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Dazzling Display

Steve Wynn

Release Date: 1992
Album Notes:

The second solo album by Steve Wynn.

Featuring: Howe Gelb, Fernando Saunders, Peter Buck.

Produced by Joe Chicarelli

and with loads of guest appearing, like Howe Gelb, Fernando Saunders, Peter Buck,.....

Steve translated Serge Gainsbourg's Bonnie and Clyde from French to English, for the duo with Jonette Napolitano

Drag was played in episode 49 of Baywatch

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Saved the best for later
Came with a big surprise
when later came like a runaway train
and smacked you right between the eyes

Staring down the shadows of love
with lust and envy and greed
Well its not too hard when you realize
there's still a million things that you need

Bit her lip with precision and wit
Passed out like punctuation
Left me here and trembling
reeling from the situation

What a drag it is
Sometimes you just gotta laugh
What a drag it is

Learned my share of lessons
Held on like a loyal hound
I was torn from the roots in a cobra suit
Never never never never hit the ground


Alibis ring tight through the night
I dont believe you but its alright
Look around and then you'll see
all the losers get in free round here

I had a dream last night
The choir was singin "We love you"
Pools of sweat that you cant forget
Place your bets
Goodnight Irene

Dazzling Display


Any day but Tuesday
I would gladly walk through fire
any day but Tuesday
we could drown in our own desire
and I wish a man could be
in twenty places at one time
any day but Tuesday would be fine

any day but Tuesday
we could fall across the aisle
any day but Tuesday
it only has to be for a little while
and I wish sometimes a man
could be more than just a boy
any day but Tuesday would be a joy

in a sentence
in a word
it might be something that you heard
in a night, it could be right
if you'd only see the light

any day but Tuesday
we could talk or maybe we could sin(g)
any day but Tuesday
it really doesn't have to mean a single thing
and I wish sometimes a man
could be more than just a boy
any day but Tuesday would be a joy

Dazzling Display
3When She Comes Around


Red hair, green tights
she told me never to ask any questions
midnight, the moon is right
she walks over in my direction
no surprise from the passing eyes
she leans over the windowsill
time flies and a new disguise
imagination and a 20-dollar bill

when she comes around,
when she comes around
all riddles and games
when she comes around,
when she comes around
there's nothing to explain

lady Godiva, truck driver
telling secrets that nobody knows
late at night, she turns off the light
she never takes off all of her clothes (ch)

no excuses for fresh bruises
some boys don't understand
she's so selective from her perspective
she knows how hard it is to be a man

Betty Davis, Clark Gable
cheap photos from a carnival stall
some lives work as fables
some lives don't work at all (ch)

Dazzling Display
4A Dazzling Display


Wasn't supposed to go down like that
flashes lit up the sky
unseen by the public eye

there's only one thing to fear
but that's not very clear
and patience is running thin

fell down to attention
not a very honorable mention
what a perfect way to watch a
dazzling display

and they lit up the sky
black on white on black
they knew there was no turning back
ripped a hole in my memory
like something from a different key
the words were not that clear(ch)

and the people did rejoice
lit up in a single voice
the words were not that clear
and they began to dance about
all aligned in a single shout
the words were not that clear(ch)

Dazzling Display


This ain't no curtain call
no ovation
the mob is growing
and they're impatient
I see matches
and I see torches
sometimes it burns,
sometimes it scorches

oh, put your hands down
there's nothing left to call
I will be watching
when your halo begins to fall

this ain't no fairy tale
this ain't no fable
I'll find a moral when I'm able
in the pouring rain
and you remember
the car that pulled away last November (ch)

Dazzling Display
6Dandy In Disguise


when he was born, he was scorned,
it was sworn that he'd end up no good
he was torn from the womb much too soon
he'd go back if he could

well look at the clown in his vest
look at the clown, he looks his best
step right up! surprise!
it's the dandy in disguise
step right up, surprise
it's the dandy in disguise

always outrageous, never contagious,
he'd sit home alone and he'd cry
cause when a fool isn't cool
they just hang him on a line and watch him die

well look at the clown
he learned the score
look at the clown
a clown no more
step right up, surprise
it's the dandy in disguise

and the dandy isn't sure
that there's a cure for his malaise
another pie in the face
another time and another place, yeah

Sometimes you get hurt in a flowered shirt
and big floppy boots
you get tired of the edge, back off from the ledge
and run home with the loot

look at the clown
something's changed
look at the clown
step right up, surprise
it's the dandy in disguise
Dazzling Display


She walks into the room with a grace of a panther
and she doesn't see anything at all
spills coffee on a pure white rug
smashes the cup against the wall

she says
how can I turn it on and off again
how can I turn it on
how can I turn it on and off again
how can I turn it on

she chews a sliver off a fingernail
and dreams about a dream that she once had
three long weeks to grow it again
chipped, cracked black and she feels sad (ch)

oh, Grace, there must be a better time and place

she says
I've forgotten more than I'll never know
and I don't know anything anymore
I've been dumb and I've been blind
but I can't seem to find my way out of this hind (ch)

Dazzling Display
8As It Should Be


I close the door
shut out the lights
stand in the darkness till everything's right
stand by the bar
I pour a drink
stare in the corner and try not to think
I see your eyes
staring in silence
I call you softly
and beg you to stay

as it should be
as it should be
you're still here with me
as it should be

the phone never rings
the night never ends
the path to my door won't be darkened again
I close my eyes
but I never sleep
I lie awake in fear
of dreams that may creep (ch)
Dazzling Display
9Bonnie And Clyde


everybody's talking about Jesse James
the way he lived and the way he died
but in love, even crime can draw a tighter bind
this is the story of Bonnie and Clyde

in his life, Clyde dreamed of the perfect lover
until one day his prayers came true
drawn together like a bow and arrow,
enter Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

passion levels all that it encounters
like a drug, it needs no rhyme or reason
blood was spilt and lives were torn asunder
Clyde and Bonnie filled the land with wonder

fantasies of years they'd spend together,
shattered by a politician's pledge
always one step before the gallows
a lust for crime that wouldn't let them rest

headlines scream
the long arm of the law was not amused
brighter shades of love were turning darker
curtains for Barrow and Bonnie Parker

the thrill is gone and panic takes its place
hope is growing dimmer by the hour
flashes of light against the black
carefully take aim and then attack-tack-tack

the final flickers of a dangerous life
Clyde sees the blood run from his dying wife
Bonnie breathes her last breath in despair
a vision of the corpse of Clyde Barrow

they laid them in the ground before the morning came
to stay together till the end of time
no coffin, no headstone and no marker
the end for Barrow and Bonnie Parker
Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie and Clyde

Dazzling Display


Shiny slant six with a twin fin jive
Blowing black smoke on the 405
I rest my case
on this time and place

Cold wheel moving in my head
from the first shot down
to the moment I am dead
I rest my mind on this place and time

Black Ford moving slow and lazy
Ronny Spector singing "Be my baby"
Cold wheel moving in the night
from the first off-ramp to the last red light
I rest my blood in the rain and mud

Cold wheel keeps rolling on

You see shapes and you see signs
The ghosts are crawling' cross the double lines
I rest my blood in the rain and mud

Turn off the radio and let the wheels do the talking
Wait until the fuel line breaks and then start walking
And everything that I thought was right,
it gets lost in the middle of the night
And everything that I thought was good,
it gets caught underneath the hood
And everything that I held dear,
it gets lost in the rear view mirror
And everything that kept me alive,
it's rolling like thunder on the
Dazzling Display
11Close Your Eyes


When they bring down the curtain
In an hour and 45 minutes
we can talk about the play
and pretend that we were never in it

flashes lit up the skies
thunder and then surprise
you can close your eyes

when the earth shakes,
opens up and swallow itself
I won't be thinking about anybody else

fury and fire flies
it's too late for compromise
you can close your eyes

words turn to anger,
anger comes to blows
nobody feels the hit but everybody knows

when nothing can tantalize
it's gonna take a new set of lies
you can close your eyes

Dazzling Display
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Dazzling Display

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    4 stars out of 5 - "...Steve Wynn in fine songwriting form. His 80's band The Dream Syndicate specialized in cerebral yet visceral 6-string laments and, solo, he was more than able to further this tradition..."
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    3.5 Stars - Good Plus - "..he sounds exhilaratingly close to having found his true voice...a shimmering pop album.."

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