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Northern Aggression
  • Rolling Stone

    In his Eighties band the Dream Syndicate, singer- guitarist Steve Wynn subverted Sixties psychedelia with droning guitars and tangled skeins
  • The Big Takeover

    After nearly three decades in the music business, Steve Wynn once again reaffirms his mastery of straight-up rock & roll

    Jokingly named for the band’s invasion of Richmond to record it, “Northern Aggression’’ is the first album from Steve Wynn

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  • An Interview with Steve Wynn of The Dream Syndicate

    I had the opportunity to ask guitarist/vocalist Steve Wynn of The Dream Syndicate some questions about the upcoming reissue of the band’s 1982 debut masterpiece, The Days of Wine and
  • Steve Wynn Talks Ringo Starr’s Postcards from Paradise

    Don’t expect anything too serious, just be glad that Ringo Starr is still having fun after all these years.
  • Dream Syndicate plays Cleveland

    Steve Wynn, frontman of seminal Los Angeles indie band the Dream Syndicate, has two significant memories of Cleveland from the 1980s. "The first time we drove into Cleveland on tour we

  • Hello Steve, I've following you from the old times in the 80's (from sala universal to Charada including El Sol) ; and given that I'm reaching the 50s this year, I
  • Hi Steve, it is probably unrealistic but will there be any chances to see you live in Singapore in the nearer future? This city really lacks of good music and
  • I have always enjoyed "Boston". Was that song inspired by one event or a compilation of events? I just noticed you will be in Tucson! I got turned on to

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  • 2012-11-12: Oostende, Belgium

    Last night was the first show of my 17-city tour of Belgium with comedian (and my longtime friend) Piv Huvluv. And guess what? It worked. Really well,...more>
  • 2012-10-15: Dream Syndicate Tour Diary

    Funny how these things work out. Early last summer, my friend Mikel Renteria asked me if I would return to play the second annual Walk On Project (WOP) charity festival...more>
  • 2012-04-29: Our Work Here is Done

    Well, that's it. The Dig It Up festival is over. All of the bands have scattered in various directions. Some are still touring. The Hoodoo Gurus,...more>

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  • Why Don't You Just Try Making Music

    There's a story from the filming of “Marathon Man” that I love and often repeat (I hope it's actually true and not just a cinematic urban legend). It
  • Music, Friends, and Good Times: Remembering Bryan Harvey

    I first met Bryan Harvey when he and Johnny Hott moved to LA and played an amazing show at Raji's. They were amazing. I couldn't believe all of the sound
  • Doing a second playlist for Delta Airlines

    ALEX CHILTON -- The Replacements RADIO FREE EUROPE -- REM PLATEAU -- Meat Puppets I HAVE FAITH -- The Dream Syndicate
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