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Pick Of The Litter

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Steve Wynn

Release Date: 1999
Album Notes:

Initially only available only as mailorder through Glitterhouse, or at shows or the fanclub.

A number of out takes from My Midnight, and one, "James River Incident", from Melting in the Dark.

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1My Family (My Midnight Outtake) My Family
2Invisible (My Midnight Outtake) Invisible
3James River Incident (Melting In The Dark Outtake ) James River Incident
4Ladies And Gentlemen (My Midnight Outtake) Ladies And Gentlemen
5Smoke From A Distant Flame 2 Smoke From A Distant Flame 2
6Halfway To The Afterlife (My Midnight Outtake) Halfway To The Afterlife
7Don't Be Afraid (My Midnight Outtake) Don't Be Afraid
8The Air That I Breathe The Air That I Breathe
9The Impossible (My Midnight Outtake) The Impossible
10Smoke From A Distant Flame (My Midnight Outtake) Smoke From A Distant Flame
11Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad

Pick Of The Litter

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    Steve Wynn - Pick of the Litter Luftige Folk-Songs für den Frühling [Glitterhouse] Sicherlich eine Veröffentlichung die im Gewitter der stürmischen Veröffentlichungen vor Jahresfrist Gefahr läuft, übersehen zu werden,zumal die CD nur......more>

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