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  • Wild Voodoo Magic

    We laid low for the summer but we're back and ready for more! It's time for me, Dennis, Jason, Mark and Chris to get back in the van and take our wild voodoo magic sonically explosive medicine show back onto the road.

    We begin in two classic rock and roll cities--Detroit (Rock City) and Cleveland (Rocks)-this weekend, take a short breather and then on to Europe to bring "These Times" across the Atlantic. The shows in the US and Italy last May and June were some of our most exploratory and felt almost like gigs we might have played back in 1982, fortified by all the things we've learned since.

    Check the dates on the groovy tour poster-another classic design by Misisipi Mike Wolf--and hopefully we're coming to a city with you. If not, rest assured there's more ahead in 2020 including a new album. Yep. But more about that later. For now? Check the cables, change the strings, gather your sticks and picks--The Dream Syndicate is back on the road!

    Steve Wynn
    New York City
    posted: 2019-09-18

  • Big news abounds from the land of The Dream Syndicate!

    Dream Syndicate and Mott Hoople

    First of all - we have a new album coming out on May 3. It's called "These Times" and we recorded once again at Montrose Studios in Richmond, Virginia.

    Same crew of me, Jason Victor, Mark Walton, Dennis Duck and Chris Cacavas.

    But this time around my old pal John Agnello joined us from day one as co-producer and engineer....

    Please read more here.
    posted: 2019-03-22

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