18.anthem [**]
19.strange new world
- [***]
[*] by request, Steve solo guitar; only half song (the part Steve remembered)
[**] by request, Steve+Jason on guitar
[***] Steve solo guitar

10.20.03: Innsbruck Austria

The concert takes place in a small pub called 10° (Viaduktbogen 52)

10.17.03: San Dona Italy

kylie-Big performance of Wynn and band: acid punk, full energy. Sadly, too high volume, sound and voice not clear. Beatiful encore like john coltrane. Halloween is superb. New realesed songs were quite similar, amplified in the general sound confusion.
new realesed songs (a lot)
old hits: burn, halloween, days of wyne and roses, tell me when it's over, when you smile and boston (solo encore), john coltrane.
in the middle: carolyne, nothin but the shell, the way you punish me

10.20.03: Innsbruck Austria

What VENUE? If at all?!?

10.14.03: Zagreb Croatia

Best show of my life!! Thank u for coming here and I hope we will se you again soon.

10.14.03: Zagreb Croatia

What a fantastic show with so much energy! Blast!!! One of the best I've ever seen. Steve & M3 really rocked. Strokes, BRMC and co. are OK, but they're little babies for them. Thanks guys, hope you'll come again soon here in Zagreb!

10.14.03: Zagreb Croatia

great show guys!!! thanks!!!

10.19.03: Ferrara Italy

Renfe - Ferrara - Via Bologna 217

10.11.03: Stuttgart Germany

yeaaaahh, what a show: simply amazing!! but steve, can we talk about linda's choice of t-shirts for a second? i mean, it's really hard to take to see her in a *cubs*-t-shirt (was it #8, alex gonzales, on her back?). i guess, you guys gonna have some fun watching the upcoming world series ;-))
anyway, it's all about music and you literally rocked down the house last night.
Thx to all of you :-)) sabine

10.11.03: Stuttgart Germany

Boooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahh, what a show! After 25 performance ever! Steve pushes the band to play with such an incredible intensity..his guitar playing style comes much more out of his wild rockheart, mixed with the feeling for the ballards. PERFECT! He loves to play in the hotty atmosphere of this special club. We hope Steve, to see you again there......! Christoph and Ingrid

10.09.03: Knzell/Fulda Germany

Great place for a concert, the Alte Piesel. Situated in a dark and empty-looking suburb of Fulda, easily one of the most conservative and Catholic areas in all of Germany. However, the Frankfurt show must have taken its toll on the band members, especially Jason seemed half asleep throughout the nicht (though that didn't affect his guitar playing). Unfortunately, not even fifty people showed up. But Steve Wynn being the guy he is, he made it all up by putting on a real rock show, no questions asked. Some drunken guy kept stumbling up to the stage, trying to tell him how much he liked his album Flourescent, which he kept pronouncing "floures-KENT". He also yelled out "John Convertino" and "Craig Schumacher" again and again, which became sort of a running gag among the audience. The band seemed a little irritated, but I'm sure all the guy wanted to do was express his love for the music ... ;-) The small crowd made for a few requests and rarely played tracks: Bonnie & Clyde, Cats & Dogs, Layer by Layer (beautiful). Hope the band got a good night's sleep afterwards...
(not in order)
Here Come the Miracles, Sustain, What Comes After, Ambassador of Soul, Cats & Dogs, Layer by Layer, There Will Come a Day, Maybe Tomorrow, That's What You Always Say, Watch Your Step, Amphetamine, Nothing But the Shell, Bonnie & Clyde
Encores: Candy Machine, Burn, Days of Wine & Roses, When You Smile, Play It All Night Long, Lawyers Guns & Money

10.08.03: Frankfurt Germany

Thank you, Steve for playing TWO Warren Zevon-Songs ("Play It ALL Night Long" and - for the first time ever live - "Lawyers, Guns and Money")! A real live explosion!!!Suggest to do a Warren Zevon-Cover-CD?!
Great powerful Sinkkasten-performance by the whole band. Jason REALLY freaked out during one song...

10.08.03: Frankfurt Germany

What a show! Much more better than in Tübingen. We were happy about a few songs, Steve plays not so often.and: many many thanx Steve, for playing "When you smile"............Ingrid was so happy about it.................! Christoph and Ingrid

10.05.03: Amsterdam Netherlands

A great show indeed, powerful in music and attitude. It was good to see that Steve and Band still have the same spirit they showed 15 years earlier in the Paradiso (Dream Syndicate). I also think that Steve Wynn and M3 is even a better band, specially thanks to Linda (I,m still impressed). Bought his last CD with the M3 and again a pleasant surprise. Great songs and beautiful production. Have a good tour in Europe and hope to see you again in Holland.

10.19.03: Ferrara Italy


10.05.03: Amsterdam Netherlands

Just came home after a smashing, energetic and powerful set at the Paradiso. Because it was part of the Take Root festival, Steve &
the M3 only got 1 hour to throw their songs round in the intimate upstairs hall. But, how intense just 1 hour can be, unbelievable!
So, thank you Steve & co for another great evening.
Well, the setlist, as far as I remember, and not entirely in the right order, was :

Candy machine/Sustain/So. California line/
One less shining star/ Maybe tomorrow/ Death valley rain/ Hollywood/ Good and bad/ California style/ There will come a day/ That's what you always say/ Amphetamine

10.04.03: Gent Belgium

Weird surrounding in Gent - a bit too classy and opera-like for a rock 'n' roll gig, in my opinion, and maybe it's my imagination, but it also showed in the volume and performance. The volume simply wasn't loud enough..."Southern California Line" was the second song and whereas you couldnt say a word to each other during previous gig - so overwhelmingly loud - it lacked the bit of a monster volume this time. It was also the shortest Wynn gig 'ive seen the past few years. All songs were good, but i'm used to more epic work-outs and apart from a few exceptions ((good & bad, wine & roses), most of teh songs were trimmed very short. But like i said, good performances by the entire band and a lot of terrific songs.
Candy Machine - Southern California Line - Maybe Tomorrow - AMbassador of Soul - Sustain - Until Lately - Crawling Misanthropic Blues - One Less Shing Star - Death Valley Rain - Good & Bad - There Will Come a Day - Tell Me When It's Over - That's What You Always Say - AMphetamine // 1st encore: In Love With Everyone - Hollywood - Days of Wine and Roses // 2nd encore: The Side I'll Never show - Play It All Night Long (by Warren Zevon)

10.03.03: Tbingen Germany

Steve Wynn, the man who never disappoints
live on stage. Great tour opening, very powerful, loud and it rocked as hell.
Personal highlights:
- special guest Chris Cacavas
- Amphetamine ( a real live killer !)
- Linda (as always)
- Until Lately
- enthusiastic audience in Tübingen
- very nice shape CD with 4 songs for every guest (thank you Edgar)
Keep on keepin'on Steve
Almost everything from "Static"
and a lot of "Here come the miracles"
Dream Syndicate songs:
Until lately
The days of wine and roses
Tell me when it's over
That's what you always say
+ Warren Zevon Cover (2nd encore)

10.03.03: Tbingen Germany

A very nice club-congratulations for-first gig, new bass-player, thanx for all steve, see you in Frankfurt....thanx chris, playing organ..........see you in Stuttgart.......

11.06.03: London UK

look forward to seeing you in londontown guys!

4.28.01: Affalter Germany

1. Nothing But The Shell
2. Shades Of Blue
3. My Midnight
4. In Love With Everyone
5. Sustain
6. Drought
7. Under The Weather
8. Dead Valley Rain
9. The Way You Punish Me
10. Crawling Missanthropic Blues
11. Good And Bad
12. Southern California Line
13. Burn
14. Whatever You Please
15. Let's Leave It Like That
16. Halloween
17. Smash Myself To Bits
18. There Will Come A Day
19. Merrittville
20. Here Comes The Miracles
21. 500 Girl Mornings

9.20.03: Chicago, Il USA

Another great show!Including a dramatic version Of 'Good and Bad"
For my money S.W.& M-3 are best.
Opening act Court & Spark were also very good. Thier CD "Bless You" is recommended.
until lately/candy machine/sustain/
amb.of soul/ rain/
shades of blue/hollywood/one less
shining star/crawling misanthropic blues/
good and bad/there will come a day/
thats what you allways say/amphetamine///
what comes after/ smash myself to bits/
dayd of wine and roses.

9.19.03: Chicago, Il USA

The band launched into "Candy Machine" and from then on it was full-tilt all the way.
The sound,playing and vocals were excellent
using songs from only three albums, Static-
Transmission,Here come the Miracles and Days of Wine and Roses due to the very recent addition of John Munson on Bass.
He is catching on quickly!-- total F'n shred

candy machine/sustain/amb.of soul/ hts./hollywood/
strange new world/blackout/
one less shining star/death valley rain/
maybe tomorrow/there will come a day/
tell me when its over/thats what you allways say/ amphetamine///haloween/
days of wine and roses.

9.20.03: Chicago, Il USA

Second night with quite a few different songs than the first night - another OK turnout but those that were there seemed to enjoy the show. The Court and Spark opened again and also played a few different songs than on Friday.
Until Lately - Candy Machine - Sustain - Ambassador of Soul - California Style - Death Valley Rain - Shades of Blue - Hollywood - One Less Shining Star - Crawling Misanthropic Blues - Good and Bad - There Will Come A Day - That's What You Always Say - Amphetamine
What Comes After - Smash Myself To Bits - Days of Wine And Roses

9.19.03: Chicago, Il USA

First of two nights at this small (100 capacity or so) club. OK turnout, should have been more in Chicago. The Court and Spark from San Francisco opened (kind of "country rock" (no not Eagles, more likes Byrds or perhaps Beechwood Sparks for a more modern reference)) and were well received.

Dave DeCastro had some previous commitments so joining the Miracle 3 on bass was John Munson from Semisonic (another Minneapolis player who Linda recruited into the fold). I thought John did well considering this was his 2nd show with the band.

Set list was all from Miracles and Static and a few Dream Syndicate songs at the end.
Candy Machine - Sustain - Ambassador Of Soul - Southern California Line - Morningside Heights - Hollywood - Strange New World - Blackout - One Less Shining Star - Death Valley Rain - Maybe Tomorrow - There Will Come A Day - Tell Me When It's Over - That's What You Always Say - Amphetamine
Halloween - Days Of Wine And Roses

8.17.03: Sherman Oaks, Ca USA

Steve entertained the crowd at freakbeat records in Los Angeles with a short set of songs played on his old Yamaha acoustic.
1.Candy Machine
2.California Style
3.Southern California Line
4.There Will Come A Day
5.If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It
7.Days of Wine And Roses

8.09.03: Arlington, Va USA

This is one of the great bands. Excellent songs, fine buzzsaw roar, music played with more aplomb than others playing comparable stuff. Dream Syndicate was one of my all-time favorite groups but what this band's doing now makes what they did sound amateurish by comparison. And they don't concede a bit to Dream Syndicate in spontaneity.

This in a tiny club (but an excellent one) in suburban Washington, D.C., with an audience of fewer than a hundred. They're unknown here. As they played they
were beyond professional given the small turnout, they all had expressions that I can best describe as as blissful, and seemed simply happy to be doing what they do so well before an appreciative audience. That's quite a contrast with the thematic content of the songs, the building momentum while they play, and the general
noise level. I just hope that Steve Wynn continues to pursue his vision, whatever it may be, and that the same musicians continue to support it.

6.05.03: St. Louis, Mo USA

From Amplifier Magazine :

Purists may have wondered where the twang was in the blistering set unleashed by Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3, but your wise purists were keeping their mouths shut, lest they risk the wrath of the enthralled throng whose members were hanging on Wynn and company's every furious, distorted note. The emphasis was on 2001's ambitious and predominantly brilliant Here Come the Miracles and the new Static Transmission, but the closing 15 minutes dipped into the past before roaring back into the present as "The Days of Wine and Roses" gave way to "Amphetamine." The latter is Static Transmission's high mark (possibly even a career high mark), a gloriously throbbing head and adrenaline rush that sounds like the Feelies taking "Roadrunner" for awhite-knuckled drive.

8.01.03: Cambridge, Ma USA

Just a great great show of hard-driving rock & roll as only Steve Wynn seems able to dish out these days. I don't dance but even my feet were moving (Linda P. keeps a devilish beat but still looks like an angel). By the time the band launched into Amphetamine, I thought the guy next to me was going to spontaneously combust. If you didn't have fun at this show, you don't know rock & roll.

8.02.03: New York City USA

Amazing show! That's What You Always Say brought the house down, Maybe Tomorrow was intense, a slow one amongst a slew of great rockers.
Not sure about the order of 6 through 11

1. What Comes After
2. Southern California Line
3. Sustain
4. The Ambassador of Soul
5. Strange New World
6. Out of This World
7. Burn
8. California Style
9. Hollywood
10. Maybe Tomorrow
11. Death Valley Rain
12. Definitely Clean
13. That's What You Always Say
14. Amphetamine
15. Crawling Misanthropic Blues (with Chris Brokaw)
16. The Days of Wine & Roses

5.06.03: Birmingham UK

I think most of those at the Ceol gig must have posted on this site. It was a blisteringly good set. Few things in the world can equal loud rock and roll music in the backroom of an irish pub! Just hope they come back soon.

8.01.03: Cambridge, Ma USA

I got a bit pissed at the HOB in Harvard and advised the guy sitting on the next bar stool to go see Steve Wynn if the band came into town. Wonder if he went?

10.05.03: Amsterdam Netherlands

Great to see Steve & M3 back upstairs at the
Paradiso again...starting counting the days!

7.11.03: Bristol UK

Steve arrived late, walked straight onto the stage and gave a choice performance. Another highly enjoyable show.
Set 1 - Merrittville, Is There Something I Should Know, What Comes After, Silver Lining, If It Was Easy...., Southern California Line, When You Smile, California Style, Boston

Set 2 - Anthem, Candy Machine, Help Me Make It Through The Night, Shades Of Blue, Crawling Misanthropic Blues, Thats Why I Wear Black, Still Holding On To You, One By One, There Will Come A Day, Burn, Amphetamine.

Encore - Medicine Show, Days Of Wine And Roses.

7.06.03: Guildford England

at last! it took 17 years but i finally got to see Steve in the flesh, and it was well worth the wait.

opening with "the days of wine and roses" and "medicine show", steve transported me back to those mid 80s days when DS were the soundtrack of my life.

the solo acoustic set also included "boston" and tracks from static transmission ("candy machine"), and ended with the first acoustic playing of "amphetamine".

i thoroughly enjoyed myself singing and dancing, and afterwards steve very kindly came out to have a few words and pose for photos.

a truly memorable day - thanks, steve

7.04.03: Borlange Sweden

The best show at the festival. Especially as I was invited to help Steve sing Tell Me When It's Over. Days Of Wine And Roses is a perfect song for a festival. We waited for Cats and Dogs. But he chosed to play more popular ones. That's ok.

7.03.03: Egersund Norway

The first night in Egersund Steve played in a dark basement. The day after he played outdoors, in a restaurant. Besides from that, the shows were kind of similar in tone. No magic, but very good. Steve played a whole different set the second night, includings songs like "Death valley rain", "Drag", "See that my grave is kept clean" and "Southern california line". The show ended with "Days of wine and roses", so he kind of went full circle in Egersund.

7.02.03: Egersund Norway

Good acoustic show, but not as great as the electric show I witnessed in Stavanger earlier this year. Steve opened with "Days of wine and roses" and continued with "Medicine show". Later we also got to hear "Merrittville" and "Boston". But he also played many new songs, such as "California style" and "What comes after". He also pulled out favourites like the gospel-like "There will come a time" and stole "That's why I wear black" back from Somebody's Darling. The crowd was kind of noisy, but that didn't seem to bother Steve. He was also very pleased after the show. So was I, but generally I think the ballads and the slow, quiet songs worked best. I kind of missed the band on some of the songs that normally are loud and noisy.
See review in norwegian on

6.05.03: St. Louis, Mo USA

From : :
Steve Wynn is one of the better-known performers to play this year's festival, but you wouldn't say his music has all that much twang in it. But that scarcely mattered: His presence demonstrated that alt-country's lack of well-defined borders is a good thing. Mostly, though, his set was so blisteringly great, there was no time to catch your breath, let alone dwell on whether he did or didn't fit in. Wynn mostly featured songs from his upcoming album, "Static Transmission," and 2001's "Here Come the Miracles," but he also played a pair of songs by his former band, the Dream Syndicate.

6.05.03: St. Louis, Mo USA

Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 played the 4th slot of 5 and tore the place apart. Bands at Twangfest play about 40 - 45 minutes with 15-20 minute between acts; the short set had them hitting the highlights of the new one and Miracles and tossing in a couple of DS tracks for good measure.

Some of the organizers of Twangfest saw Steve and the M3 at SXSW in Austin and felt that they would be a hit at their "alt-country" festival because of how hard the band rocks. They did just that, and several days later people were still talking about the performance as one of the highlights of the festival (which had 19 acts over 4 days). Bill Swan - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Strange New World/
Ambassador of Soul/
Southern California Line/
Death Valley Rain/
Good and Bad/
That's What You Always Say/
The Days of Wine and Roses

6.05.03: St. Louis, Mo USA

Vintage Vinyl has a full backline because they have lots of in-store performances, so this was a full electric set by Steve and the Miracle 3 (although somewhat toned down). Steve said they'd not be playing any of the same songs that night at Twangfest so it was a nice addition to the upcoming blisterfest later that evening (see the entry for Twangfest). Bill Swan - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
There Will Come A Day
California Style
The Side I'll Never Show
What Comes After

6.06.03: Chicago, Il USA

Definitely Clean
Out Of This World
The Ambassador Of Soul
Maybe Tomorrow
Still Holding On To You
John Coltrane Stereo Blues
Death Valley Rain
There Will Come A Day

5.29.03: Seattle, WA USA

Wonderful stripped down performance by Steve and "The Miracle Two" on this occasion; Jason on guitar, Linda with percussion and vocals, while Dave shopped for vinyl.

Seeing Steve and the M3 twice in one day made me wish I had the good sense to move to Europe.

Thanks for two great shows! Please come back to Seattle soon!

To the best of my memory:

Death Valley Rain
Candy Machine
What Comes After
Southern California Line
The Medicine Show (by request)
There Will Come A Day
The Days of Rain and Roses (request #2)

5.31.03: Eugene, Or USA

was accross the street to see a local start up band at tinys tavern,and at midnight while walking to my car heard music from sam bonds accross the street. went in and was soon blown away by the steve wynn experience. they give 200%, and leave you wanting more. the speed hypno guitar licks,steves engaging style and the cool woman drummer! THANK YOU!!!!! Steve Andreason

5.09.03: London UK

Steve Wynn Live at the Borderline 9th May 2003

With the Miracle 3 plus one.

I arrived just after Chris Cacavas had come on
for his support slot, he played mainly with a
guitar and occasional Keyboards a set of many of
his solo songs that was not too different from
the last time I saw him.
Then after a short break Steve Wynn and the
Miracle 3 came on and Chris Cacavas joined them
for most of the set on keyboards.
From the opening blasts of Here Comes the
Miracles it was apparent that they were in hot
form at the end of the current 9 week tour of
Europe this being the third from last date of
the tour.
They played several tunes from the new Static
Transmission album that I only bought at the
gig, but the versions of Keep It Clean and
California Style where just so good full of
energy and Steve Duelling with his current
guitar foil of Jason Victor who gets better and
better, a worthy successor to Karl Precoda and
Paul B Cutler among others.
A fact rammed home during a blistering run
through Some Kinda Itch wow this is Steve Wynn's
hottest line up in a while, Linda Pitmon never
missed a beat in her Keith Moon T-shirt, just
pounding out great chunks of rythym. By the time
they did Crawling Misanthropic Blues we were all
starting to sweat but knew they were only just
stepping up a gear, and would need a good bit of
Death Valley rain that was meant to sound like
the crossroads where Charles Manson meets the
Eagles and wasn't far from it.
But hey better get some of those Amphetamines
that shot out at us at a furious pace with Jason
Victor doing his best Crazy Horses style guitar
solo and Dave de Casto hammering out the bass
lines just waiting to be snorted up.
God Damn they then did Smash Myself to Pieces
like it was a life or death matter.
Man was this a great show.
By the time they came back out for an encore
Steve Wynn did something I haven't seen him do
before he brought out the entire band into the
middle of the crowded dancefloor with acoustic
Guitars for him Jason and Dave De Castro and
Maracas and Tambourine for Linda and a Accordian
for Chris Cacavas and then they did the
completely acoustic versions of Best band in the
world and Carolyn that were just brilliant with
the audience stomping out a beat and singing
along, real cool. The band then went back on
stage to finish with a blistering finale of Days
of Wine And Roses and yet another classic Steve
Wynn show was at an end.
Well I ended up hanging out with Crazy Paul, Bob
Dhillon most of the band and several other fans
for a couple of hours talking music and other
stuff a great night out.

Review first published at in the sonic waves and raves topic in the visual arts forum.

5.11.03: Leeds UK

A great opening set from Chris C which looked to be appreciated by the number of people at the merchandise stall after his set.

From the moment Steve started soloing on opener Halloween I knew this was going to be a special show. For the last night of the tour they gave a performance full of energy and joy at being on stage playing some of the greatest songs ever written. The performance was so great that even Chris C joined the people dancing at the front of the stage for That's What You Always Say and Why! There was hardly time to pause for breath as they launched into another great Dream Syndicate or solo track. After 80 mins of an adrenaline charged performance they closed with a huge performance of John Coltrane Stereo Blues. Steve seemed determined to give this last show of the tour everything he had left to give. Overall verdict - PERFECT - it doesn't get any better.
Soundcheck - There Will Come a Day, California Style

Setlist - In no order

Halloween, That's What You Always Say, Boston, Burn, John Coltrane Stereo Blues, Carolyn, Why, Death Valley Rain, Maybe Tomorrow, Hollywood, Candy Machine, The Ambassador of Soul, Amphetamine, One Less Shing Star.

5.09.03: London UK

Pictures are at
Strange New World / Sustain / The Ambassador Of Soul / Maybe Tomorrow / Southern California Line / When You Smile / Out Of This World / California Style / Burn / Death Valley Rain / Good And Bad / There Will Come A Day / That's What You Always Say / Definitely Clean / Amphetamine // If It Was Easy (Everybody Would Do It) / Carolyn / Days Of Wine And Roses

5.07.03: Edinburgh UK

I am something of a newcomer to the talents of Steve Wynn. Last year I went to see Robert Fisher (W.G.C.) on the songwriters circle tour and immensly enjoyed both Steve Wynn and Walter Salas-Humara (Deanna Varagona didn't make Scotland). Having bought some Steve Wynn CD's on the strength of his set I am now hooked. The gig at the Subway was something altogether different, from the first number "Halloween" the band played a blistering set. This is the first time I have seen Steve play with the Miracle 3 (along with Chris) and they were very impressive. I used to think "There will come a day" was my favourite number (glad it was in the set) but there are so many others that are equally as good., if not better... (but Halloween was a crackin' start to the set - it's up there with the best). I have to agree that I was a little surprised about the smallish number who turned up - I drove through from Dundee and very glad I made the effort. Here's hoping that Steve comes back to Scotland sometime in the near future (I'll be there). Would really like to be at tonights gig at Leeds (end of tour). As already mentioned in a previous post there's plenty of CD's for sale - I bought 5 .... and nearly forgot to keep money for the Fourth Road Bridge tolls (had 15 pence left when I got home). Brilliant show - been going to concerts for over 30 years and this rates up there with the best of them.

5.10.03: Swansea UK

A lovely, relaxed evening in this tiny, family run cafe in the suburbs of Swansea. After seeing the Songwriters tour here, I was surprised by how much group eqpt could be set up, and we had a drumkit, keyboard and everyone was 'amped' up, although dave had to play with the neck of the bass across the front door! Intimate atmosphere suited Chris' opening set, that was warmly received by the sell-out audience. The M3 started off with jason on acoustic, but he later transferred to electric, to cries of "Dylan '66" and "Judas" all round. Certainly livened up towards the end - all in all, with a good curry after and a mate to drive me home, it made for a perfect night.
Chris C. - I Like Lyle Lovett, Guns Eye View, It's All Over, A Bag and a Bottle, Truth, Better Days.

SW & M3 - Boston, My Old Haunts, Sweetness and Light, California Style, Southern California Line, Blackout, Shades of Blue, One By One, Whatever You Please, Ambassador of Soul, There Will Come a Day, If It Was Easy.., Amphetamine. Encores - Medicine Show, What Comes After, Carolyn, Why, 500 Girl Mornings.

5.09.03: London UK

The Borderline has seen some good performances by Steve and his bands over the years - usually they have travelled overnight from Europe for the gig and disappear back again immediately after, or the band have flown in from the US to do one show at the end of a solo acoustic tour.

Tonight was different - the 4th of SIX UK 'band' dates on this final leg of the Euro tour. A much larger crowd than the previous dates this week, and bonus - Steve was in a shirt. My theory - he plays better without that bloody jacket!

I want to try and not 'go overboard' here, in case the tapes prove me wrong, but I don't think they will. The experience was a highpoint in my 30 years of concert going - the venue, crowd and a stunning performance by a jaw droppingly tight rock guitar band. Superb players, the best team captain and great songs. Songs from 20 years ago, and from 20 months ago.

The main set was followed by 'If It Was Easy...' and 'Carolyn' performed in the middle of the audience, with 3 acoustic guitars, chris on acordian and linda percussion. They went back up for a perfect 'Days of Wine..'.

I'd got thinking at Manchester, that how could it ever have been better than this. I mean, I liked Chris B's playing, loved the Kirk'n Kurt line-up, and thanks to the List I've been priveledged to see/hear Gutterball, the Roskilde set, the Tokyo'84 tapes and many more. Given a time machine, yes, I'd want to see DS in this same club in the mid-80's.

But in Linda and Dave I hear the most solid foundation to the music, Steve's singing is in its prime, and his playing is pushed to new heights by duelling with the ace in the pack - Jason Victor is a bloody storming guitar player, and we should be shouting this from the rooftops. When Chris C. sits in as well, its the icing.

Well, after tonight, I propose that 'now' is the best its been - that 'Miracles' and ST are 2 great albums for the new millenium and are among the best releases of Steve's career.


5.08.03: Manchester UK

The Tmesis club was a great venue for the band, a cool cross between a bar, performance space and art gallery. Everyone was close, and apart from a column at front middle, between Steve and Jason, the stage was set, so to speak.

Great solo set from Chris and his foot pedals, including Truth and Guns Eye View (I think!) I'd love to see him 'borrow' the M3 and do a few off Good Times etc. He has absorbed some of Germany's electronic heritage recently.

I missed the Edinburgh gig but it sounds from Grahams posting that the band had continued their 150mph sprint that had started in Birmingham, heading towards the end of the tour. Manchester touched 175! (and by London, see later, they had taken off and were flying...)

What Comes After, Shining Star, Sustain and onwards - apart from Whatever You Please (Girvan's request) and the abandonment of Good and Bad after about 8 bars, it was a brilliant, straight-on, powerful rock performance. They must be knackered after 9 weeks out or whatever it is, but the adrenalin is producing the finest shows I have seen. This gig got me thinking, and London convinced me of something.


5.06.03: Birmingham UK

To say the least, this one was a bit special. I only came because a friend invited me - I'd hardly heard of Steve Wynn and knew nothing about his music (what an idiot!), the gig was in a smallish folk music venue, the audience wasn't great, and the band had just driven half way across western Europe to get here. So expectations weren't exactly high. But then the band got up on stage and absolutely blazed their way through a fantastic 90 minute set, both looking and sounding like they were having the time of their lives. It was an incredibly generous and spirited performance - a superb group on top form. It felt like they'd have played the same way to an empty room, just for the sheer pleasure of being brilliant musicians with a playlist of great songs. Those of us who were there were privileged to have seen it. Quite simply, one of the best and most memorable gigs I've ever been to. So, whatever else, Steve acquired one new fan for life. I agree with Dave - please come back to Birmingham next time you're touring the UK guys! But if you can't, I'll certainly travel some way to see you again.

5.05.03: Hamburg Germany

A straightforward rocking show tonight with a couple of very nice additions to the setlist. "Shelley's Blues", "Out of This World", "Carolyn" - all great, great versions. Love "Sustain", I could hear that one every night. "John Coltrane" was introduced as a "Jazz song". Dave broke a string on his bass (!!!) during "Ambassador", comment from Steve: "I've played about 300 shows with him and this is the first time!" Got us a very quiet "Merrittville" with Steve on electric guitar and Jason adding some tasteful slide. Steve: "Please say hello to our bass player, Dave." Linda: "Hello, Dave!" har har... Oh, and since everybody (including me) is so excited about how good these shows are, let me finally add some criticism. Without the acoustic set, the show seemed to lack some structure. The last show I saw was Hoexter (27-03-03) and the pacing there was a lot better. We know these guys can rock, but during the encores I got the feeling that 2 months of constant touring (in a van!) was slowly taking its toll. Nevermind, next time they're around, I'll be around.
Strange New World / Southern California Line / The Ambassador of Soul / Merrittville / Maybe Tomorrow / Sustain / Shelley's Blues Pt. 2 / California Style / Out of This World / Carolyn / Death Valley Rain / Good And Bad / There Will Come a Day / That's What You Always Say / Amphetamine // If It Was Easy (Everybody Would Do It) - ac. from the audience / The Side I'll Never Show / The Days of Wine And Roses / John Coltrane Stereo Blues

5.07.03: Edinburgh UK

Well, it was a new promoter, and a fairly new venue... but is it any wonder Edinburgh doesn't get as many gigs as it used to? If Edinburgh is lucky enough to see Steve and the band again, then I'm sure that the numbers will be greatly increased by word of mouth after last night. In the circumstances, it would have fair enough if the band had relaxed and laid back a little... instead, they looked and sounded as though their lives depended on turning in a good set - most other bands would hoard treasure like Halloween for an encore rather than opening with it. We got the a full 90 minute set, together with a very enjoyable solo support slot from Chris Cacavas. A word of warning if you're going to any of the forthcoming gigs - take plenty of cash with you - Thomas has a bigger range of CDs than ever for sale, and a cracking selection of T-Shirts. The set list below is the "official" one for the night, apart from the encores, but I don't think there were any changes in the event. Once again, thanks to Steve and the band for a wonderful gig, with more enthusiasm than a crowd so small has any right to expect.
Halloween, When You Smile, Sustain, Ambassador of Soul, Maybe Tomorrow, Burn, California Style, Why, Shining Star, Death Valley Rain, Good and Bad, There Will Come a Day, That's What You Always Say, Amphetamine. Encores: Boston, Days of Wine & Roses

5.06.03: Birmingham UK

Couldn't agree more with Dave - great night - VERY LOUD! - looks good for the last 4 gigs!
No particular order and pretty sure its not complete - What Comes After, Blackout, There Will Come.., Hollywood, Good and Bad, Southern Cal Line, Death Valley rain,
Ambassador, Maybe Tomorrow, Amphetamine, Burn, Definitely Clean, Thats What You Always say, Carolyn, DoW&R.

5.06.03: Birmingham UK

A blistering gig last night, it was just a pity that more people didn't turn out - their loss! In spite of the small, but appreciative, audience, Steve and the band powered through a fantasic set of material both old and new. I respect the band for playing with such enthusiasm, especially Linda!, when others may have gone through the motions. The Dream Syndicate songs were a real treat and seeing Chris up there, remembering his work with Green on Red and Russ Tolman, the old Paisley Underground days really resonated.

Please dont miss us out on your next tour - I think the combination of low key promotion and a venue not known locally for rock concerts contributed to the fairly low turnout. Word of mouth on last night's performance should help ensure there are more of us next time.

5.02.03: Stavanger Norway

Just a comment to Henning.
If I was the band, I would enjoyed most things about you guys in the front. Except for talking loudly during the songs, especially the acoustic sets. But apart from that, of course an enthusastic crown is good...

I was also in the front jumping the previous day :-)

As I have worked at Folken for two years earlier, I am quite familiar with the lazy Stavanger public. For more "unknown" artists, as Steve Wynn sadly is here, Checkpoint would be better. I assume you were at Sandnes last year, where the attendence was even worse.

5.02.03: Stavanger Norway

the concert was great even though it was very disappointing that nobody showed up. I reckon the old dream syndicate stuff is the best, but I really enjoy most of the solo albums as well, especially fluorescent and dazzling display.
A little comment to one of the other reviews; I was one of the guys in the front and at least we showed our appreciation of the band compared to you boring lot at the back. I haven't got a clue about how the band feels, but I would think that it's heaps more fun to play for an audience that doesn't just stand there at the back and does a little clapping between the songs.
I hope Linda enjoyed the pear cider :)


5.01.03: Bergen Norway

Oh, theres a review in the major regional newspaper of the show. I didn't find it online.
The show was awarded top score, dice 6. The newspaper says that they played to the max, energetic and tight. Of course they mentioned the scout-camp-like-sing-along session in the midst of the floor.

Well deserved, I must say!

5.02.03: Stavanger Norway

Linda's performance on Days of wine and! And the rest were cool too. Looking forward to the shows in Egersund this summer.

5.03.03: Copenhagen Denmark

The show kicked of with Halloween, and that set the tone for the entire evening. I saw the band in Rome without Linda, and it was great, but this felt like coming home to full bodied rock machine. Welcome 'back' :)
I especially líked Sustain, that I haven't heard in a while. Great fat distorted bass, whining guitars, and a very good tune it is.

Steve and the band jumped into the crowd to play two acoustic songs(Carolyn and If It Was Easy..), and I can't recall having been in a Steve Wynn crowd that both new the words and song with such a volume. After that the band returned to the stage and did The Side I'll Never Show, and yes, people staring dancing and jumping. Especially right in fron t of the stage, but people around felt the modd too. It was great..

Some people had shouted out for Boston, so fro the very final encore the band played the song. And it was a high point of the show for me. Imaging Steve gently playing the chords while he is whispering the tune'. The crowd is quiet, and just sometimes the rest of the band playes gently along. You felt the song could explode anytime as the rock anthem song it has become, but it didn't. It was very cool, and if it doesn't make it to a bootleg, it will stay in my head as a amazing version.

After the show the audience at Stengade 30 were treated with a dj playing The Who, Deep Purple, Bowie, Neil Young (fitting for the night : Cinnamon Girl), Black Rebel MC, The Hives,.....A perfect ending to a great night in Copenhagen.

Overheard in the mens room : "
A: Man, it was good.
B: No it was better than good.
A: Yeah, Respect to Steve Wynn.
When You Smile, Halloween, The Days Of Wine And Roses, Boston, The Side I'll Never Show, Carolyn, Smooth, Out Of This World, Sustain, Southern California Line, Death Valley Rain, Strange New World, Good And Bad, There Will Come A Day, The Ambassador Of Soul, California Style, Amphetamine, If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It.

5.02.03: Stavanger Norway

See review in norwegian here:

5.02.03: Stavanger Norway

Hello there again.

Being able to see two shows two days in a row has its advantages. Tonight the songs I missed the most from yesterdat came. Started right off with Halloween, and took Merritville acoustic later. Excellent! Besides I loved to hear Silver Lining as well. Didn't remember that one from last night either. And The Days of the Wine and Roses was awesome this night!

We weren't that many in the audience. And a little bit shy here where the Norwegian Bible Belt starts it seems. But we enjoyed. I have yet to hear one dissappointed person after one of your concerts. But besides, we weren't that many two years ago either when Steve was dancing around with the keyboard on stage after his fourth, I think, encore sessions. That was two times after the venue people had turned up the lights at the place. It wasn't me, even though I had the lights :-)

A little bit sorry about the little bit too enthustiastic people in front. A little better after Lindas little performance there!

Just one thing. Next time in Stavanger you should play at Checkpoint instead. There is a more intimate stage, and I assume more people would attend there. They usually do for some reason.

Thanks a lot!

5.02.03: Stavanger Norway

An acoustic "Merritville" was another huge highlight, along with a monstrous "Days of wine and roses" and a beautiful "What comes after".

5.02.03: Stavanger Norway

Just back from the Steve Wynn concert in Stavanger. Great show! "Boston" was the huge highlight, along with "California style", "Ambassador of soul" and "Amphetamine". Steve openened the show with "Halloween" and just kept on keeping on. Brilliant. And Linda looked amazing...

5.02.03: Stavanger Norway

Pictures are at

5.01.03: Bergen Norway

Great. Just Great. Opened up quite powerfully with "Strange New World" and "Sustain". Than a magnificent version of "Maybe Tomorrow". The mood was quite high already before the magic really started with "Follow Me" with Steve alone on stage. Got even better after the curios, but fun unplugged session in the middle of the crowd. From there on in, it was just plain excellence. "Death Valley Rain" always a sure winner live. Two hours of pure pleasure. I've got a girlfriend in Stavanger, so I have managed to squeze in a visit there, so I'll come tonight as well :-)

4.11.03: Sesto Calende (Varese) Italy

...a wonderful night !!!! Thanks a lot Steve and The Miracle 3 (Linda , hope to see you soon in perfect form ...)
I wait for the next concert.

4.27.03: Aarhus Denmark

Can't remember all the songs, nor the exact order - but heres what I do remember from a outstanding concert:
Charity, When you smile, Ambassador of soul, Sustain, Southern California Line, Maybe tomorrow, Strange new world, There will come a day, Smooth, Death Valley Rain, That’s what you always say, California Style, Merritville, Boston, The days of wine and roses.

4.26.03: Barcelona Spain

also when you smile and one less shining star

4.26.03: Barcelona Spain

.....oh and "Boston" before "Days of wine and roses" ;-)

4.26.03: Barcelona Spain

There will come a day / Still holding on to you / Sustain / The ambassador of soul / Southern california line / California style / Good and bad / Death valley rain / If it was easy / What comes after / Merritville / Smooth / Why / That's what you always say / Amphetamine / Boston / The days of wine and roses / Burn / If my life was an open book

4.17.03: Brussels Belgium

i wrote a review for my little music site.:
Strange New World / Shelley's Blues, Pt. 2 / The Ambassador of Soul / Southern California Line / Maybe Tomorrow / Still Holding on to You / Sustain / Crawling Misanthropic Blues / When You Smile / One Less Shining Star / Death Valley Rain / Merrittville / Is there Something I Should Know? / Sweetness and Light / My Old Haunts / If It Was Easy / Anthem / Nothing but the Shell / Good and Bad / The Side I'll Never Show / Amphetamine / That's What You Always Say / The Days of Wine and Roses / John Coltrane Stereo Blues

4.17.03: Brussels Belgium

1. Halloween
2. California Style
3. Why
4. Maybe Tomorrow
5. Candy Machine
6. The Ambassador Of Love
7. Out Of This World
8. Smooth
9. One Less Shining Star
10. Death Valley Rain
11. Merritville
12. Crawling Misanthropic Blues (semi-acoustic)
13. One By One
14. Sweetness and light
15. If It Was Easy (Everybody Would Do It)
16. Strange New World
17. For All I Care
18. Melting In The Dark
19. Good And Bad
20. That's What You Always Say
21. Amphetamine
22. Still Holding On To You
23. Days Of Wine And Roses
24. John Coltrane Stereo Blues

****Jos the taper****

4.23.03: Madrid Spain

Since Medicine Show Tour I've seen many Steve Wynn concerts. This was great and very powerful. I loved "Death Valley Rain" -I think that song is becoming a Steve Wynn Classic- and Amphetamine. Very good band. Thank you Linda for the shirt.
Candy machine
The Ambassador of Soul
California style
Maybe tomorrow
Crawling Misanthropic blues (?)
Southern California line
Death Valley rain (Keith Moon Linda)
Good and bad
Threre will come a day
When you smile
That's what you always say
The days of wine and roses

3.15.03: Austin, TX USA

Pictures from this show are at (scroll down)
Strange New World / Death Valley Rain / Good And Bad / Amphetamine / Days Of Wine & Roses

3.14.03: Austin, TX USA

Pictures from this show are at (scroll down)
When You Smile / Southern California Line / Death Valley Rain / Good And Bad / California Style / That's What You Always Say / Amphetamine

3.11.03: Austin, TX USA

Pictures from this show are at
Southern California Line / California Style / Amphetamine

4.12.03: Athens Greece

maybe one of the very best of steve's concerts in greece. no kidding, he grows better and better.. linda's accident was no problem, though linda is a great drummer. personally, i enjoyed the drumlesds versions of the songs and almost had a crush on them.

4.12.03: Athens Greece

If the band starts a show with a scorching version of Halloween, you know they mean business. And they did! It was the begining of a very hot show, and I don't just mean the thermometers that must have exloded here tonight, the whole band exploded! Especially Jason, who must have taken the comments about Paul B. Culer during the Leiden-show to heart. He even used a servingtray to produce some mindblowing sounds out of his guitar, before balancing his guitar on it. And this was mid-solo, mind you. My personal favourites of the night were an all-out Amphetamine (the first fully electric version I have seen this tour), a rare heard Smooth (thanks to the Nomads for bringing it to Steve's mind) and a nice Crawling misanthropic blues, played during the acoustic interval.
Thanx guys for a great night!
P.S. Linda, you were wrong about it being a pagan Easter. This was how god must have meant it to be (and if not,he sucks!)

4.12.03: Athens Greece

best Dutch 2003 show in Holland!
(more details when I wake up ;-)


4.16.03: Utrecht Netherlands

There was no doubt this week would turn out to be a great one. After The Bangles had stunned me monday with a glorious comeback concert at the Melkweg, Steve was the one to complete in Utrecht. The frisking, bright, vivid, baby ducks in the water in front of Ekko showed how precious, innocent and wonderful life may be at times. They were symbolic for another small wonder happening that very evening. There was an early kick-off by Groningen band Whipster, great laid-back songs with spacious, unfolding guitars
(I would strongly recommend their album "Strange"). Then it was time for more miracles coming down on the crowd. It was a great pleasure to see Linda taking place behind the drumkit in full duty again, after all those worrying reports about the infected thumb lately. She banged the drums as ever, but somehow I was having the impression that her powerful performance was much "against doctor's advice". The metres of tape seemed to keep everything together, although the painful expression on her face maybe told some different story (rock and roll definitely knows of no mercy). Still, I guess, I prefer her "starring" on drums instead of playing the principal part in some medical docu-drama. A great show again, to my sense more intense than the opening show in Groningen last month. The band was in perfect excellent shape and perfect balance. Songs, merely from the latest two
records, dominated, but were alternated with old favs. My personal highlights this evening : "Never ending rain" (performed breathtakingly intimate and fragile, it was long since I witnessed an audience being so quitet), "One less shining star", "So Cal. line" and good old "Burn" and "That's what you always say".Unfortunately Linda had to give up (temporarily) just before "Amphetamine" was being played (her heroic performance contributed much to the genuine r&r feeling, thanks much and...thumbs up!.
Honestly I think this song is driven by the amalgam of the whole band, and especially Jason's inimitable slide guitar and Linda's
tight and pushing rhythm. In my opinion, this was the only song that didn't entirely survive in the semi-acoustic setting. The apotheosis of the evening was great and hilarious : after a rough and frenzy "The days of wine..." the band joined the crowd for a last encore, playing "Caroline" campfire-style, with familiar singing along and handclapping (there was a lot of creative improvisation in the audience; hope nobody noticed my false singing).After the concert there was dancing on various alternative tunes (Stooges, Velvet U, Sonic Youth,Bettie Serveert etc...). When I disappeared in the Utrecht night the white van was being packed, bound for new directions to spread some miracles (the road goes on forever). One hour later, inspired and full of energy, I was cycling through Amsterdam at high speed (" I really got going, started picking up speed, I hit
20..."). OK, Steve & the others : enjoy the rest of the tour, and hopefully till later this year!
(hein, amsterdam)

4.18.03: Leffinge Belgium

The second day of the Belgium gig-list. "De Zwerver" in Leffinge. Much bigger than the Botanique in Brussels, about 500 people saw the concert.
A young Belgian musician called Admiral Freebee did the support-act. He's pretty famous for the moment over here,so his fans could take advantage of seeing Steve and his band playing...
This time they started off with a DS song "When you smile".The sound of the PA wasn't that clear as yesterday, but it sounded still very good.
Jason played some fabulous guitar on"Death valley rain" and some time later during "Sustain" where he and Steve where rocking the place down (once again....).
This time nothing from Steve mentioning linda's "thumb-problem"... As Linda quoted later "probably Steve is taking it for grantitch that I'm playing with an infected thumb" (as a joke!!)
A bit surprisingly to hear a not so well known song from the Days of Wine and roses album:"Then she remembers"; it was played very hard!!
Once again during the "unplugged intermezzo" they played a Gutterball song(Maria), so maybe there's a chance that they're going to reunite in the near future? But as Steve said afterwards:"Maybe there's a possibillity that we're going to make a record, but for touring it's going to be difficult, because some of the Gutterballs have other prioritys for the moment in their lives...." (So far goes my dream of ever seeing Gutterball live - but you never know)
When they played "What she always says", Steve and Jason flipped totally, Steve started playing his guitar with a bottle wich resulted in a broken string, "the first one on this tour" confessed Steve later, but it was a great-and hard- version of that song. Steve needed to "borrow" jason's guitar but it was a bit out of tune, so Jason gave Steve some hints to fix the problem. They had lot of fun on stage during the whole concert, and so did we.
There where lots of songs of the new album played tonight, and it looks like it that "Amphetamine "is going to be a new classic song, it contains all the ingredients to become a classical one!
The show ended with two other classics: "Burn "and "DoWaR".
After the show the band came out to join the people for some signing, pictures, some small conversations.
Like I said before, it is always a pleasure seeing Steve and his Band playing somewhere in Belgium!
But still missed "Halloween"....

except the whole "Kiss-repertoire" they played (Linda P.):
When you smile
Death valley rain
The ambassador of Soul
Maybe tomorrow
One less shining star
You do something (to me)
Southern California Line
California Style
Then she remembers
Boston (acc.)
Maria (Gutterball acc.)
My old haunts (acc.)
Sweetness and light (acc.)
If it was easy everybody would do it (acc.)
There will come a day
That's what she always says
Burn (encore)
Days of wine and roses (2nd enc.)

4.17.03: Brussels Belgium

Just want to add that I've made a mistake making the review of Steve's show at the Botanique! They never played "The Medicine show", it was ofcourse "John Coltrane Stereo Blues". Sorry my mistake (wishfull thinking??? Hangover???)
But still missed Halloween!

4.17.03: Brussels Belgium

Every time Steve & The miracle 3 comes to play over here, it's good weather. It was about 25°C outside, and the temperature in "The Botanique" was going to rise due to solid playing - or should I say a "cooking" -band!
A crowded "Botanique",a complete Band -including a recovering Linda - the all helped to create a nice atmosphere, and as Steve said during the gig: "We all looked forward during this tour to play once again "The Botanique"..."He was not alone....
The concert took off with "Strange new world" a fine example for what was coming: a -by moments - hard playing band,solid playing Linda and Dave, Jason and Steve doing there thing on the guitars...
The concert was divided in three parts: a first electric set with some new material (The Ambassador of Soul, One less shining star ),followed by an accoustic set-where Jason even broke a snare off his borrowed acc.guitar!!- and finally they ended the gig with some "classics" like "Days of wine and roses", "That's what you always say" and the ultimate "Medicine show".
We heard some old stuff from DS - a nice version of "when you smile" with Jason on slide guitar, some accoustic versions of "Merrytville" and "My old haunts" (what a surprise to hear that song again!)where Steve was accompanied by Jason on acc.guitar.Also in the acc.set they played a Gutterball song from the "Weasel" album: "Is there something I should know?" where Steve looked with some nostalgia back to those times (some 8 years ago).Linda joined Steve and Jason for "Sweetness and Light" where Steve mentioned her "thumb-problem".
The accoustic set ended with the "hidden" track from the latest album:"If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It" -it reminds me of "The basement tapes" from a certain B.Dylan and the Band-it was nice to sea a band having fun on stage. Jason played for that song electric guitar due to his snare-problem.
The last electrical part of the show was the part where Steve and Jason showed -once again- there capabilities of "rocking the place":"Good and Bad", with a great playing Jason on guitar, "The Side I'll Never Show"where Dave and Jason started playing the intro off "That's what you always say"!
,"Amphetamine" where Steve and Jason where "kickin'some...."...
"That's what you always say" was the first encore, followed by an agressive "Days of ...." Then they left the stage to return for a long slow version-with renewed intro - of "The Medicine show".
Always a pleasure seeing Steve and band playing over here!
Missed "Halloween", maybe tonight in Leffinge?
coming soon

4.16.03: Utrecht Netherlands

Well, another night, another great Steve Wynn show, this time in EKKO Utrecht (nice venue BTW), completely different from last night's Leiden gig. Linda Pitmon back in full action drumming nearly the whole gig, Steve playing electric for nearly the whole gig, and apart from a minor technical problem (the PA not working during the first song) it all sounded great. Quote of the evening, by Linda: "Het guys, could you hold back for some seconds while I tape my hand back together again...". And that version from "Caroline" from the middle of the crowd, amazing......Fine support band Whipster as well! And very nice to talk to all of you again before and after the gig! Thanks for two great nights in Holland, from Amsterdam, Tony!
The official intended setlist (as signed by Dave & Steve)

1. Smile 2. Clean 3. So Cal 4. Ambassador 5. Maybe 6. Cali 7. DV Rain 8. Burn 9. Shining 10. Crawling 11. Good/Bad 12. That's 13. Amph

...luckily we got a lot more...

4.13.03: Thessaloniki Greece

Hi Elektra, I was in Athens gig the previous night, I have written a review of the concert in the relevant page (starting with the words "It is a pitty...."

It seems really strange why the gig was cancelled in Salonica, Steve was OK the night before, maybe there was not an adequate number of people there so as the concert to take place. Was that the case?


4.16.03: Utrecht Netherlands

Ekko, a nice venue to try a rock show, the way our friends thought at the start in Groningen. Linda was ready for another 20 songs.... But life is hard, she needed lots of tape to hold her thumb. Some drummers throw drumsticks in the audience; Linda almost her thumb. We started early with a nice support of a band named Whipster (from Groningen - sell that record!). Highlights in the (short) set were "Good and Bad", "Never ending rain" and the campfire version in the audience of "Caroline" (... 23.00 h. PA had to shut his mouth)
Anyway, look forward to the gig in TomTom. Steve, there will be NO support-act, NO time limits.... I've read something 'bout three-hour-shows in Italy?????
See you all

Jos Goverde
1. When You Smile
2. Def. Clean
3. Southern California Line
4. The Ambassador Of Soul
5. Maybe Tomorrow
6. California Style
7. Death Valley Rain
8. Burn
9. ("The Surgery Channel Story.....")
10. One Less Shining Star
11. There Will Come A Day
12. Crawling Misanthropic Blues
13. Good And Bad
14. That's What You Always Say
15. Never Ending Rain
16. Boston
17. If It Was Easy (Everybody Would Do It)
18. Amphetamine
19. Days Of Wine And Roses
20. Caroline (Acoustic In Crowd)

Jos the taper ;-)

4.13.03: Thessaloniki Greece

Unfortunately Steve and Miracle 3, didn't play to Thessaloniki and nobody gave us a true answer why the show was cancelled....

4.15.03: Leiden Netherlands

Because there was some misunderstanding about the start time of the gig I entered this cosy hall way too early, Steve Wynn and his band were still soundchecking, which was great to see and hear, as they did a couple of songs they didn't play during the main gig, and the one they did play in the gig ('California Style'), was done in a completely different a-capella version during the soundcheck .
After the soundcheck there was plenty of time to talk to Steve Wynn and the band, very nice people, especially drummer Linda Pitmon, with her infected thumb in a very impressive bandage, which had prevented her from drumming for a couple of gigs, and tonight she would be able to play only a couple of songs.... Steve asked if i had any requests, so I asked for the Dream Syndicate's "the Days of wine and roses"....
After a not that great support band ('id' from Leiden, sounded like Crowded House without the songs, but with an incredibbly ugly trumpet... ) it was time for Steve Wynn and the Miracle 2 (in the beginning ,3 in the end) Jason Victor on guitar, Dave Castro on bass, and Steve Wynn on semi-acoustic rhythm guitar, Steve explained that Linda was only able to play a couple of songs, so for the next hour they showed that you don't really need drums to really rock, a fine mix of old and new stuff, and for the last couple of songs Linda joined them, sometimes drumming with one hand ( Def Leppard joke here.... ), sometimes using tambourine and shakers. A great rocking gig ended with a couple of well deserved encores, including with a ripping version of "The days of wine and roses"........
.....and through some strange coincidence I am going to see them again, tonight in Utrecht.......
see the above reviews, thank you!

4.10.03: I-Sarzana(La Spezia) Italy

I saw SW & the Miracle Three (Two, actually) in Sarzana last thursday, and
the show was amazing: Linda wasn't there, due to the thumb problem, but the
guys rocked the same way. Steve said that they were doing their best to rock
hard, so they weren't doing stripped down semi-acoustic arrangements: Steve
played only an acoustic guitar, but strumming really hard, later he said he
is the drums. It seem to me like he was singing really well, with a great
amount of passion, better than I ever heard him, maybe because he could be
less concentrated in playing than usual.

A great gig, with a setlist covering almost every record he put out (I
didn't notice weather they had a written setlist or not)

nothing but the shell
the side i'll never show
california style
crawling misanthropic blues
public eye
i don't know why
silver lining
one by one
ambassador of soul
whatever you please
death valley rain
that's what you always say
my old haunts
if it was easy
the anthem
southern california line
there will come a day

merritville (solo)
tower of songs (Leonard Cohen)
days of wine and roses

john coltrane stereo blues

4.15.03: Leiden Netherlands

It was a long trip from Athens to Leiden, but after a local support act our friends were in the mood to play a wonderful show. Linda was able to play some drums (Death Valley Rain !), but it's amazing how songs like Why can rock WITHOUT the drumkit. Amazing versions of Crawling misantropic Blues and a great acoustic start with When ye smile / Side I'll never show. It was a pitty Jaap Boots wasn't able to come up to play together with Steve "Caroline", but the campfire-version was nice as well. See you all in Utrecht tonight!!
(Jos Goverde)
When you smile
The side I'll never show
Nothing but a shell
California style
Southern California style
Crawling misantropic blues
What we call love
Def. clean
Death valley rain
One less shining star
The ambassador of soul
Sweetness and light
There will come a day
Days of wine and oses
John Coltrane Stereo Blues


4.12.03: Athens Greece

It was a pitty we did not have the chance to see the full band on stage, as Linda had this accident in her finger which did not allow her to play together with the other guys. This way, the songs lost some of their dynamism, being less "heavy". The absence of drums forced Steve to play only accoustic guitar. Nevertheless, he did his best and he was excellent for one more time, giving full pleasure to fans.

Steve, we hope to see you soon in Athens for another, harder this time, gig!

4.12.03: Athens Greece

Steve's a superstar in Greece! The cool new Gagarin Club was packed!(about 1000 - no kidding!)...well, the boys played an electroacoustic set that was (mostly) drumless(perastika - get well Linda!) but by no means new songs (Amphetamine, California style + more) mixed with classics(Burn,an Excellent Meritville, old haunts, wine and roses, misanthropic blues-well,it's already a classic in my book!)...two encores...#2 was Coltrane Stereo Blues...a real treat! Steve seemed to be in a very good was the audience...a lot of familiar faces..hey where do these people go in the daytime??! Enough with the exclaiming...thanks Steve...!
Impaired memory due to alcohol consumption,lack of sleep and feedback exposure...but Side I'll never show, my old haunts, Amphetamine, California style, burn, Meritville, Boston, Days of wine and Roses, Crawling Misanthropic Blues, Sweetness and light and Coltrane stereo blues come to mind...

4.09.03: Rome Italy

Steve, Jason and Dave played a marathon concert at Big Mama in Rome (If I ever get a chance I will return to this place : Great Club, scenery, food and coffe!)
I do not recal any Gutterball songs or any songs from Kerosene Man, but other tahn that I think the band playes songs from all Steve Wynn and Dream Syndicate albums.
Linda was missing, and the band proclaimed they would simply rock harder to try and close the gap.
David had some kind of rhythm device attached to his shoes. On Why and The Days of Wine And Roses Steve turned his acoustic into a rhythm machine by beating the beat into the guitar without plaing actual chords. Pretty cool and very effective.
Jason played electric guitar through the whole thing and shined when he was sliding, very cool. During some tracks he played more sounds than actual notes which was cool too.

The exceptional experiences of the night were versions of The Days of Wine and Roses, California Style, There Will Come A Day and John Coltrane Stereo Blues.

California Style and There Will Come A Day were played in quite a gentle manner, with Jason and Dave adding laid back vocals. kinda quiet and very intense. Intens in the same way Good And Bad on record is intense. Completely different from the studio versions. Same songs in new great looking clothing.

A highpoint in the shows was those seconds in The Days Of Wine and Roses where Steve and Jason wer lost in their frenzy and when everything seemed to be chaos Dave's bas was constantly pounding that great bass line. And then 'smash' everything came together again.

The show finished off with a stunning version of the medicine show. Almost gone was the well known high frequency lead guitar. Rather than that loose jazzy feeling the songs had a more steady groove which was put shortly - amazing.

Linda's drums was sometimes echoing in the inner part of my ears, and it will be all the more fun to see her back in the band now that I have witnessed the trio.

After the show Big Mama seemed like one big Steve Wynn family get together, and the atmosphere was great. It's easy to see why the Big Mama is one of Steves fav places.

One guy taped most the concert on video (Be sure to send an email to so we can figure out how the rest of the world can check it out), another guy taped a few songs. Neither got the amazing John Coltrane version, so that will be with only us that were there :)
Can't remeber the order, nor all the songs, so here's a few :
Why, California Style, There Will Come A Day, When You Smile, Candy Machine, One Less Shining Star, I'm The Best Man, Silver Lining, Tuesday, Crawling Misanthropic Blues, Southerne California Line, Boston, Whatever You Please, Amphetamine, The Days Of Wine And Roses, Jogn Coltrane Stereo Blues.

4.11.03: Sesto Calende (Varese) Italy

It was my 14th Steve show since 1994 - edging now Springsteen by one (not for long though ;), and it has been another cool gig. Linda's reduced presence on drums (yes, she played - on Anthem and on the show closing 13-minute John Coltrane Stereo Blues, with Peter Case on harmonica - just like on the Raji's :) made a difference which turned the whole show into an entirely new Steve Wynn act, and I enjoyed it ! Though I hope to see Linda joining Steve and band for full duty - hopefully later this year.
The show started at midnight sharp and ended at 2am sharp (after Peter Case's own 45-minute set and another band I couldn't pick up the name of since I got at the Marna "late" - at 10pm). Only a 1-minute break so I guess we can say a full 2-hour show :)

1. Nothing But The Shell
2. The Side I'll Never Show
3. California Style
4. Burn
5. One Less Shining Star
6. My Old Haunts
7. Crawling Misanthropic Blues
8. Shades Of Blue
9. Carolyn
10. Why
11. Anthem
12. The Ambassador Of Soul
13. Sweetness And Light
14. If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It
15. There Will Come A Day
16. Boston
17. Amphethamine
18. When You Smile
19. Merrittville
20. The Days Of Wine And Roses
21. John Coltrane Stereo Blues

4.10.03: I-Sarzana(La Spezia) Italy

When we first entered the juxtap hall we immediatly noticed that the drums were not on the stage. Needless to say that we started wonderin what was goin on...but it was steve that after a coupla tunes solved the mistery. Linda had suffered a minor injury to one of her hands so she couldnt play that night...but stee promised they would play twice as hard and sure they did! After a weak start things got more and more interesting and by midawy into tthe set the 3 of them were goin full steam...classic dream syndicate tunes (alas no medicine show) turned up here and there among other songs, all beautifully played..nice show indeed, lots of guitar jammin, with spectacular highlights on death valley rain, with a superb psychedelic bottleneck work, also amphetamine, from the latest album was great, but they really teared down the roof of the place with days of wine and roses and the predictable guitar orgasm of the final encore, a shining john oltrane stereo blues
That’s all folks, go see this band, thanks steve for another superb night of great music
Ps ciao steve, how long shall we have to wait to get a cd re-release of medicine show?

4.10.03: I-Sarzana(La Spezia) Italy

Debido al cierre de la Sala Atzavara el concierto del martes 22 de abril pasa a celebrarse en la Sala "El Cortijo" de Sta.Cristina d'Aro (Girona).

4.10.03: I-Sarzana(La Spezia) Italy

Brilliant show in a very special setting (Steve: "Oh no, not another 300 year-old barn..."). The walls behind the stage and back of the audience were lighted with candles, bar in the back - everything you needed. High energy level, the audience was really into it, big smiles on everybody's faces. The acoustic set was a lot of fun, especially with Chris' accordion. And for the electric set that followed, there are no words to describe it. The sequence of "There Will Come a Day - Ambassador of Soul - Good And Bad" alone was a reason to be there. Very intense soloing by Steve during "Good And Bad", amazing soloing by both Steve and Jason during "Southern California Line" - an early climax. The encores were as loose as you can get, "John Coltrane" had Steve and Jason leaving the stage and completely freaking out. "If My Life Way an Open Book" was the sweetest and most personal way to end this superb show. Thank you, guys! Can't wait to get to Hamburg on May 5...
Strange New World / Southern California Line / A Fond Farewell / California Style / One Less Shining Star / Why / Maybe Tomorrow / Death Valley Rain / Merrittville (ac.) / Burn (ac.) / Nothing But the Shell (ac.) / If It Way Easy Everybody Would Do It (ac. from the audience) / There Will Come a Day / The Ambassador of Soul / Good And Bad / The Side I'll Never Show / Amphetamine // When You Smile / The Days of Wine And Roses / John Coltrane Stereo Blues / If My Life Way an Open Book

4.05.03: Geislingen Germany

Pictures are here:
Strange New World / Southern California Line / The Ambassador Of Soul / Blackout / Sustain / Out Of This World / Maybe Tomorrow / One Less Shining Star / Baby, We All Gotta Go Down / Boston / My Old Haunts / If It Was Easy (Everybody Would Do It) * / Caroline * / Anthem / Hollywood / Good And Bad / That's What You Always Say / Amphetamine // California Style / Honest With Me / Days Of Wine Roses // John Coltrane Stereo Blues (* = acoustic in audience)

3.30.03: Frankfurt Germany

Pictures from this show can be found here:
Strange New World
Southern California Line
California Style
Maybe Tomorrow
One Less Shining Star
The Ambassador Of Soul
Death Valley Rain
My Old Haunts
If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It *
Carolyn *

There Will Come A Day
The Side I'll Never Show
Crawling Misanthropic Blues

When You Smile
Honest With Me (w/ Duane Javis)
Days Of Wine And Roses

John Coltrane Stereo Blues

* = acoustic in audience

4.08.03: Mantova Italy

What a show!!!!!
A special and very impressive night in an incredible baroque theatre. A special mention for such a great entertainer and delightful songwriter called Peter Case and, of course, his funny bass player.
Steve played magnificent and spooky versions of old and new stuff, Jason is the right man in the right place! I missed Linda, Hope to see her soon here in Italy. Steve and the boys are very nice people, lovely to talk with them after the show.
An unplugged record in this way would be terrific, come on Steve!!!
Diego p.s. for Dave: The Soprano's rule!!!!!!!!!

4.08.03: Mantova Italy

After the long road from Bologna to Mantova (well, actually, one hour of amphetaminic driving) the first guy I saw in the beautiful Theatre Bibiena was a nervous Peter Case, searching for someone able to understand and translate English. Impossible. But the audience was enthusiastic of his acoustic, powerful, histrionic rock-blues (and of his great bass player).
Also Steve Wynn, the Miracle Two (see you soon, Linda)and the biggest fans were astonished at see the guys playing in a eighteenth century Theatre, just in front of the statues of Virgilio and Pomponazzo.
It was cool, enchanting, unique.
New songs, old ballads, some requests.
Everything we've needed.
Gian Giacomo, Bologna
FOLLOW ME (solo)

4.08.03: Mantova Italy

What a magic night ! After a solid and brilliant show of Peter Case, Steve gave us a wonderful set of old and new songs (from "Caroline" to "What Comes After", from "There Will Come A Day" to "California Style"). In the same theater where a young W.A. Mozart played (some years ago...), Steve was touched by the Grace. It seemed a concert different from the others.
Great version of "Days Of Wine And Roses" ended a spectacular gig (with a spectacular band).
Luca, Mantova

4.07.03: Wien Austria

This was a great show, indeed, in Vienna yesterday. Playing a two hour acoustic set with so much power and intensity yet sensitivity all around, that's really something only the best can do. And doint "Crawling Misanthropic Blues" as a country shuffle instead of the punk version of the album - grand! And to Linda: get well soon, everybody is waiting for you to be back! Gerry (they guy from Salzburg)

4.06.03: München Germany

Well as they say "It was a game of two halves" or rather 2 sets.

Firstly, due to a 10pm curfew, we had the loud, rock set. Needless to say as excellent as always. This was their last date with Chris Cacavas who played keyboards and accordian.

Then we had a second acoustic set which apart from giving our ears a rest just highlighted the versaltily of the band.

They really seem to be having a great time and there was lots of inter-band banter

They finised the gig playing the last two songs in the crowd finishing off with Caroline.

Froma brief word with them after the gig, they said how delighted they are to be able to play some acoustic sets (which doesn't surprise seeing the effort they put into the electric set)!

Don't have a setlist but these i remember

One Less Shining Star
Death Valley Rain
Nothing But The Shell
The Side I never Show
The Days Of Wine And Roses
It it Was Easy
There Will Come A Day
A Chris Cacavas song

4.04.03: Regensburg Germany

Matchless Performance,

If you were among the lucky people in the "Alte Maelzerei" it wa yours to witness an outstanding, "paramount" performance Prior to the show Chris Cacavas, who joined Steve Wynn later, performed a fine acoustic-set. Steve presented us a set with unexpected twists and turns, climaxing in an unplugged performnce (and I mean the very word unplugged) when performing a song with the band among the audience. He alsow threw in many extra songs that weren't on the original setlist. So hats off to Steve Wynn an Miracle 3 and especially to Linda (smooch!) how gave me her drumstick which is now in a shrine hearing me singing "Hey can I look in your eyes again"

4.05.03: Geislingen Germany

Very cool show last night. Thanks for the fine music.
I took my 12-year old boy with me who especially enjoyed your acoustic piece from the top of the balcony.

Hope to see you in Goeppingen / Geislingen again soon.

Kind regards,


3.28.03: Köln Germany

(Once again) maybe the best show i've ever seen of Steve & his Band.
Really wild, Jason on Guitar doing a great job.
My faves:
Southern California Line
Death Valley Rain
The Side I'll never show
Wine & Roses
Why do Birds

Yeah, all that great "Rock-Monsters" blowing from Stage.

But also some more quite stuff (Maybe Tomorrow, Good & Bad) and a nice Acoustic Set.

Also good to see Chris Cacavas gain.

Keep on doing what you're doing! And come back soon to that wonderfull club in cologne!

3.19.03: Groningen Netherlands

thanx Jaap
1. candy machine
2. why
3. one less shining star
4. the ambassador of soul
5. death valley rain
6. maybe tomorrow
7. sothern california line
8. boston
9. how's my little girl
10. if it was easy (everybody would do it)
11. that's what you always say
12. california style
13. now i ride alone
14. strange new world
15. melting in the dark
16. days of wine and roses
17. there will come a day
18. amphetamine
19. john coltrane blues

4.03.03: Heilbronn Germany

Hi everyone! Seeing the third gig of Steve on this tour, the band started and looked very tired. But after the first songs they will be better and better. They played such intensive versions of their repertoire and the absolutely highligt was the second and last encore: John Coltrane Stereo Blues-what an incredible version...never seen before!! Thank you, for the feelings seeing you playing on stage; Christoph and Ingrid

4.02.03: Nürnberg Germany

Hi everyone! Your gig last night in Nuremberg was really amazing! Pretty much the best songwriter/rock-concert I`ve ever seen! You, Steve and Linda really leave THE White Stripes way behind!! Victor, or Jon BonJovi - as Chris called him, also played very tight and created a wild rock-sound - pretty much Neil Young-like! Your tribute to Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" inmidst of a song was also very entertaining!! There are so many positive impressions that those comparisons are just an understatement!! That`s what makes a great concert evening!! I can only highly recommend your music to others and hope that you continue to make music with that great band and stay happy!!
Thanks very much for this evening and your music on CD!! And stay rockin'!!

3.24.03: Dresden Germany

I was unlucky enough to be at work till 23:00 this day. So I only could listen to the last 2 regular songs and 2 extra show ups.
I'm already had seen some 3 or 4 shows of Steve and the Miracle 3, but I was totally suprised to get even more my ass kicked. Strong powerfull guitars AND great songwriting AND first class performance is absolute unique on stage. The crowd was very openminded and a 1 minute "suspension" break during one song made all aficionados going crazy..
Great show, one on the best performing bands today, it is so nice to see the fun they have on stage!!

thanks and see U next time


3.30.03: Frankfurt Germany

What a show! Much more better than in Neustadt! The band loves to play in this club, the atmosphere was so great-my ears are ringing today.I saw more than 20 gigs of Steve and the band; this was one of the best!!! THANX, Christoph w/Ingrid and Sabine P.S....and a nice and powerful dancing session of Jason's girlfriend.......

3.25.03: Halle Germany

Saw you yesterday in a small club in Halle/Saale called ?Objekt 5?. What a incredible show!!! All the people I spoke to were very impressed! Had a short small talk about your music and the Steve Wynn tree after the show. Hope to see you soon back here because you also promised it (hopefully not only because of the good food of the club?s kitchen).
P.S.: Jason Victor did a great job. What a man!!!

3.26.03: Neustadt Germany

... and: the Band-all People of the Band: they re so nice and peaceful! A Gift for us; see you in Frankfurt-while rockin'......Christoph and Ingrid(A Dream Syndicate........)

3.26.03: Neustadt Germany

Great show! Best songs: Medicine Show-Amphetamine-Days of Wine and Roses....and: a very nice unplugged session between the the middle of the pre-stage, Christoph w/Ingrid enjoy this great Rock n Roll Show.......YEAH!

3.19.03: Groningen Netherlands

It proved the second time ever that Steve performed at the Vera. Unfortunately, only a few people (not more than 60) attended the show, quite some disgrace I think. The soccer game AS Roma-Ajax just can't be a legitimate reason for the absence of so many. But, the die-hard fans present showed their enthousiasm, and there was a good reson for that. It proved to be an exciting performance, with a leading role by "our man on guitar", the inimitable Jason Victor. An excellent mix of old favourites and new songs, varying from slow and melancholic ("Maybe Tomorrow") to ecstatic and rocking hard ("Amphetamine", tight and uplifting, and of course this wonderful slide-intro). A (planned ?)acoustic intermezzo when Steve's amplifier broke down, formed a rest in the show (great to hear "Boston" in this setting). The "grande finale" was introduced by "Amphetamine" and followed by good old "John Coltrane Stereo Blues" as a second encore. Steve keeps on surprising us. A memorable evening. (Hein, Amsterdam)

3.20.03: Berlin Germany

This was quiet an amazing show to start the german tour. Returned to the good old Knaack after trying the "Trompete" two years ago -never again, please - the crowd was absolutely calm in the beginning (perhaps due to the starting of the war). But that did not seem to bother the band anyway. They started perhaps the tightest gig I've ever seen (it was my 7th)and more and more the crowd went crazy. An absolute highlight was the acoustic session that was accompanied by some problems with Jason's guitar. Starting "If it was easy, everybody would do it", Jason's pickup didn't work at all, so the band jumped into the crowd and played the song totally unplugged, people clapping the rhythm - GREAT! My personal favorites: When you smile, Medicine Show and Days of... in one show!!! The band seems to be in the best mood ever. Just another outstanding evening:-))

3.19.03: Groningen Netherlands

The start of the European Tour in VERA-GRONINGEN was great and full of energy.

3.19.03: Groningen Netherlands

Chris Cacavas – Steve Wynn with Jason Victor
Lampenhain – Gasthaus Heiß, 18.01.2003

Nach knapp 500 km Anreise und ca. 5 Stunden Fahrt und etwas Suchen auf den letzten Kilometern waren wir endlich in Lampenhain angekommen. Im Gashof „Heiß" saß ein entspannter Chris Cacavas am Tresen bei einem Bier und „Gastgeber" Wolfgang begleitete uns auch gleich noch zu unserer Unterkunft bei Renate Gönnawein (für Konzertbesucher und sicher auch andere Gäste eine gute Adresse in Lampenhain).
Nachdem auch Thomas mit Familie eingetroffen war, sind wir dann voller Erwartung zurück zum Gasthof gezogen und hatten im Vorfeld des Konzerts noch Gelegenheit mit Chris, Steve und seinem Gitarristen Jason Victor zu plauschen.

Nach und nach rückte ein Musikliebhaber nach dem anderen an. Ich hatte den Eindruck, dass jeder irgendwie jeden kennt. Gleiche Interessen und Geschmack verbinden eben.
Gegen 20:30 Uhr setzte sich dann Chris Cacavas mit seiner Gitarre ans Micro. Ich habe ihn sehr inspiriert aber auch locker erlebt. Die Titel, meist von seinen letzten beiden CDs, präsentierte er mit Gitarre aber auch am Keyboard und ich kann mich immer noch nicht richtig entscheiden, wie ich ihn lieber höre – aber vielleicht muss ich das ja auch nicht.
Chris: „Die Titel werden ruhiger, na ja ich werde auch älter". – Es sind nicht die Songs allein, die mich fesseln, sondern auch die Art und Weise, wie Chris sie uns präsentiert.
Dann holt Chris einen „spezial guest" zu sich ans „board" einen jungen „Nachwuchsgitarristen" namens Dylan,
der sich nach kurzer Präsentation wieder artig verabschiedete.

Nach einer kurzen Pause Steve Wynn – solo. Mit einem gewinnendem Lächeln hört er der Vorstellung von Wolfgang zu,nimmt den Anfangsapplaus dankend entgegen und beginnt konzentriert mit einer traumwandlerischen Leichtigkeit. Für mich ist es immer wieder erstaunlich, dass er mit relativ einfachen Mitteln so eingängige und beständige Songs kreiert. Er spielt einen guten Titel nach dem anderen, verbindet sie mit kleinen Geschichten und all das immer mit seinem sympathischen Lächeln.
Sein Gitarrist, Jason Victor, der dazukommt, untermalt mit Ruhe und Präzision Steve's Interpretationen.

Nach kurzer Pause dann Set 3: Steve Wynn mit Jason Victor und Chris Cacavas – Herz was willst Du mehr.
Wie angekündigt spielt Steve Titel von seiner neuen CD „Static Transmission" (erhältlich ab 24.02.03 über Blue Rose – Edgar war übrigens auch in Lampenhain). „What Comes After" und „Maybe Tomorrow" haben mich besonders beeindruckt und wahnsinnig neugierig auf das neue Album gemacht.

Richtig Fahrt aufnehmen können die drei aber auch (500 Girl Mornings).
Kurzum – die Reise hat sich gelohnt.

Vielen Dank Chris, Steve und Jason

Aber auch ganz herzlichen Dank an den Organisator Wolfgang Wonde.

Ullrich Obst, Chemnitz
please visit

1.30.03: Malmö Sweden

Steve and his black Takamine kicked of a fine night in Malmö. The crowd was most probably mostly there to see a couple of local swedish bands doing an acoustic 'lets all play together' show, but they seemed quite happy to see Steve in good shape playing some oldies as well as some songs from Static Tranmission.

What Comes After stood out as an incredibly strong song.

Now we are waiting to see Steve back with his Miracle Three.....
The Days of Wine And Roses
What Comes After
California Style
If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It
and a few more