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  • The Grapefruit League Tour

    The Grapefruit League Tour

    Anybody else going to be in Florida in March?

    Come on down and take some batting practice with us. But don't sprain an oblique.

    posted: 2016-02-27

  • Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn makes good in Norway

    You’ve been spending a lot of time in Oslo. How did you get associated with “Dag”? “Dag” is a dark comedy about a misanthropic couples counselor who is well-curated in impeccable music taste. And the one piece of art on his wall is a cover of “Days of Wine and Roses” by The Dream Syndicate. So it seemed like amore
    posted: 2016-02-11


    Well, that was fast. 2015 was an exciting, whirlwind blur. About 100 shows in all—two European runs of the Solo! Electric! machine (about 50 shows) and three US tours with the Baseball Project (adding up to around 30) as well as a few here and there with the Miracle 3 closer to home. And then there was the Summer Of Dag—scoring the 4th season of my favorite TV series, the Norwegian comedic saga of a misanthropic, acerbic marriage counselor. It was a new skill, mostly learned on the fly but I hope I get a chance to do it more often in the future.

    Oh, and the year ended with the one and only 2015 show by The Dream Syndicate in 2015—in Richmond, Virginia just a few weeks ago. And about 12 hours after walking off stage we went into the studio to make our first album since 1988. We're all pretty thrilled with the results. I'm not going to say too much except that it's very much in keeping with What We Were as well as What We Might Have Become with some surprises, both big and small. I hope that we get it out in the 2nd half of 2016. Stay tuned.

    Ah, 2016. Don't know if I'll hit triple figures on live shows again but I might not have forecasted that in 2015 either. I do know that I'll be down at the Todos Santos Music Festival in January for the fifth year in a row. And I'll be doing some gigs on the West Coast in February as well as another Solo! Electric! (sorry, I kinda dig those exclamation points) over in Europe in April (dates announced next month).

    And finally, big thanks to dg at Rexruff, our patron saint of the website for revamping the entire digital store at More titles and higher bit rate are available now for your listening pleasure including Solo! Electric Volume 1 and Up There: Home recordings 2000 to 2008 for only $5 Bucks each. Hoping for more treats and updates on the site as well so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

    Big big thanks to all of you, everyone who came to any of those 100 gigs, anyone who had a hand in putting them on, everyone at Yep Roc, Blue Rose, Belmont Bookings and Raji World as well as the Dag team and anyone who joined me on stage or in the studio this year. It's been one of my favorite years. Let's see what comes next.

    Jackson Heights, NY

    posted: 2015-12-30

  • Reunited Dream Syndicate to Strange Matter

    Richmond is like a second home to Steve Wynn. “I’ve always felt a real connection to the place,” says the guitarist and songwriter based in New York City’s Queens borough.Not only did Wynn’s influential ’80s band, the Dream Syndicate, perform often in area venues like Twisters and Flood Zone back in the day, he’s got a lot of friends here.more
    posted: 2015-12-01
  • The Days of Wine and Roses


    Read Steve's notes on the reissue

    posted: 2015-06-09

  • Reissue of The Days and Wine and Roses

    From an article by Elizabeth Klisiewicz at The Big Takeover:

    I had the opportunity to ask guitarist/vocalist Steve Wynn of The Dream Syndicate some questions about the upcoming reissue of the band’s 1982 debut masterpiece, The Days of Wine and Roses. They sounded so far ahead of their time back in those dark musical days when only the punk and new wave scenes offered any hope for listeners turned off by disco, bad metal, and hair bands. The album, which I reviewed recently, sounds as fresh today as it did back then. As a long time fan of the band, I was thrilled for this chance to interview a musical legend. Read more >>

    posted: 2015-05-17

  • Solo

    I don't go out for a solo tour with just an electric guitar and an amplifier every day. Wait - infact, I've NEVER done it before. So, to commemorate my upcoming European solo electric tour, I've pressed up this very limited and numbered (500 copies) CD that I'll have with me along the way. I've chosen some songs that I rarely play as well as a few old favorites, all tunes that seemed to work well in this format. I'm sure there will be many others played and added along the way but this collection gives a pretty good picture of what I'll be doing night to night across the continent.

    The front cover is a hand drawn self-portrait of sorts but the inside panel of the digipack is left intentionally blank so that I can draw a new Instant Alternate Cover each night, right there on the spot at the merch table. I'll bring the Sharpies.


    I hope that many of you can make it out at some point along the way. It will be a brand new adventure every night!

    posted: 2015-02-10

  • Happy New Year!


    Happy New Year, everyone. I'm writing this from my home in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, USA, The World. And I emphasize that last part of my personal address. Food from Tibet, Thailand, Columbia, Mexico, India, Ecuador and more beckon from just around the corner. The tiny, bustling and always enticing Terraza 7 club last night featured a Cuban-tinged jazz combo that I watched from beneath the metal grating catwalk on which they played over a bar that was doling out bright red rum concoctions. There's a sense around here of constant travel without straying too far from home.

    It's good to be home but it's also good to be on the move.

    And there was a lot of movement in 2014. I did more shows with The Baseball Project than any year before and it was also the most active year for The Dream Syndicate since we reunited a couple of years ago. There weren't much in the way of solo shows - a few down at South By Southwest, a few more locally - but that will change in the coming months.

    First off, I'll be doing some shows this week opening for Ian Hunter in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Juan Capistrano. Just me, an acoustic guitar and my old pal Robert Lloyd adding commentary on mandolin and accordion. And then down below the border for my fourth visit to the Todos Santos Music Festival. I'll be mixing and matching with various pals (mostly from The Baseball Project) during 10 days of gigs that will also include The Jayhawks, Old '97s, M. Ward, Conor Oberst, the Drive By Truckers, Kev'n Kinney and more.

    From there it's over to Oslo where I'll be working on music for the fourth season of Dag, easily my favorite show on TV. And that's an unfair tease since, unless you live in Norway, it's impossible to see (I got my subtitled copy of the DVD from the director Øystein Karlsen who used some of my songs in earlier seasons). But it will hopefully get released or maybe even remade here in the States sometime soon so you all can check it out. It's a well-written dark comedy about a misanthropic, agoraphobic couples counselor. And I've been brought on to supply the bulk of the music for the current season. It will be cold, dark and, hence, very productive in Norway in late January.

    And then back home to get ready for my upcoming Solo, Electric (words capitalized since it's not only the description but the name of the tour) of Europe in February and March. I'm just finishing a tour-only CD of some of the songs I'll be playing on the tour - there will be only 500 copies and each will have original and unique artwork. But more about that later. I'm excited about the tour since it will give me the chance to revisit and reconfigure old tunes in a new setting.

    And then? Back home for a Baseball Project spring training tour in Florida with more dates for the band coming in May. And sometime next year I'll be in the studio with The Dream Syndicate for the first time since 1988. Oh, and a new solo record as well.

    But for now? The suitcase will stay in the closet for a few hours more. There are Himalayan snacks down the street and movies to rent. I hope to see you all soon.

    Brooklyn, NY

    posted: 2015-01-06

  • The Dream Syndicate US Tour

    The Dream Syndicate US Tour

    Hi Everyone,
    The Dream Syndicate US tour begins this week.
    Five cities--over the course of 2 months. Hey, after a 25 year layoff, it's nice to take your time.
    First up - Portland's Doug Fir on Friday and Seattle's Bumbershoot on Sunday with Atlanta, Brooklyn and LA just down the road.
    If we're in your town, come on down. If not, pack your bags. We'll make it worth your while. We promise.

    • August 29 Portland, OR Doug Fir
    • August 31 Seattle, WA Bumbershoot
    • Sept 26, 27 Atlanta, GA The Earl
    • November 15 Brooklyn, NY Rough Trade
    • November 22 Los Angeles, CA Echoplex

    posted: 2014-08-25

  • Pop Matters

    These 10 songs comprise as strong a collection of music as any Wynn has recorded since fronting Dream Syndicate. more
    posted: 2014-08-13
  • Sketches in Spain

    Steve Wynn Sketches in Spain

    Hi Everyone, I'm really excited that Omnivore Records is putting out the 2 records I made with Spanish producer Paco Loco in 2000 and 2006. Some of you already know about these records and have them in your collection. But since they were only released in Spain, they're still mostly well kept secrets in the rest of the world. Hopefully that will change when Omnivore releases them as a single remastered disc in the US today.

    Read more about the release
    posted: 2014-07-01

  • Steve Wynn Shares His Musical Memories

    Steve Wynn has been a busy guy of late. Not only has he revived Paisley Underground legends the Dream Syndicate, he's doing double duty taking the field in the all-star unit known as the Baseball Project. When we had Wynn on the phone recently to talk about the Dream Syndicate jamming with Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones as well asmore
    posted: 2014-04-10
  • A Chat with the Dream Syndicate

    Young bands on their way up in a local music scene can have a kind of ego and brash self-assuredness that in the right group and in the right hands can be very appealing and a lot of fun to watch on stage.It helps when they can back it up by making great music.The Dream Syndicate had just formed asmore
    posted: 2014-02-26
  • Dream Syndicated interview

    Steve Wynn is bringing the Dream Syndicate back at a time when the band's primary inspiration is being eulogized. "When Lou Reed died (on Oct. 27), I was depressed and stunned," Wynn says. "I spent the first year of my musical life being compared to him, and fighting that, but I realized later it was an honor. It meant amore
    posted: 2013-11-21
  • Dream Syndicate plays Cleveland

    Steve Wynn, frontman of seminal Los Angeles indie band the Dream Syndicate, has two significant memories of Cleveland from the 1980s."The first time we drove into Cleveland on tour we had this really great experience," says Wynn, calling from his home in New York City. "We had the radio on WMMS and we just happened to hear our song 'That'smore
    posted: 2013-11-19
  • For the rockers of the Baseball Project, it's all about the game

    There is, they say, nothing more terrifying to a writer than the blank page. Steve Wynn knows this, and the solo artist and onetime frontman for semi-legendary 1980s jangle-poppers the Dream Syndicate appreciates how easy he's got it with the Baseball Project."It's a great band to write for because everything is very definable," says Wynn. "When you have your band,more
    posted: 2012-07-05
  • Steve Wynn at Bowery Electric

    Rumpled old set lists, handwritten in ballpoint pen, are the true collector's items; the neat printouts in big BLOCK LETTERS can come from anywhere. But people scoop them up after gigs, all the same. And to anyone privileged enough to stand by the foot of the stage before the show starts, printed set lists are a double-edged sword: Sure, youmore
    posted: 2012-07-01
  • Dream Syndicate Reforms for 30th Anniversary of The Days of Wine and Roses

    Steve Wynn of Steve Wynn & Miracle 3, and The Baseball Project has just announced a temporary reformation of his first successful band - The Dream Syndicate - for a short tour commemorating the 30th Anniversary of their seminal album The Days of Wine and Roses.Hard to believe that it's been that long since that album was released, although Stevemore
    posted: 2012-06-28
  • L.A. Times Music Blog

    Steve Wynn's amalgam of Lou Reed's streetwise brashness, Neil Young's openheartedness and Bob Dylan's oblique poetry is pretty hard to resist, and who'd want to try?L.A.'s veteran indie rocker is on a tear in his third outing with the up-for-anything Miracle 3 — guitarist Jason Victor, drummer Linda Pitmon and bassist Dave DeCastro — fusing Wynn's penchant for Americana rock,more
    posted: 2011-11-30
  • Phoenix New Times

    Sorry I ever doubted you, Steve. Like a lot of folks, I sure did love the first couple of Dream Syndicate records, especially the iconic Days of Wine and Roses, a record that may have summed up American indie rock (of course, it wasn't called that back then) in the early 1980s better than any other.But I all but ignoredmore
    posted: 2011-11-29
  • The Big Takeover

    After nearly three decades in the music business, Steve Wynn once again reaffirms his mastery of straight-up rock & roll on Northern Aggression, his latest LP with the Miracle 3. The former leader of the Dream Syndicate doesn’t push any envelopes when it comes to writing or arrangements no jazz chords or tricky time signatures or genre-fucking here. Butmore
    posted: 2011-11-18
  • Relevant

    Das "Chelsea" in Wien, das Kölner "Blue Shell" oder das "Knust" in Hamburg: Kleine Clubs, in denen Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 auftreten, sind die typische Umgebung für Nischen- und Kultkünstler. Der 50-Jährige und seine drei Mitstreiter werden dort auch in diesem November (Tourneestart: 6.11.) vor einigen hundert Leuten zwei Stunden lang aus Gitarren, Bass und Schlagzeug alles herausholen."Diemore
    posted: 2011-11-11

    On paper, the idea sounds questionable: four rock vets with more than 100 years of tenure among them knocking out original power-pop songs about baseball. But the Baseball Project works.“You do this kind of stuff all the time — getting together with other musicians and vowing to do this record or that tour and then getting sidetracked for years,’’ Wynnmore
    posted: 2011-04-01
  • AOL Music

    Click link above for Video interview with Steve and Scottmore
    posted: 2011-04-01
  • The Bulletin

    With the 2011 Major League Baseball season kicking off this week and temperatures warming up in Bend, this is an ideal time to talk about The Baseball Project, a pop-rock supergroup coming to Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom on Thursday (see “If you go”).The concept is simple: Four veteran musicians (three underground, one not so much) play catchy songs thatmore
    posted: 2011-04-01
  • Detroit Free Press

    Mark Fidrych is being celebrated in the nostalgic new song "1976," which recounts the former Tigers pitcher's fabled rookie year -- the song's title -- and his death in 2009.The track appears on "Volume Two: High and Inside," the second album from the Baseball Project, a group made up of alternative rockers who share a love for America's pastime. Themore
    posted: 2011-03-30
  • Chart Attack

    Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5), Steve Wynn (The Dream Syndicate, Gutterball), Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Linda Pitmon (Zuzu's Petals, Golden Smog) return for another album full of great songs about baseball. It may fall a run short of the 2008  Volume 1: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails debut LP, but this team's combination of talent, passion, knowledgemore
    posted: 2011-03-30

Steve's Tour Diary

  • Oostende, Belgium

    2012-11-12: Last night was the first show of my 17-city tour of Belgium with comedian (and my longtime friend) Piv Huvluv. And guess what? It worked. Really well, in fact. It's almost like we were somehow combining Vaudeville and the United Nations. He did his very funny comedy routine (click here to see clip--it's even funnymore
  • Dream Syndicate Tour Diary

    2012-10-15: Funny how these things work out. Early last summer, my friend Mikel Renteria asked me if I would return to play the second annual Walk On Project (WOP) charity festival that he was putting together in Bilbao. I had a great time there last summer and he raised a lot of money for his cause so I was definitely upmore
  • Our Work Here is Done

    2012-04-29: Well, that's it. The Dig It Up festival is over. All of the bands have scattered in various directions. Some are still touring. The Hoodoo Gurus, Redd Kross and Fleshtones played in Perth last night. But Linda and I remain, like some stubborn settlers, holding firm on our new land like settlers here in timesmore
  • Southern Aggression

    2012-04-25: It's good to take some time and look at the map of Australia. Everybody open your textbooks to page 32. Very good. Notice how a 2-city tour of this country (and both of my tours of this country have indeed been limited to the two biggest cities), firmly places you in a pretty small quadrant, name themore
  • Battle of the Bands, Indeed

    2012-04-23: I will say this for the Hoodoo Gurus. They really put together a festival of bands that know how to put on a live show. There are many bands who are great on record (and plenty more that aren't) who don't know what to do once they hit the stage. But it seems that every band onmore
  • The Cure For Jet Lag

    2012-04-21: And, really, there are many ways to adapt to a new environment and time zone. I've always chosen to just hit the ground running, spit in the face of chemistry and immediately bend to the new reality. We're staying in a neighborhood of Sydney called Surrey Hill on what my pal Robyn Hitchcock would call the "groover's strip,"more
  • Somewhere Over the Pacific Ocean

    2012-04-20: The last time I toured Australia was back in 1986. I was in the Dream Syndicate and we had just finished a tour of Europe which meant our flight from London to Melbourne was a whopping 27 hours (with stops in Dubai and Malaysia). 27 hours! As at least a few members of our band found out,more
  • Bowery, Buckfest and other Surprises

    2011-11-30: Bowery ElectricSteve Wynn & The Miracle 3 | New York City | Friday, December 2 - 9pmYes, I'm writing my own concert preview. It must be the retired rock critic in me (--granted, I haven't been a rock critic since I was 19, but you have to stay in shape). Nonetheless, the Miracle 3 and I don't playmore
  • Battling the Elements--The Road to New London

    2011-08-25: It's easy to talk about The Baseball Project using metaphors from the game itself. We had a Spring Training tour last March, a regular season tour in May and now it's time to embark on--what else?--our Pennant Race tour. Yes, six months after the release of "High and Inside" and about 60 gigs into 2011 and we're stillmore
  • The Road to Madison (first pitch, final shows)

    2011-06-10: There's nothing like celebrating a birthday on the road. The party is right there and waiting for you. You're with your pals, you're in a bar, you get to play some music and strangers will make a fuss over you. And that was the story on Wednesday for Linda as she rang in a new year inmore

Other Writing from Steve

  • Steve Wynn Talks Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Hypnotic Eye

    July 2014: After 35 years, you might think you have Tom Petty figured out, but this portrait of modern malaise is worth spending time with.You put together a long, productive career and catalogue and eventually every new release comes down to some variation on your past. Every release is reduced to either "a return to form," meaning you hit the mark ofmore
  • Why Don't You Just Try Making Music

    July 2008: There's a story from the filming of "Marathon Man" that I love and often repeat (I hope it's actually true and not just a cinematic urban legend). It seems that Dustin Hoffman was in the process of trying any method acting trick he could come up with to get inside his character. He stayed up for threemore
  • Music, Friends, and Good Times: Remembering Bryan Harvey

    January 2005: I first met Bryan Harvey when he and Johnny Hott moved to LA and played an amazing show at Raji's. They were amazing. I couldn't believe all of the sound and energy and fury that came from just two people. I was instantly a fan and would not have imagined that I would eventually be in a band with them.Imore
  • Doing a second playlist for Delta Airlines

    September 2002: ALEX CHILTON -- The Replacements RADIO FREE EUROPE -- REM PLATEAU -- Meat Puppets I HAVE FAITH -- The Dream Syndicate LOS ANGELES -- X MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL -- Hüsker Dü BLISTER IN THE SUN -- Violent Femmesmore
  • Doing a playlist for Delta Airlines

    September 2002: When the programming director for Delta Airlines in-flight radio and magazine contacted me to host an hour-long show about anything I chose, I wasn't at a loss for ideas. I was a DJ when I was in college (and still dabble now and then--have me up to your station when I come to town!) and this kind of stuff ismore
  • 72 Hours in New York City

    September 2001: Hi Everybody, I have been so touched and grateful to receive letters from so many of you asking to see if the band and I are okay. I am thankful to say that, for the most part, this horrible tragedy hasnít directly hit us or our families but as citizens of New York, themore
  • On Signing the National Anthem

    May 1992: Lets face it's a lousy song.The melody -- singable by possiby .01% of the population -- careens around aimlessly like your Uncle Jerry after a few dips in the Christmas punchbowl. The words suggests that the best thing to say about this country is that we kick butt on the battlefield.How did we get stuck with an anthem asmore