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  • Up There

    Up There"Up There--Home Recordings 2000 to 2008," Steve's latest in a series of limited edition tour CDs is now available for purchase right here on the WynnWeb. The CD is what is says, a collection of multi-track demos from the last decade, a few of which surfaced on tribute records and film soundtracks and even more that were never released. There are early sketches of songs that ended up on official records as well as covers of songs by Gene Clark, Nick Lowe, Daniel Johnston, Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young. The CD is hand numbered edition of 1000 copies. Read more about it and order your copy right here.

    Download free track here!

    posted: 2012-12-16

  • Up There: Home Recordings 2000 to 2008

    UPDATE: Due to family complications, the last four dates of this tour have been canceled. Check back for possible rescheduling early in 2013.

    When You SmileI always enjoy doing something I’ve never done before, especially when it comes to touring and making music. And that’s not easy. 30 years and thousands of shows into the game, it can be tough finding a new way to collaborate and take it to the stage. Well, next month in Belgium I’ll be doing something new--seventeen shows in Belgium with Piv Huvluv, an old pal who is really making a name for himself on the comedy circuit over there. Since his act is in Flemish, I’ll just have to take the word of friends (particularly my Dutch bass player Erik Van Loo) in knowing that the guy is hilarious. I have watched a DVD of his act and found myself laughing even when I didn’t know what he was saying. Funny bones, as they say, funny bones. Anyway, I put the idea to Piv a few years ago that we do a tour like this, combining what we do both separately and together on stage during the course of an evening. He loved the idea and now it’s going to be a barnstorming adventure.Up there Naturally, it will be especially good if you understand his act but even if you don’t, it will be worth the trek, especially since I’ll be debuting my latest limited edition CD, “Up There—Home Recordings 2000 to 2008”—on the tour. The CD is what it says—demos and sessions from the last decade, recorded at my home studio (which was up there, on the 5th floor of my NYC digs) before I moved to my NEW home studio, once again on the 5th floor, as it turns out, of my Jackson Heights residence. Come for the music, come for the laughs, come for the collaboration, come for the new CD—but you just might want to come out somewhere along the trek because this one will be unique.


    posted: 2012-11-02

  • Dream Syndicate Spain TourThis September marks the 30 year anniversary of the release of The Days of Wine and I’m excited to say The Dream Syndicate will be commemorating the date by reforming for a handful of shows in Spain, the first time that Dennis Duck, Mark Walton and I will have performed as the Dream Syndicate since we walked off stage at the I-Beam in San Francisco back in 1988. We’re going to be joined for these dates (and very possibly some more beyond) by Jason Victor who has so ably carried the torch of the guitarists who have played these songs with us before. I’m really looking forward to these shows and I hope that some of you will have the chance to come down and see them for yourselves.

    posted: 2012-06-28

  • From Steve



    It's been an odd touring year for me and both the Miracle 3 and The Baseball Project. Most of last year was spent on the road, zipping back and forth across both the US and the Atlantic as we played almost 150 shows. This year has been a year of staying much closer to home—well, except for a couple of weeks in Mexico and another just completed over in Australia.

    But in the next few months, both bands will be active but mostly within the 200 mile range of New York City. I’ll be playing with Jason, Dave and Linda on a bill with our pals Dressy Bessy this Saturday in Brooklyn at Littlefield’s (full info and link below). It’s my first time at that club but I’ve heard some very good things. And then, the M3 and I will be going on a barnstorming 3-day tour with The Fleshtones in NYC, Rehoboth Beach (Delaware) and Philadelphia next month, before I switch over to my sporting gear for a few gigs with The Baseball Project in July.

    Please click here for more Tour Information

    posted: 2012-05-16

  • The Baseball Project at The MET

    Allow yourself to be transported via your computer screen to that very special night in April when The Baseball Project had a chance to perform at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our good friends at The Met did a great job of shooting the event and have made the complete show available for checking out on YouTube. Enjoy.

    posted: 2012-05-16

  • Steve in Australia

    Dig it Up Music FestivalThe last time I was in Australia was 1986 with The Dream Syndicate. We had just released our new record "Out of the Grey" with a song called "Boston" that people seemed to like although the title track was the one that was being played daily on MTV. Yes, it was that long ago. What can I say?

    The land down under (which was most likely being segued out of our video on MTV) is just SO far away. But thanks to the wonderful and rocking Hoodoo Gurus, I'm going back to help them celebrate their 30 Year Anniversary on a bill that will also include The Fleshtones, Redd Kross, Died Pretty, the 5,6,7,8's and other amazing acts. I'll be on the Sydney and Melbourne gigs. Who knows? Maybe this time I just won't end up leaving.

    More info on the "Dig it Up" here.

    posted: 2012-03-17

  • The baseball season is still a few months away but here's something to tide you over and keep you warm--a clip of The Baseball Project singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and "Past Time" from Spring Training out in Arizona last March. Expect new music and some interesting gigs from the band (starting with a performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on April 13) in the coming year.

    posted: 2012-01-18

  • For the rockers of the Baseball Project, it's all about the game

    There is, they say, nothing more terrifying to a writer than the blank page. Steve Wynn knows this, and the solo artist and onetime frontman for semi-legendary 1980s jangle-poppers the Dream Syndicate appreciates how easy he's got it with the Baseball Project."It's a great band to write for because everything is very definable," says Wynn. "When you have your band,more
    posted: 2012-07-05
  • Steve Wynn at Bowery Electric

    Rumpled old set lists, handwritten in ballpoint pen, are the true collector's items; the neat printouts in big BLOCK LETTERS can come from anywhere. But people scoop them up after gigs, all the same. And to anyone privileged enough to stand by the foot of the stage before the show starts, printed set lists are a double-edged sword: Sure, youmore
    posted: 2012-07-01

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