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The Days Of Wine And Roses

The Dream Syndicate

Release Date: 1982


Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Tell Me When It's Over Tell Me When It's Over
2Definitely Clean Definitely Clean
3Thats What You Always Say Thats What You Always Say
4Then She Remembers Then She Remembers
5Halloween Halloween
6When You Smile When You Smile
7Until Lately Until Lately
8Too Little Too Late Too Little Too Late
9The Days Of Wine And Roses The Days Of Wine And Roses

The Days Of Wine And Roses

  • AceWeekly

    Originally released in 1982, The Dream Syndicate's debut album firmly established them as one of the key players in California's Paisley Underground scene of the early eighties. What is initially striking......more>
  • Scram Magazone

    Haven't listened to this stuff in years, but time was they were "my" hometown band, so beloved I once missed the last bus rather than their set and walked home......more>
  • Whisperin and Hollerin

    Coming to critical prominence under that ever-so nebulous "Paisley Underground" banner in the early-to-mid 80s, Steve Wynn's DREAM SYNDICATE were quite possibly the most potent of all the post-punk LA......more>
  • AllMusic.COM

    On the one hand, where the Dream Syndicate came from was so obvious that it almost hurt. The Velvet Underground was a clear touchstone (if not quite the original LaMonte......more>

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