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Cast Iron Soul

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Cast Iron Soul

Danny & Dusty

Release Date: 2007
Album Notes:

Some things just can't be rushed.

22 years after the release of their much-loved 1984 classic "The Lost Weekend" Steve Wynn and Dan Stuart brought 12 new songs down to Richmond, Virginia last December and recorded this new record with Johnny Hott (Gutterball, Sparklehorse, House of Freaks) and Bob Rupe (Silos, Cracker, Gutterball) as well as two holdovers from the first album: Stephen McCarthy (Long Ryders, Gutterball) and Chris Cacavas (Green On Red).

The record was produced by JD Foster and the first 5000 CDs include a full length DVD of a Danny & Dusty show at the Music Machine in LA back in 1986.

The deluxe package is available right here until it's GONE.

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1The Good Old Days The Good Old Days
2Cast Iron Soul Cast Iron Soul
3Last Of The Only Ones Last Of The Only Ones
4Warren Oates Warren Oates
5Raise The Roof Raise The Roof
6Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day
7New York City Lullaby New York City Lullaby
8It's My Nature It's My Nature
9Hold Your Mud Hold Your Mud
10Let's Hide Away Let's Hide Away
11JD's Blues JD's Blues
12That's What Brought Me Here That's What Brought Me Here

Cast Iron Soul

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