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Take Your Flunky And Dangle

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Steve Wynn

Release Date: 1994


Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Animation Animation
2Gospel 1 Gospel 1
3How's My Little Girl How's My Little Girl
4Counting The Days Counting The Days
5The Subject Was Roses The Subject Was Roses
6Closer Closer
7The Woodshed Blues The Woodshed Blues
8The Boxing Song The Boxing Song
10Gospel 2 Gospel 2
11It Only Comes Out At Night It Only Comes Out At Night

Take Your Flunky And Dangle


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2015-09-04 Austin, TX
2015-09-05 Austin, TX
2015-10-07 Lisbon, Portugal
2015-10-08 Madrid, Spain
2015-10-12 Zaragoza, Spain
2015-10-13 Barcelona, Spain
2015-10-14 Vitoria, Spain
2015-10-15 Ourense, Spain
2015-10-28 Belgrade, Serbia
2015-10-29 Novi Sad, Serbia
2015-11-01 Rotterdam, Netherlands
2015-11-03 Amsterdam, Netherlands
2015-11-04 Rijkvorset, Belgium
2015-11-13 Oslo, Norway
2015-11-14 Egersund, Norway
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