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Steve Wynn

Release Date: 1993


Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Follow Me Follow Me
2Collision Course Collision Course
3Carelessly Carelessly
4Carry A Torch Carry A Torch
5Open The Door Open The Door
6Older Older
7Layer By Layer Layer By Layer
8That's Why I Wear Black That's Why I Wear Black
9Wedding Bells Wedding Bells
10The Sun Rises In The West The Sun Rises In The West
11Look Both Ways Look Both Ways
12Never Ending Rain Never Ending Rain
13Animation Animation
14Gospel 1 Gospel 1
15Counting The Days Counting The Days
16Closer Closer
17The Subject Was Roses The Subject Was Roses
18Dead Roses Dead Roses
19Gospel 2 Gospel 2
20Our Little House Our Little House


  • CMJ

    Throughout the `80s, Steve Wynn gained notoriety as the guiding force behind Los Angeles' renowned Dream Syndicate. His third solo outing, the self-produced Fluorescent, only vaguely recalls that outfit's psychedelically-edged......more>
  • Rolling Stone

    With the Dream Syndicate, Steve Wynn laid Lou Reed-like vocals atop tunes recalling Crazy Horse. Recording as Danny and Dusty (with Green on Red's Dan Stuart), Wynn softened somewhat. On this, his third solo bid, he's singing neofolk alongside John Wesley Harding and Victoria Williams. Stripping down suits his songwriting: "That's Why I Wear Black" sounds almost like a rediscovered Woody Guthrie tune, and "Wedding Bells" seems a country standard. But along with the mandolins, brushed snares and strummed acoustics, there's something subversive going on. Wynn's fatalistic lyrics darken the tone, making his story songs tales of our exhausted times. (RS 683) 3/5 stars PAUL EVANS

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