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Australian Blonde Featuring Steve Wynn

Release Date: 2000
Album Notes: Steve Wynn collaboration with Spanish Australian Blonde. Steve did most of the lyrics and most of the singing, as well as writing one new tune. Linda Pitmon of the Miracle Three adds vocals on one track
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The first to notice was the old man down at La Rosita
Serving up arroz con pollo on a paper plate
He said 'I barely recognize you, what have you done.'
You don't look different but you look great

There was a dark cloud that was hanging over me
And then that dark cloud moved inside my head
Like a zombie I would stumble down the avenue
Moving like the living dead

Suddenly everything has changed
Suddenly everything is coming my way

I watch the boats roll down the Hudson
Binoculars and a shot of Cutty Sark
We live the way we want to dram we live
Playing tricks long after dark

2The King Of Riverside Park


The crack of dawn finds me all alone
Still awake and flying high
And when there's no one else around
I know it all belongs to me

All of the colors change before my eyes
Black turns to gold and then to blue
And all the suits and all the coffee cups
Are still an hour away

This is my life
Nothing gonna bring me down
I'm the King of Riverside Park

And if you see me sleeping on the grass
As you make your way to work
You may bow, you may pay your respects
You're welcome in my home

This is my life
Nothing gonna bring me down
I'm the King of Riverside Park
3The Last One Standing


i've measured my days in shot glasses and butchers' blocks, cocaine mirrors, lovers tears and broken clocks. Signed my name in blood and drank from the remains, justified and alibied and then I passed the blame

I built my own nation
Looked in the mirror
I couldn't be touched
Now there's nobody here
If love is for suckers
And trust is for fools
I hid from the others
And made my own rules

Just a momento, a souvenir
And a photo to know that you were here
All alone under the lights
I'm the last one standing

I set examples by saying nothing and watched the others fall, dusted myself off and stood against the wall, i pointed to the fools who tried to make some sense, tore apart my enemies in the name of self-defense

I survived
With slightly less
Slouched to perfection,
Taller than the rest
Led by example
With nothing at all
I led from the waist up
And watched the others fall (ch)

Paco Loco is a noted producer as well as lead guitarist for the popular band Australian Blonde in Spain. Excited by the concept of a trans-Atlantic collaboration he sent the backing track for this song to me in December and I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocal in my home studio in Manhattan. The track was mailed back to Spain where Paco brought in the members of Australian Blonde to replace the various mechanical instruments and bring the song to life before sending it back to me via an MP3 which I inspected and then forwarded to Emusic. Another track built around excessive travel but THIS time the music did the traveling, sparing me from jet lag and lost luggage.-SW

Where Cadis, Spain, 2000

4Carnaval Momento
5Underneath The Radar


Yeah, yeah, that was me. You got photos? You got a private detective? well, then take my offer of this five dollars or a shot of Johnny Walker Black--your choice--and we'll just pretend this never happened. I'd like to think that i can buy your silence but the truth is--and this is why the joke is on you--that nobody would even give a fuck to buy your information.

this town is chock full of scandal and rumors and alibis and barflys and by this point we're all a little immune to a stumbling, fumbling drunk who went back on a few promises and grand statements. I did my time I shook off my parole I made my peace and I went away like I was supposed to.

and the very idea that someone like you would want to dig up old wounds is more of a reflection of your sorry state than anything I could imagine about myself. You make me feel good, you know that? You make me feel real good.

Man, let me buy you a drink. Here's a few quarters, put anythingyou want on the box. Put it on the jukebox. Yeah yeah, Barry White, he's real good, I like the way he sings. I like the way he moves. You know what I mean.

hey don't write that down. what's wrong with you, man. put that away. That's off the record. You oughta learn to relax, drink your drink. talk about something, man. who do you like in the playoffs? Yankees? Man, what's wrong with you?

I'll tell you a secret; the secret is I"ve got no secrets to tell and even if I did I wouldn't tell them to you. I live a life out of detection, clear of inspection and I go my way and do what I want. Just like you should do. drink your drink and go home. and forget this ever happened.

Go home. It's on me. and take this pack of smokes. It's okay. You can take the lighter too.

I move in mysterious ways
I get lost between the days
Drift along in the fog and haze
Underneath the radar

6On The Town


Finally the end of the work day
Won't be coming back until Monday
Now I'm gonna go out and play
I know it isn't funny how I'm gonna spend my money

Dip into the lipstick and powder
Caviar, chardonnay and chowder
I can't hear you, can you talk a little louder?
Shiny red leather with the tables close together

Gonna take it all in
Running all around
Gonna see the sunrise
On the town (2X)

See my reflection in a steak knife
Set my direction by the Klieg light
I want to see the bright lights tonight
Can you tell the valet I don't have a dime to pay

Gonna hang out with all the others
Family and friends and lovers
Dancing to the Chemical Brothers
Gonna get deep in it, 200 beats a minute (ch)

Gonna take it all in
Running all around
Gonna see the sunrise
On the town (2X)

The sunrise comes all cool and breezy
Two eggs over easy
Jump into the first cab that sees me
Ten bucks home and then I'm all al


Got a tip that's gonna hit, a filly in the fifth race, can't miss
20 bucks to win, it's a sin, it's a sin
Kinda know the score but I end up needing more, needing more
Kinda know the score but I end up needing more

Lay your bets at the open window
Seems alright with me
Pick it up and lay it down
You can lose it at the OTB

Sixth race, gotta place, take it easy, don't get greey
20 bucks on 10 down, good enough to leave town, leave town
Gotta a lotta money riding on the ponies, riding on the ponies
Just one pop and I swear that it's gonna stop (ch)

It's my lucky day, what can I say, some got it some don't
Thought I'd leave but now I won't, now I won't
10 bucks up and I can't stop now
Got the magic touch and I know t oo much, I know too much
8Black Is Black Momento
9Claro Que Si


On a hot Juarez night
She sat next to me
Can I buy you a drink, I asked
Claro Que Si

She gave me a smile
So Tenderly
Can I know you better?
Claro que si

Will I ever know the meaning of your words
She said 'Most certainly'
Will I ever understand you darling
'Ah, just listen to me'

Then she moved a bit closer
So certainly
Can this be love?
Claro que si (solo......bridge)

And that's how the story ends
So perfectly
Can this be love?
Claro que
10Sometime Before I Die


These are the ways I hope to change my life
These are the vows I choose to make
Make damn sure that when I take my final breath
I wont' need to look back on my mistakes

I raise my glass to the future
And not the past

Gonna take my dreams
Gonna live them by and by
Gonna live my life
Sometime before I die (2X)

And these are the people I'd like to thank
As I take my final bow
All the ones who dared to shake me up
And all the ones who let me down

I raise a toast
To flesh and not a ghost

Gonna take my dreams
Gonna live them by and by
Gonna live my life
Sometime before I die (2X)

I'd like to thank everyone who made this possible
From the bottom of my heart
And now I'd like to bring on a special guest (guitar solo)

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