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good, safe fun guaranteed...

I stood on stage with Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck and my wife Linda Pitmon at the Alberta Street Pub in Portland around the middle of last month thinking “Man, I haven’t done THIS in a long time.” Playing music inside in a club, the lights down low, the volume high and the collective relief of everyone on both sides of the stage in full form—well, it felt great. That was only 3 weeks ago but at that point, things were looking pretty good, and it seemed that it would be the beginning of the end of the longest drought I’ve had as both a musician and a music fan from seeing or playing shows.

And then things got worse again.

I was talking to my US house concert agent Tina Dunn a few months ago as we planned the rebooking of the tour I had to cancel back in April of 2020. We were thinking about doing it in July—great for backyard gatherings and warm, summer celebration—and I said, “let’s wait until September. The weather will still be good, and we can be pretty certain things will be better by then.” Hmmm…so much for my ability to see the future. Don’t ask my opinion on the ponies or the stock market.

But I am indeed still heading out on my first-ever US house concert tour in September. The dates are on the poster below (with me in my imagined gold Elvis suit) and you can order tickets here on the WynnWeb via Eventbrite. The majority of the shows are outdoors and will be socially distanced and the handful of shows that are indoors will be limited to those who have already been vaccinated. I’m sorry to leave anyone out of the equation but I also know this will alleviate any fears that many of you might have had and, most of all, I want to keep everyone safe. The shows will be a blast and I hope anyone in the vicinity of any of the shows will drop by—good, safe fun guaranteed (a weird claim for a rock show, admittedly).

And then I have a two-week tour up ahead in Italy for October. Again, everything is subject to change, but I feel good about the tour going forward so hopefully I’ll be seeing a lot of you over there as well. And more solo shows are booked for Holland, Belgium and Norway in January. We’ve learned by now the folly of making plans over the last 18 months but hopefully all of these will come to fruition.

Oh, and then there’s the only Dream Syndicate show of 2021—this coming December 4 at the brand new Brooklyn Made venue. We’ll have Eyelids out of Portland opening the show and I think it’s going to be a very memorable night so you might want to make plans to travel and plan a New York City vacation if you don’t already live here.

Oh, and we finished recording a new Dream Syndicate album to be released in 2022 and a 3-CD “Out of the Grey” reissue CD that will be out a little sooner than that. But more about that later. For now, take care and stay safe and let’s keep dipping those toes in the water, bracing and preparing ourselves for the good things that hopefully lie just ahead up the road.

See you soon,

Steve Wynn
New York City
August, 2021

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Steve does not have any shows currently scheduled. Please check back soon!

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