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Release Date: 1993

Album Notes:

After his first two solo-albums, Steve Wynn returned to play in a band incarnation.

Joined by Bryan Harvey and Johnny Hott from House Of Freaks, Stephen McCarthy of The Long Ryders and Bob Rupe of The Silos.

Song writing duties were shared by Steve Wynn, Bryan Harvey and Stephen McCarthy.

Track Listing

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Trial Separation Blues Trial Separation Blues
2Top Of The Hill Top Of The Hill
3Lester Young Lester Young
4Motorcycle Boy Motorcycle Boy
5One By One One By One
6When You Make Up Your Mind When You Make Up Your Mind
7Think It Over Think It Over
8Falling From The Sky Falling From The Sky
9Please Don't Hold Back Please Don't Hold Back
10The Preacher And The Prostitute The Preacher And The Prostitute
11Patent Leather Shoes Patent Leather Shoes
12Blessing In Disguise Blessing In Disguise

Album Press

  • Allmusic.COM

    Maybe not another Days of Wine and Roses, but a solid release all the same.more
    posted: 0000-00-00

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Tour Dates

2016-02-14 Santa Monica, CA
2016-02-15 San Francisco, CA
2016-02-16 Santa Cruz, Ca
2016-04-03 Vittorio Veneto, Italy
2016-04-04 Bologna, Italy
2016-04-05 Bellizza, Italy
2016-04-06 Avellino, Italy
2016-04-07 Vasto, Chieti, Italy
2016-04-08 Savignano Sul Rubicone FC, Italy
2016-04-09 Livorno, Italy
2016-04-10 Milano, Italy
2016-04-11 Trento, Italy
2016-04-12 San Gemini, Terni, Italy
2016-04-13 Florence, Italy
2016-04-15 Settimo Torinese, Italy
2016-04-17 Zurich, Switzerland
2016-04-18 Berlin, Germany
2016-04-21 Stockholm, Sweden
2016-04-22 Mälmo, Sweden
2016-08-05 Atlanta
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