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Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3

Release Date: 2005
Album Notes:

I was hanging out with my band. We're called the Miracle 3. Well, that is, they're called the Miracle 3. I'm called Steve Wynn. Always have been. Anyway, we were hanging out in a diner in the wee hours sometime after one of the 500 or so gigs we'd played together since the 21st Century began. We had already talked about the show, the choice of songs on the radio station, how many orders of fries would do for the table. That kind of stuff. That led us to heavier things like where we would record the next album. Ideas were kicked around. New Orleans, Singapore, Helsinki, Cleveland, my living room.

"Why don't we just go back to Tucson," I asked.

Now, Tucson was where we had made our last couple of albums. And those records--"Here Come the Miracles" and "Static Transmission" respectively--had kicked up a bit of a fuss. They were seen as my--oh, I dunno--fifth or sixth comeback, resuscitation from the dead since I made "The Days of Wine and Roses" with my old band the Dream Syndicate back in 1982. There was gold in them thar hills and I wanted to go back and dig for more. I liked the idea of putting an exclamation point on what would turn out to be some kind of Desert Trilogy.

But if Miracles was cocky, sprawling and swaggering and "Static" was moody, nervous and dangerous, I wanted this one to push the boundaries in a different direction. I wanted this album to be one that separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the faint of heart from their wallets. I wanted to go back into the desert and battle the blinding heat with the dizzying neon glare that we would bring from New York. The Arizona haze short-circuited by the frenzy of a New York minute. Louder, harder, sicker, freakier, more hopped up on goofballs than what we had done before. I wanted this record in a way that, well in a way that we had been doing on various stages for the previous few years.

And that was that. Ten days in Tucson just like the last few times. The eternal search for the perfect goat taco, going head to head with co-producer Craig Schumacher in his personal playpen of forgotten gear aka Wavelab Studios. And we got what we wanted--a direct translation of the sounds and heat and chemistry and tension and occasional release that four people can reach when they've shared vans, stages, hotels, thoughts and memories for four years. This record was US. This was OUR MUSIC. This is the Miracle 3. No guests, no ringers, nobody hidden behind the screen (aside from my buddy and crime writer extroardinaire George Pelecanos who makes his songwriting debut as the lyricist of "Cindy, It Was Always You.")

And the title? Well, I wanted to convey the sensation of post-millenium panic, of a clock ticking and of a furious, unsettling race against time. I think that the songs and performances all reflect the frenzy and exhilaration of behavior modifications that occur when you have your eyes on the second hand and your hands on the volume controls of an Ampeg Reverbrocket amplifier, a rock and roll arms race of sorts. Me, I don't bother with time or looking at the clock. It only slows me down.

Steve Wynn


The third release in the "Desert Session" trilogy, folllowing the critically acclaimed Here Come The Miracles and Static Transmission.

the Miracle 3 :
Linda Pitmon : Drums
Dave DeCastro : Bass
Jason Victor : Guitar

European release date : Oct 10, 2005
US release date : January 24, 2006

Item 1: cd
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My head just isn't right
I sleep an hour every night
The rest is only fits and starts
It's tearing me apart
Curled in the sheets
Burned by the heat
That's what I need
To slow down the speed

The bed is smoking like a furnace
My head begins to turn, it's
Like a big weight
Dragging me down
Please baby please baby
Down on my knees baby
Sometimes the cure
Is worse than the disease baby

Oh, why am I wired this way?
Every time I try to check it
Something comes along to wreck it

You really want to sing the blues?
Well, go and watch the evening news
The rest is only neuroses, psychoses
Holy moses!
2Cindy, It Was Always You


It's dark an the street tonight
It's dark in my room
I've been thinking about you again
It happens after one or two

You know I had that girl Leona first
She was your best friend
Since that niglht I saw you in that bar
It was you I had to have in my bed

Cindy, it was always you
It was you I wanted, too
Now you leave me haunted

There were times I had leona
I was giving her my best
It was her I blew up into
It was you I kissed

I used to be afraid when the lights went out
Now I welcome what I can't see
Wherever you go. you know I'll be there, too
I'll have you eventually (ch)

3Freak Star


Came on like a force of nature
Sparked by unnatural desires
Getting closer all the time
I brace myself but cannot read the signs

He was calling on the radio
Begging you to turn away
I saw something in your eyes
That told me common sense was not a game you play

Freak star, how I wonder where you are
Freak star, how I wonder what you are

Everybody talks about your appetite
But hunger drives and set you free
Justifying desperate measures coming down
And these are desperate times for you and me

He was calling on the radio
Begging you to take it slow
For you it was just a sign
That you would not have to go away

4Killing Me


Bobby did a line from the back of his hand
And he pushed the pedal down
I was in the back with a bag of chips
Wondering who was still around

Bobby hit the lock, he made damn sure
I couldn't get to the door
Child-proof, Red Roof, rear-view mirror
I passed out on the floor

I'm in the back
In a burlap sack
Near the county line
I wasn't cursed
Like Patty Hearst
Lord, do your worst

You're killing me
5The Deep End


Only time will tell if the waves
Will cover me or let me go
Drunk on time and lavender foam
I was always so afraid to know

It's more than sink or swim
I'd rather not go in
The deep end

Endless sea that stretches out,
Orion's belt holds me back
From my point of view, everything is possible.
I separate fantasy from fact (ch)

I was always so entranced
By the push and pull of the tide
I was always so afraid of the undertow that would come
And bury me inside

In my final moments, I forget to breathe
And sink beneath the surface without shame
In my final moments as I held my breath, I knew
That nothing would ever be the same

6Turning Of The Tide


If your hands begin to sweat
And your eyes are getting weak
You stumble when you walk
And you stammer when you speak

Don't be afraid
It's just the turning af the tide

If you find the things you know
Are coming out like lies
And the friends who held you up
Are bringing you down to size

Don't be afraid
It's just the turning af the tide

If I can offer you suggestion ar advice
You might not want to make any plans
For a little while
Don't be afraid
It's just the turning of the tide

If the ones you love
Have turned their backs and shut you down
Your hands are pulling in the grass
And your face is in the ground

Don't be afraid
It's just he turning of the tide


Bloodshot, tired and torn opart
I'm at my best when I con barely start
I fall down easy but I get up slow
I really, really hope that the bruises don't show

Cut mysetf and I tasted my blood
Dragged my name right through the mud
I fall down easy but I get up slow
I really, really hope that the bruises don't show

If I came to you late at night
Would you answer to my call
I can't do anything to make it all right
This is how you learn to fall

Cracked my skull and I hit the floar
I don't want to talk about it any more
I fall down easy but I get up slow
I really, really hope that the bruises don't show
8Your Secret


Didn't have to do it but you did
Sometimes it pays to keep your feelings hid
You didn't seem the type to come around but that's destiny
It all comes down to chance, your secret's safe with me

It's funny the things that last when all is said and done
The sun shows through the curtain, spotlight on everyone
But if there is a God he's overworked and never free
It's like an honor system, your secret's safe with me

And everytime the music fades, I hear the siren's call
Smashed against the rocks and thrown against the wall
Which hand holds the coin, take your time and count to three
Both my hands are empty, your secret's safe with me

9Wild Mercury


Maybe I shouldn't have called so late on the telephone
I guess I should have learned when to leave well enough alone
But I ride at a level that keeps me charged all of the time
You know I'd take it down if I could

Ride the light
Nobody can see
Eyes on fire
Rising with the mercury
Wild mercury

I speak before I think, that's the way it's always been with me
And I'm smarter when I drink, that's something anybody can see
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna know you now
But I don't know where or how

Shot like light, blood coursing through my veins
And I ride so hard coming down like wreckage from the airplane
I light up like a rocket and I flame out just as hard
And I still have yet to play my best card
10All The Squares Go Home


She's not afraid of petty sin
Lights out, baby, let's do it again
On our own when all the squares go home

Down on the beach, the bonfire's blazing
The booze is gone but the smoke is amazing
On our own when all the squares go home

Got enough sugar, I can kill the pain
Keep it laid down until we do it again
Don't you wish that you could feel this good someday?

Let's get lost, we'll dig a little hole
We'll lie inside and lose control
Throw me a bone when all the squares go home
11No Tomorrow


She said, "When it all came tumbling down
I was frozen. I was ripped to the core.
I thought about everything I had learned
And how I didn't want to learn nothing anymore."

Ain't that just like you?
Shining all the lights on yourself
Ain't that just like you
Firing all your guns at once until you fade away

She said, "When all my leaders started lying to me
I was shattered. It just didn't make sense.
I started drinking and my life got worse
And I knew it was more than coincidence." (ch)

"I can't breathe but I can't leave.
I'm a slave to the grave that I dug for myself
I want to go where the lights aren't shining on me.
I'll crawl in a hole and fade away."

Part Two

Now you say the end is near
Well, I've been hearing that for years
The shaking followed by the tears
Anger and then shifting gears
And if the world must end,
There's no need to pretend.
I want to love you like there's no tomorrow

Oh, my sweet catastrophe
Is this the way it has to be
Locked away by house arrest
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    Skivorna Here come the miracles och Static transmission göt båda nytt liv i Steve Wynns karriÄr så varför mixtra med en fungerande formel? Och ?tick?tick?tick fullbordar trilogin. NÄr Wynn drev bandet Dream Syndicate var det mycket Velvet Underground och Neil Young med i mixen. Steve och hans Miracle 3 larmar också på bra nÄr det krÄvs. Det Är rock som Är gjord för att strÄckas ut. Efter mer Än tjugo års konstant musicerande vet Steve Wynn vÄldigt vÄl hur han ska göra för att få sin rockmusik att brisera. Att lyssna på Steve Wynns skivor Är lite som att springa på någon gammal kompis från förr. Man kanske inte har saknat honom direkt, men man blir alltid lite varm i hjÄrtat av mötet.

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