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The Emusic Singles Collection

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Steve Wynn

Release Date: 2001
Album Notes:

Every month through 2001, Steve Wynn released a single for download at

They are collected on this CD.

I remember reading all of the amazing stories of bands like the Beatles or The Who writing a song in the morning, recording it in the afternoon and having it stocked in the shelves of record stores by the following afternoon.

The idea that a songwriter or musician could have a spark of inspiration and transmit that enthusiasm to listeners who not only would share the music but also experience the thrill and freshness of a truly NEW song was incredibly exciting. I couldn't wait to make records of my own someday to experience this type of spontaneous record-making for myself.

But by the time I began making records in 1982 the game had changed. Songs were written, rewritten, recorded as a demo, rewritten again, shopped to labels, demoed again before being rewritten and then recorded 'for real' only to sit in limbo for months before finally being released long after the initial moment of inspiration had first hit the songwriter and his bandmates.

If you were lucky (and skillful) you could maintain that feeling of the first moment after having dragged the song through the arduous chain of events but most likely the recording would sound as labored as the process itself.

That is why I was so excited by the advent of downloadable music and the opportunity to initiate this Single of the Month program with Emusic. The idea was that every month I would write a new song, record it and then have it available via the internet to music fans all around the world. Ideally (and as has been the case in two of the first three installments) the time from the first bit of inspiration to the availability at a click of a mouse would be no more than one week. A fan in Kansas or Norway or Russia or Tokyo could hear my new song while the ink was still dry from writing the lyrics into my notebook.

What is most exciting about this process is that it is at once very old-fashioned (the quick turnaround of seven-inch singles) and very NOW (music transmitted by the internet). I love having deadlines with the knowledge that the deadlines are there for a reason. I like the knowledge that what is a 'new song' for my fans is also a 'new song' for me. That's a new experience and one that I plan to continue until the end of this year and maybe beyond.So check out my Single of the Month page and share this thrill-ride with me.

Steve Wynn

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Strange New World


Once I was down in New Orleans
Mixing Scotch with gasoline
The stench was bad, the juice was clean
You shoulda heard just what I seen

Lightning flashed and split the sky
Thunder rolled from way up high
Blacked out and hit the ground
When I awoke this is what I found

Moving fast, moving clean
Stepping lightly like a dream
Hairs on end, toes curl
It's a strange new world

Like Rip Van Winkle I was amazed
Cuz 20 years was only 20 days
I was connected to everyone
They knew me and what I'd done

Way on top but I don't know why
Lord knows I didn't try
The King of Swing, The Duke of Earl
It's a strange new world

I fee alive, I feel free
Evolution got a hold on me
Moving on but standing still
Watch me fly from the windowsill

Taking speed just like I should
Getting while it's good
Got the clams, got the pearl
It's a strange new world

I have been writing quite a bit and I will choose one of my favorites to record on the morning and afternoon of January 17 when Dave and Linda and Chris and myself go into Water Music for the first of the Single of the Month installments.
Where : Water Music - New York, January 17-SW

The Emusic Singles Collection
2Last House On The Right The Emusic Singles Collection
3The Last One Standing


i've measured my days in shot glasses and butchers' blocks, cocaine mirrors, lovers tears and broken clocks. Signed my name in blood and drank from the remains, justified and alibied and then I passed the blame

I built my own nation
Looked in the mirror
I couldn't be touched
Now there's nobody here
If love is for suckers
And trust is for fools
I hid from the others
And made my own rules

Just a momento, a souvenir
And a photo to know that you were here
All alone under the lights
I'm the last one standing

I set examples by saying nothing and watched the others fall, dusted myself off and stood against the wall, i pointed to the fools who tried to make some sense, tore apart my enemies in the name of self-defense

I survived
With slightly less
Slouched to perfection,
Taller than the rest
Led by example
With nothing at all
I led from the waist up
And watched the others fall (ch)

Paco Loco is a noted producer as well as lead guitarist for the popular band Australian Blonde in Spain. Excited by the concept of a trans-Atlantic collaboration he sent the backing track for this song to me in December and I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocal in my home studio in Manhattan. The track was mailed back to Spain where Paco brought in the members of Australian Blonde to replace the various mechanical instruments and bring the song to life before sending it back to me via an MP3 which I inspected and then forwarded to Emusic. Another track built around excessive travel but THIS time the music did the traveling, sparing me from jet lag and lost luggage.-SW

Where Cadis, Spain, 2000

The Emusic Singles Collection
4Milky White The Emusic Singles Collection
5Melinda The Emusic Singles Collection
6The Way I Feel Right Now The Emusic Singles Collection
7The Devil's Not That Kind The Emusic Singles Collection


I met her on a Sunday
By the merry-go-round
Got a yellow Ford Saturn
And then we rolled out of town

That's what I say
Yeah, that's what I say

On the New Jersey Turnpike
When I asked her name
She wrote it in the frost
On the windowpane

I don't believe in love
And I'm too tired for lust
She had a way of saying nothing
That I really could trust

On the day they make this song
Into a Hollywood picture
I think I'll throw a few jokes
Into the mixture

That's what I say
Yeah, that's what I say

One of my favorite albums of the last few years was the moody and mysterious 'Bi' by the enigmatic Swiss artist Polar. And when I was invited to spend a week at Polar's remote mountain studio in the Alps I jumped at the chance. Five days away from television, newspapers and almost all contact with the outside world resulted in four dark and freaky songs including this Central Park fable called 'Merry-Go-Round.' The dark and twisted music we recorded hardly reflects our idyllic surroundings but I will be returning (with Linda Pitmon) to the studio when the green hills turn to a chilly white next winter to finish the work we began. This song is just the, uh, tip of the iceberg.-SW

Where Produced and recorded by Polar in a chalet in the Swiss Mountains in the village of Bruson.

Musicians Performed by Polar and Steve Wynn

The Emusic Singles Collection
9I Gotta Do Things My Way The Emusic Singles Collection
10Shake And Bake


Down at the epicenter someone checked the Richter scale and found it was a 7.3. Everything was shaking and the scientists were gathering the numbers and the decimals and checking out the evidence before it all fell in the sea.

Shake and bake

Out in Topanga Canyon, all of the movie stars and all of the A&Rs were picking up the latest tracks and gathering the filofax and getting set to split the scene. Gold records melting down and scriptwriters leaving town and nobody's taking lunch and baby now I've got a hunch that this one's gonna leave us clean

Shake and bake

Mud slides and aftershocks, riots, floods and broken locks. The smog is gonna choke us while we're waiting for the locusts and baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby call my agent and I promise I'll get back to you

Shake and bake

Okay, this month?s single is a bit of a cop-out as it is almost five years old but it has always been one of my favorite Gutterball songs and has remained a secret since it was recorded for an obscure German compilation in 1996. A Southern California morality play of earthquakes and heat waves and cell phones. And it will likely be part of the long-awaited(by me, as much as anyone) third Gutterball album that should be coming out, oh, any decade now.-SW

Where Recorded by Gutterball in 1996

Musicians Gutterball

The Emusic Singles Collection
11Down At The Hi-De-Ho The Emusic Singles Collection
12At The End Of The Day


We may never walk this way again
But we'll do our best to remember when
We were lost and couldn't see the light
Schooled and ravaged by the night

We may survive with nothing left to show
Relics bound by what we know
And the battles that we won won't matter more
Than the lowest of the lows that came before

At the end of the day
What will they say?
Will they try to take all of the words away
Will we settle all the bills that we couldn't pay?
At the end of the day

We may try to join with those that came before
To greet everyone that comes through the door
With a hand and a shake and a meaningful stare
Before they walk on by like we were never there

The Emusic Singles Collection
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The Emusic Singles Collection

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