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Smack Dab

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Smack Dab

Release Date: 2007
Album Notes:

Written and recorded in Spain in 2005.

Smack Dab is the collaboration of Steve Wynn, Paco Loco and Linda Pitmon.

Paco and Steve worked before on 2001's Momento album and this record.

Was released only in Spain.

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1I'm Not Listening


Once I was dazzled by the sparkle in your eyes until I was blind
Fell right in, threw caution to the wind and ignored the signs
Now the dust has settled and I can see but can't believe me eyes
You're back at my door, begging for more but I'm not hypnotized

Say that you love me
Say that you need me
Say that you want me
But I'm not listening

Once I believed that forever was the time that I could spend with you
And if there was a life beyond"well, I could do that too
But now the spell has broken, reality has spoken and I'm so amazed
Forever came today. I'm finding my way through the smoke and haze (CH)

Will someone shine a light on the fool who believes this was paradise
Kisses fade and what remains is only lies
If you need an explanation and someone to blame, well there's the wall
Say what you want on my behalf, I won't be there at all (CH)

Smack Dab


And nervous
I trip
The light switch
And gorgeous

My life is big enough
I complete me

From the flock
Drip Drip
Crank (CH)
At straws
Sweat stained

Smack Dab
3Super 8


Truth or dare and seconal
White wine and that's not all!
Tonight let's thread the reel to reel
Super 8 projects it all
Memories we can't recall
I've frozen time and now it's mine

Why are you so in love with everything that brings you down?
I don't mean to be so bold"it's not the greatest story ever told

Down at Venice Beach we wait for something barely out of reach
This is our endless summer. We lost our minds and found each other

Smack Dab
4Free Love


Why'd you have to bum my high?
Came on like some other guy
I barely knew you
I saw right through you

Can't be bothered with the chains
Locked up tight"bored, restrained
Show me where
It says I have to care

My old lady has it right
We're together almost every night
Free Love

Dennis Wilson says "hello"
Sorry that he had to go
Bummed out and annoyed
That crazy surfer boy

All the dudes have big ideas
All the dogs are filled with fleas
I'm just getting high
Wasted on the morning sky

My old man has got it made
Never has to feel afraid
Free Love

Smack Dab
5My Cross To Bear


Jeremiah came down from the mountain
With a suitcase and staff
Opened a car wash outside of Detroit
And it closed in a month and a half

Everyone says it was bad luck
But I think there was something more there
Jeremiah says it always goes down like that
But it's just my cross to bear

Mine has been a slide of biblical proportion and size
Like the fall of Babylon but only half as nice

Sylvia walked like a leper
On steroids and diet pills
She was my Neil Young
And I was her Stephen Stills

You may have imagined the ending
But it caught me unawares
They say I don't mix well with others
But it's just my cross to bear (CH)

There's a place by San Vicente
Where we all congregate
The rum and coke is a buck and a half
And the bar stays open late

Sometimes I get drunk, sometimes I get ruined
Either way I don't care
I should be taking names and numbers
But it's just my cross to bear.

Smack Dab
6Kickstart My Jackknife


Black soul won't get me on the radio
Stripped gears on the back of a loading dock
Dime bag on a Samsonite afterlife
Drop down. Kickstart my jackknife

Mezcal tape loop on the motorway
Hot lust, rush hour straightaway
I scratch and claw against the midwife
Drop down. Kickstart My jackknife

Gonna take my chops along the way
Lay them down wherever they may
I'm gonna drop my shit and run
So hard when the revolution comes

Hard knocks, up on blocks
On the front yard I heard the talk
Baby, I'm a pistol. Baby I'm a whip
You think you know me
But I'm a trip (CH)

Smack Dab
7The Hollywood Sign


Second floor duplex on Melrose and Genessee
What's your name, who's your agent. Is he rich like me?

Last years' name is this year's swinging vine
Back page obit. Two columns"nice fit
Swinging like the gallows from the Hollywood sign

B-girl milkshake, surfer boy beefcake
Bit part, union pay. Doubles as a PA

Candy from a baby, so serpentine
So hard to swallow, another one will follow
Climbing up the backside of the Hollywood Sign

Looks like Jane Fonda on the back of my Honda
Stunt boy, big trouble. Blowing like a big bubble

Smack Dab
8Smack Dab


You've got it wrong
We've got it right
A little to the left with all of your might
But we can't see straight
Because we're Smack Dab in it

It all seemed
So simple, didn't it?
Now we've done the deed, the rest is history
And we can't take it back
Because we're Smack Dab in it

We're stuck in the middle again
Seems like we're bound for a little zen
Because it seems like we're on it
Deep in it's more like it
Smack Dab in the middle again

Circle the truth
Think you can fool them
Ruthless in love, slightly above
Well, it's hard to see
When you're Smack Dab in it (CH)

Daylight never fades
The bulb is burning bright
False sense of timing
This could be your night
Put your hands in mine
Because we're Smack Dab in it.

Smack Dab
9Smack Dab Attack Smack Dab
10Never Been To Spain Smack Dab
11Lavender Foam


Only time will tell if the waves
Will cover me or let me go
Drunk on time and lavender foam
I was always so afraid to know

It's more than sink or swim
I'd rather not go in
The deep end

Endless sea that stretches out,
Orion's belt holds me back
From my point of view, everything is possible.
I separate fantasy from fact (ch)

I was always so entranced
By the push and pull of the tide
I was always so afraid of the undertow that would come
And bury me inside

In my final moments, I forget to breathe
And sink beneath the surface without shame
In my final moments as I held my breath, I knew
That nothing would ever be the same (ch)

Smack Dab
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