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Pick Of The Litter

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Steve Wynn

Release Date: 1999
Album Notes:

Initially only available only as mailorder through Glitterhouse, or at shows or the fanclub.

A number of out takes from My Midnight, and one, "James River Incident", from Melting in the Dark.

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1My Family (My Midnight Outtake)


These are the same streets that he walked down
These are the same roads that he drove
And these are the ways that he went bad

Just off the highway by Ventura
Blood rolling down by the motel walk
And that's my blood

My family crest is a stranger's blood
But that's not me

I count the times that he chose badly
I count the times that I went wrong
It's not the same

Sometimes I guess that I lose my temper
Hate myself and I curse my name
It's just like him (ch)

Sometimes I think that I'm not human
I wonder why I never cry
And then I know
Blood rolling down from the Chevron station
I know that none of it was mine
And then I know

Pick Of The Litter
2Invisible (My Midnight Outtake)


All the bars have been closed for 47 seconds
I'm leading a parade but nobody's watching
The sun's fast asleep and the moon doesn't care
My blood is like a drink

I'm alone but I'm surrounded by predators and prey
They all turn to butter by the light of day
Nobody sees me as I spread their remains
On my toast in the morning

Late at night when I'm walking down the street
Everybody looks like a ghost or a creep
They can't see me if I can't see me
And they can't see me when I'm

The queen of the jungle writes the law of the land
She writes herself out whenever she can
"Here, drink some of this, trust me
The kingdom is ours"

Pick Of The Litter
3James River Incident (Melting In The Dark Outtake )


after 47 days they left well enough alone
the cops and the reporters have all gone home
all that's left is legend and stories to be told

tired of all the questions, tired of all the calls
tired of explaining myself against the wall
funny how tragedy brings out the best in everyone

standing on the shoreline, burning candles in the rain
i don't want to hear that garbage anymore
watching all the flowers as they're rolling down the james
the dead can rest forever more if the creek don't rise again

love burns brightest all dressed up in black
with summertime just around the bend
you handle your grief and i'll deal with mine
we'll all get along just fine (ch)

after 47 days they left well enough alone
the cops and the reporters have all gone home
all that's left is legend and stories to be told

and i know that they're out there, i know they're watching me
and they wait for me to give myself away
but there's just a few secrets between the river and me (ch)
Pick Of The Litter
4Ladies And Gentlemen (My Midnight Outtake)


Ladies and gentlement
The show has been postponed
There's nothing to look at now
You can all go home
You know that these kinds of things
Happen all the time
Exit to your left
In an orderly line

All alone in the center ring
Just like real life

Are you ready for
A list of our coming events
We've got some shows for you
Under the canvas tent
What you've seen tonight
Should not break the spell
You can all come back free
If you promise not to tell (ch)

I think you all should know
The clown has lost his will
Come see us afterwords
And we'll pick up the bill
Ah, you're laughing now
that's what the show is for
Leave us your name and number
As you pass the door
Pick Of The Litter
5Smoke From A Distant Flame 2 Pick Of The Litter
6Halfway To The Afterlife (My Midnight Outtake)


i don't like this masquerade
i want to rip the walls and shades
candlelight to cut the night
a midnight vigil fades to white


hold on, look around
the show's already started now
stand back, look right
halfway to the afterlife

sifting through the wreckage now
it's all been tampered anyhow
grounded by an alibi
this flesh is cracked, these wings won't fly (ch)

i will swim against the tide
in endless haste to crawl inside
throw the paint against the wall
track the colors as they fall (ch)
Pick Of The Litter
7Don't Be Afraid (My Midnight Outtake)


Sat me down at the foot of the bed
Said you can do whatever's in your head
I watched like it was a movie show
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid

They were just like swimmers in a pond
White on white, blond against blond
I had questions but I kept them to myself
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid

Funny how years can do what they might
And change meaning and memories alike
I've got a million explanations for
Every minute in my life

I saw things that I'd never seen before
After a while I started to get bored
I was only 12 at the time
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid

Later on we all went out to eat
The night was wet and the food was sweet
No one talked, nothing was said
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid

Pick Of The Litter
8The Air That I Breathe Pick Of The Litter
9The Impossible (My Midnight Outtake)


What's up with that shit?
You should get with it
You know you bore me
When you ignore me
Cold shivers
Hot lights
I know it
And you show it baby
Last call
Good night
It's time
The impossible

You shouldn't do that
You're gonna get fat
Like a big cat
Say goodnight and that's that

What were you thinking?
You could have been king
You'll end up drinking
And then sinking
Pick Of The Litter
10Smoke From A Distant Flame (My Midnight Outtake)


Here's the part where they lay me down
On the ground, can we roll that back again?
Here's the part where they lay me down
I'm tired now. Can we start tomorrow at ten?

Is that me? Or smoke from a distant flame

Here's the room where it's gonna be, presently
Let me change out of these things.
Here's the clothes that I'm gonna wear if you care
Let me go and clip my wings

Is that me? Or smoke from a distant flame

Where is that rainbow I've been waiting for?
When is heaven gonna open up the door and let me in?
Like smoke from a distant flame

Here it is, do you wanna see if it's me?
I really don't mind if you do
Here I am with a different name like a game
If it makes it better for you

Is that me? Or smoke from a different flame
Pick Of The Litter
11Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad Pick Of The Litter
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Pick Of The Litter

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