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Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3

Release Date: 2006
Album Notes:

Filmed and recorded on November 5, 2005, in Germany.

Released on June 16th, 2006.

Physical Version currently out of print

Physical Version includes:
- 2 CDs
- 1 DVD

Digital Version includes:
- 2 CDs

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Death Valley Rain


I'm buying time
But I've got no place to put it
I draw the line
But that shouldn't slow me down, now should it?

Riding against the minutes
Outside the city limits
Burning deep inside me like
Death Valley rain

We come alive
When the sun goes down in the valley
We never drive
We just park it out back in the alley


The moon it shines
And lights up the cans on the dashboard
The stars align
But we don't know exactly what for

Live Tick
2Cindy, It Was Always You


It's dark an the street tonight
It's dark in my room
I've been thinking about you again
It happens after one or two

You know I had that girl Leona first
She was your best friend
Since that niglht I saw you in that bar
It was you I had to have in my bed

Cindy, it was always you
It was you I wanted, too
Now you leave me haunted

There were times I had leona
I was giving her my best
It was her I blew up into
It was you I kissed

I used to be afraid when the lights went out
Now I welcome what I can't see
Wherever you go. you know I'll be there, too
I'll have you eventually (ch)

Live Tick
3Blind Willie McTell Live Tick


Bloodshot, tired and torn opart
I'm at my best when I con barely start
I fall down easy but I get up slow
I really, really hope that the bruises don't show

Cut mysetf and I tasted my blood
Dragged my name right through the mud
I fall down easy but I get up slow
I really, really hope that the bruises don't show

If I came to you late at night
Would you answer to my call
I can't do anything to make it all right
This is how you learn to fall

Cracked my skull and I hit the floar
I don't want to talk about it any more
I fall down easy but I get up slow
I really, really hope that the bruises don't show
Live Tick
5Southern California Line


Bobby took a ride on a California night
On the 7:35 from Salinas
Didn't hear a sound there was no one else around
He said 'The sky has come between us'.

Are you really sure that now's the time?
Are you ready to be saved
On the Southern California Line?

Bobby made a list of the places he had missed
And the places where he'd been forgotten
Looked upon the list and he tore the list to bits
And he wondered how it turned so rotten

Bobby's last connection was a thought about confession
And a 25-to-life in prison
Took a load of pills, leaned against the windowsill
And waited till his soul had risen
Live Tick
6What Comes After


All the stores have long since shut
Broken windows boarded up
Never had the heart to tear it down
To tear it down

Everything is laid out wide
And I've got nothing left but time
To think that such a day would once terrify
I can't believe it now


Time gives all that it takes
Time leaves nothing in its wake
And I am ready for what comes after
For what comes after

All the clouds have passed away
And I can only see the light of day
I never thought such clarity
would come my way (ch)

Still waiting for the morning to call my name
Still waiting for the light on the windowpane
Still waiting for the sun
But it never comes

It's impossible to forget
Until the day that there's finally nothing left
But where nothing lies, anything can rise
And be torn down
Live Tick
7Stare It Down


When the devil is at your door (it's like an invitation)
And he won't listen anymore (it's like a celebration)
Flying in the face of recrimination
Breaking down the walls of illumination
Right there before you
Don't you know you've got to stare it down

When the lightning splits the skies (it's like a holy thunder)
And nobody seems surprised (it's like a touch from under)
Looking for clues in a room full of strangers
Brushing back the hair from the face of danger
Right there before you
Don't you know you've got to stare it down

In a dream I was overcome (but I was only sleeping)
Silent and acting dumb (as it was slowly creeping)
Laying in a pool of my own determination
Swear it was more than imagination
finding the truth in a hallucination
Turning the corner on elimination
Right there before you
Don't you know you've got to stare it down
Live Tick
8California Style


And let down our hair--California Style
Take a lesson, leave 'em guessin'
Grab the Wesson and make a mess of everything--California Style

And if anyone comes around
And wants to settle up the score
I'm gonna open up my arms
There's always room for more

We got sloppy on the Cherocol
Leaning up agains the wall--California Style
You know I can't hypnotize
When your hair is hanging in your eyes--California Style

I wanna reach inside my skin
And pull out everything that smells like sin--California Style
Lay it out on a platter
And write your name out in the splatter--California Style

Live Tick
9Your Secret


Didn't have to do it but you did
Sometimes it pays to keep your feelings hid
You didn't seem the type to come around but that's destiny
It all comes down to chance, your secret's safe with me

It's funny the things that last when all is said and done
The sun shows through the curtain, spotlight on everyone
But if there is a God he's overworked and never free
It's like an honor system, your secret's safe with me

And everytime the music fades, I hear the siren's call
Smashed against the rocks and thrown against the wall
Which hand holds the coin, take your time and count to three
Both my hands are empty, your secret's safe with me

Live Tick
10There Will Come A Day


I was thinking of my troubles
As people sometimes will
Everyone who had done my wrong
And those who would wrong me still
And in a fit of desperation
I found myself on my knees
wishing pain and suffering
on all my enemies

I prayed for loss of limb
and lingering disease
Of blight and devastation
And assorted miseries
But as I made my wishes
and as I cast my spells
I stopped myself and said a prayer
And said these words to myself

There will come a day
There will come a day
When all of the evil
will be washed away
The patient will be rewarded
And their tormentors will pay
There will come a day, lord
There will come a day

Live Tick


My head just isn't right
I sleep an hour every night
The rest is only fits and starts
It's tearing me apart
Curled in the sheets
Burned by the heat
That's what I need
To slow down the speed

The bed is smoking like a furnace
My head begins to turn, it's
Like a big weight
Dragging me down
Please baby please baby
Down on my knees baby
Sometimes the cure
Is worse than the disease baby

Oh, why am I wired this way?
Every time I try to check it
Something comes along to wreck it

You really want to sing the blues?
Well, go and watch the evening news
The rest is only neuroses, psychoses
Holy moses!
Live Tick
12The Deep End


Only time will tell if the waves
Will cover me or let me go
Drunk on time and lavender foam
I was always so afraid to know

It's more than sink or swim
I'd rather not go in
The deep end

Endless sea that stretches out,
Orion's belt holds me back
From my point of view, everything is possible.
I separate fantasy from fact (ch)

I was always so entranced
By the push and pull of the tide
I was always so afraid of the undertow that would come
And bury me inside

In my final moments, I forget to breathe
And sink beneath the surface without shame
In my final moments as I held my breath, I knew
That nothing would ever be the same

Live Tick
13Killing Me


Bobby did a line from the back of his hand
And he pushed the pedal down
I was in the back with a bag of chips
Wondering who was still around

Bobby hit the lock, he made damn sure
I couldn't get to the door
Child-proof, Red Roof, rear-view mirror
I passed out on the floor

I'm in the back
In a burlap sack
Near the county line
I wasn't cursed
Like Patty Hearst
Lord, do your worst

You're killing me
Live Tick
14Nothing But The Shell


Finally stashed away the vices
Like a shield against the coming crisis
See what drops and see what rises
Watch out for the falling prices


Stripped away so you could hardly tell
Leaving nothing but the shell

Remember when she was a comer
Brighter but a little dumber
Something went down late last summer
I don't suppose you have her number (ch)

Never made it to the coda
The CIA destroyed the folder
Brighter but a little older
A teleprompter and a soda (ch)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Neil Young and Crazy Horse
A victim of a bad divorce
Take a little from the source (ch)

A retro-futuro glam stomp with my first harmonica solo
in years. A pre-apocolyptic tale of redemption and focus complete with
Aspertame and name-dropping. Note: a "comer" is a sports term for an "up-
and-comer," or someone with "can't-miss" potential. - SW

Live Tick
15Thats What You Always Say


I'd tell you that we've been through this
I know I've told you that before
I'd try to find out where we miss
but it gets to be such a chore
Ever since that time I told you it's so
Something gets my mind and I don't let go
and then the stories and words
they're here and gone
cause that's what you always say
I'd try to sit and talk with you
but you know moods change all the time
I'd try to wait a week or two
but by then I'd probably changed my mind.

Live Tick


On the seventh hour of the seventh day
The seventh son was looking for a seventh-stage getaway
The word came down from a blinding light
You got one chance, you'd better do it right

I was driving down the 101
It was late at night and I was thinking 'bout the things that I'd done
All of my regrets and and all of my fears
I was slipping the car from gear to gear to gear

Man, I really got going, started picking up speed
I hit 135 and I had everything that I'd need
Started shaking bad, fearing for my life
I let go of the wheel and I flew into the night

god bless the child, god bless his soul
god perish the idea that he will die before he's old
gotta be cool, you gotta behave
man, there'll be time for that when I'm lying in my grave

You gotta watch your step, or you gonna lose your way
Take heed of your elders, do everything they say
Yeah, I gotta watch out for the man who tolls the bells
But if I fear for the devil and I fear for myself then I'm gonna have to fear for everybody else
Live Tick
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Item 2: cd
# Track Title Play
1No Tomorrow


She said, "When it all came tumbling down
I was frozen. I was ripped to the core.
I thought about everything I had learned
And how I didn't want to learn nothing anymore."

Ain't that just like you?
Shining all the lights on yourself
Ain't that just like you
Firing all your guns at once until you fade away

She said, "When all my leaders started lying to me
I was shattered. It just didn't make sense.
I started drinking and my life got worse
And I knew it was more than coincidence." (ch)

"I can't breathe but I can't leave.
I'm a slave to the grave that I dug for myself
I want to go where the lights aren't shining on me.
I'll crawl in a hole and fade away."

Part Two

Now you say the end is near
Well, I've been hearing that for years
The shaking followed by the tears
Anger and then shifting gears
And if the world must end,
There's no need to pretend.
I want to love you like there's no tomorrow

Oh, my sweet catastrophe
Is this the way it has to be
Locked away by house arrest
Live Tick
2When The Curtain Falls


Skipped ahead to the end of the book
took a chance and took a look
sometimes we can sometimes worry
sometimes an answer isn't necessary
I'll see you when the curtain falls

in this town nothing is laid to rest
nothing wasted, nothing's second guessed
sometimes a fool rises
sometimes a good man falls
sometimes we don't pay attention at all
I'll see you when the curtain falls (2X)

there's a bad moon on the rise tonight
might be time to set the story right
we can crawl and we can creep
we make excuses till they let ourselves to speak
I'll see you when the curtain falls (4X)

and the audience has rushed the stage
but no one there to meet their rage
passed out drunk on cheap delights
to bored to scream and to tired to fight
I'll see you when the curtain falls (3X)

Live Tick
3500 Girl Mornings


Shelly was a ghost and she never wrote back
Jackie had a story for everything she lacked
Sarah slept forever and I thought that she was dead
But she wasn't dead, she wasn't dead

And all I want is tea and some chocolate and a book
And a cigarette and coffee and a dangerous look
And all that I want, more than anything I want
Is to just be alone, just be alone

Hey, can I look in your eyes again?
Hey can I look in your eyes?

Suzy was a tourist and her sister was a guide and
Janet was cruel but she was sweet inside and
Cindy had teeth like a carving knife and
Betty liked to tell me what to do with my life (ch)

Janie, she was pretty outside of Kansas City
It really was a pity that she stayed in Kansas City and
Frieda said to sack it when she didn't want to back it
She knew she couldn't hack it in a blue bomber jacket, a blue bomber jacket

And all I want is tea and some chocolate and a book
And a cigarette and coffee and a dangerous look
And all that I want more than anything I want
Is to just be alone, just be alone

Hey can I look in your eyes again
Hey can I look in your eyes?

I've often felt that a three-chord song is probably one too many and I submit this duo-tonic marvel as evidence. Name-dropping (all fiction, of course) and gleeful, pounding repetition made this song a joy to play and nearly impossible to end. I truly believe there is some alternate universe where we are still playing the outro to this song.-SW

Live Tick
4The Days Of Wine And Roses


The word from outside
and she is on the ledge again
drawing a card
and threatening everything
I'm here wandering
where I got in
Everybody says I don't care
but I'm just trying to remember
the days of wine and roses
The priest from the parish
is looking for persuasion
the man with the notepad
wants verification
somebody says this was my creation
Her mother says it's your fault
you never looked after her
Her father arranging to
get back the furniture
I'm here wandering
what the reasons were.

Live Tick
5John Coltrane Stereo Blues


Oh keep your hands on the shades baby
no one gonna care
when the moon goes dead
oh I might have said something sometime
but I don't care what I might have said
we're gonna take it
move it
sand it down
we're gonna send it back from where it came
oh yeah yeah
gonna be all right
it's gonna be all right
I feel it, want it, know it
yeah I say yeah yeah yeah
it's gonna be all right

I got some John Coltrane on the stereo baby
make it feel all right
I got some fine wine in the freezer mama
I know what you like
I gonna take it, turn it, set it loose
we gonna learn about love on a three ply rug
Gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
I feel it
gonna be all right

Don't tell me anymore bout the
civilized world baby
it's just you and me
Oh what do I gotta do to show you
the way that it's gonna be
Gonna take it, move it, [sand] it down
gonna send it back to burn in flame
gonna be all right
it's gonna be all right
shhh it's gonna be all right
oh yeah yeah yeah all right

I got some John Coltrane on the stereo baby
make it feel all right
I got some fine wine in the freezer mama
I know what you like
I got some John Coltrane on the stereo baby
make it feel all right
I got some fine wine in the freezer mama
I know what you like
I got some John Coltrane on the stereo baby
make it feel all right
I said a man works hard all day
he can do what he wants to
At night
come on, come on...
(hopefully crowd goes wild here)

she said Hold me tight
I don't think that's what you want
I don't think that's what you want
She said Hold me tight
I don't think that's what you want
Don't think that's what you want
Hold me tight, hold me tight
hold me tight, hold me tight
Gonna be all right

Live Tick
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Full live show on DVD! (Physical Version Only)

Live Tick

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