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My Midnight

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Steve Wynn

Release Date: 1999
Album Notes:

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Steve Wynn describes it as a "once in a lifetime session. A rare situation where the best players convene on the right material in the right setting at the right time".

For five days last November Steve set up camp at Water Music in Hoboken, New Jersey with guitarist Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine, Pullman), bass guitarist Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants, Bob Mould), keyboardist Joe McGinty (Psychedelic Furs, Ronnie Spector) and drummer Linda Pitmon (Zuzu's Petals) and along with cooking tremendous meals for each other, watching late-night movies and trading tales from their various storied pasts the crew found time to lay down the 11 new tracks that became 'My Midnight.'

Co-producing the album with Steve Wynn was John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Patti Smith) who also was at the helm for Wynn's last album "Sweetness and Light".

"We literally lived at the studio" says Wynn. "Water Music has apartments right next door and there wasn't much in the way of food or nightlife in the neighborhood so we were all pretty much anchored to the music and to each other for five days."

"But it wasn't an inconvenience. Since everybody on the record plays in a dozen different bands and lives very busy lives this kind of isolation allowed us a chance to relax, focus on the music and get to know each other." He laughs, "It was almost like going to camp. Tony Maimone told me it was the most fun he ever had making a record and coming from someone who has made music for over 20 years that really meant a lot."

Steve concludes "When I hear this album I hear that rare and much-desired occurrence where each player is at the top of his game and communicating effortlessly with each other. It's the reason that all of us got into music and it sometimes takes a session like this to remind us of that possibility and that magic."


Featuring: Chris Brokaw, Linda Pitmon, Tony Maimone and Joe McGinty

Producer: John Agnello

Out takes of this disc appear on Pick of the Litter

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Nothing But The Shell Nothing But The Shell
2My Favorite Game My Favorite Game
3Cats And Dogs Cats And Dogs
4In Your Prime In Your Prime
5Mandy Breakdown Mandy Breakdown
6Lay Of The Land Lay Of The Land
7Out Of This World Out Of This World
8My Midnight My Midnight
9The Mask Of Shame The Mask Of Shame
10We've Been Hanging Out We've Been Hanging Out
11500 Girl Mornings 500 Girl Mornings

My Midnight

  • Boston Phoenix

    by Jonathan Perry /99 Originally printed i the Boston Phoenix, March 1999 Wynn may not have been born in the City, but he makes quintessentially New York music. His lyrics bristle......more>
  • Metro Active

    Steve Wynn packs a wallop on 'My Midnight' By Nicky Baxter MIDWAY THROUGH THE FIRST track on My Midnight, Steve Wynn tosses off a line about Neil Young and Crazy Horse. No......more>
  • CMJ

    Former Dream Syndicate founder Steve Wynn has routinely turned out mature pop gems over his neart-ten year solo career. On his sixth solo album, Wynn broadens his both songwriting skill and maturity. Backed by guitarists Chris Brokaw (Come) and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu), keyboardist Joe McGinty (Psychedelic Furs) and drummer Linda Pitmon (Zuzu's Petals), Wynn maintains much of his rock-based edge. However, on the song "Cats And Dogs," a lighter, cooler pop groove, a la World Party, proves to be a welcome influence. - : CMJ New Music Report Issue: 612 - Apr 05, 1999
  • Sex and Guts Magazine

    The man is as dependable for melodic perfection and sharp emotional response as he is stylistically unpredictable. I await his new records like no one else's for that reason. It's......more>

    Fluorescent is the one you want, the gentle 1994 solo album from this ex-Dream Syndicate frontman, which sounded like everything Dean Wareham was attempting to achieve with his post-Galaxie 500 N.Y.C. band, Luna, but hadn't quite managed back then. For My Midnight, Steve has enlisted the help of Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine) plus assorted minor lo-fi stars to make an album that sometimes haunts in its love for classic, blues-based '60s rock. There's a wonderful, laid-back brass section, too. The fact that Wynn can sound so fresh and untamed on his 16th album is an accomplishment in itself. "Cats and Dogs" has a particularly magical keyboard fill, courtesy of Joe McGinty (Psychedelic Furs). Lovers of the early '80s Californian Paisley Shirt Scene could well dig this.
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    Listening to the new Steve Wynn CD is like running into an old friend you haven't seen in a wile. You notice they have changed, maybe gotten a little older,......more>
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    Litt slemt sagt så kan man kalle godeste hr. Wynn mer en håndverker enn en sann kunstner. Han har vœrt en trofast leverandør av soloplater siden 1990, og like lenge......more>

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