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I don't go out for a solo tour with just an electric guitar and an amplifier every day. Wait - infact, I've NEVER done it before. So, to commemorate my upcoming European solo electric tour, I've pressed up this very limited and numbered (500 copies) CD that I'll have with me along the way. I've chosen some songs that I rarely play as well as a few old favorites, all tunes that seemed to work well in this format. I'm sure there will be many others played and added along the way but this collection gives a pretty good picture of what I'll be doing night to night across the continent.

The front cover is a hand drawn self-portrait of sorts but the inside panel of the digipack is left intentionally blank so that I can draw a new Instant Alternate Cover each night, right there on the spot at the merch table. I'll bring the Sharpies.

solo_1 solo_1 solo_1

I hope that many of you can make it out at some point along the way. It will be a brand new adventure every night!

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Tour Dates

2015-03-06 Berlin, Germany
2015-03-07 Copenhagen, Denmark
2015-03-10 Trondheim, Norway
2015-03-11 Bergen, Norway
2015-03-12 Oslo, Norway
2015-03-13 Utrecht, Netherlands
2015-03-14 Nijmegen, Netherlands
2015-03-15 Leuven, Belgium
2015-03-16 Athens, Greece
2015-03-18 Savona, Italy
2015-03-19 Lugagnano (Verona), Italy
2015-03-20 Trieste, Italy
2015-03-21 Torino, Italy
2015-03-22 Bergamo, Italy
2015-03-24 Paris, France
2015-04-09 Cambridge, MA
2015-04-10 Hamden, CT
2015-04-11 New York, NY
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From Steve:

After a jam packed 2014 in which I played around 80 shows with my pals in the Dream Syndicate, Baseball Project and Miracle 3, it's time to strip things down again. Every couple of years I head over to Europe with an acoustic guitar, maybe an old crony or two and strip my songs back down to the basics.

But this year will be a little bit different. The shows on my upcoming four-week European tour will be completely SOLO, something I haven't done in almost a decade and will also be ELECTRIC, something I've never done before. It will be me, a hollow-body Gibson, a small amplifier and a pedal or two.

My solo acoustic tours over the years have always been fun. It's a great way to get closer to both the songs and those of you that come out to the show. But there are times on stage during those tours when I remember that I'm not a folkie, that I want to ROCK and that my musical history is tied into volume, adrenaline and dynamics.

A few months ago I was back home from a summer of touring and I had the chance to see a few shows. As it turns out the first 3 that I saw-Grant Hart, Bob Mould and Elvis Costello were all shows where the performer was playing alone with an electric guitar and an amp.

This idea excited me. I realized it was a way to dig through my history and have the chance to run the range from a ferocious roar down to a muted whisper and then back again. I've always found the thrill of dynamics to be important to my band shows and sometimes when I've been alone with an acoustic guitar I've occasionally wanted to have the chance now and then to...turn it up!

On this tour I'll have that chance.

So, come on out. I might be alone on stage but I'll be looking forward to seeing a lot of friends, both old and new. Get ready for some fun. Get ready for excitement. Get ready for...Solo, Electric!

Brookyln, NY

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