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The Dream Syndicate Medicine Show
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2014-05-01 Lessines, Belgium
2014-05-02 Stockholm, Sweden
2014-05-03 Copenhagen, Denmark
2014-05-04 Treviso, Italy
2014-05-05 Milan, Italy
2014-05-06 Ravenna, Italy
2014-05-07 Madrid, Spain
2014-05-08 Santiago, Spain
2014-05-09 Bilbao, Spain
2014-05-10 Zaragoza, Spain
2014-06-07 St. Louis, MO
2014-08-29 Portland, OR
2014-09-26 Atlanta
2014-09-27 Atlanta

Time moves forward--even when it moves forward in the past. In September of 2012, the Dream Syndicate traveled to Spain to play our first show together since 1988 to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of the release of our debut album, "The Days of Wine and Roses." 11 countries and 30 shows later, we're getting ready to embark on a 10-city tour of Europe to mark another 30 year anniversary, to the month in fact, of the release of our second album "Medicine Show."

We have never played this album start to finish at a single show, let alone for a whole tour. But now that we've gotten a pretty good handle on playing "The Days of Wine and Roses" all the way through, this seems like a good, new challenge. We'll round out the set with songs off the other three albums as well as the odd (or not so odd) cover or two.

It's been a pretty exciting ride. We've just been taking each short run of shows as they come and making sure that they remain fun for the audience and us. As it turns out it's just gotten more enjoyable and exciting as things have moved along--we started out pretty much where we left off in 1988 and have really gotten better since then. We've evolved as a band in ways I didn't really expect. And I think we're just beginning to hit our stride.

Then again, things have been exciting all the way back to our first shows in Spain in 2012. Our second show in Barcelona was named best concert of 2012 in Spain's influential Ruta 66 magazine (ahead of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and the Stooges). And I was so happy to reunite with my Paisley Underground buddies in the Bangles, Three O' Clock and Rain Parade for some great shows in LA and San Francisco last December. And more recently, we found ourselves at the Todos Santos Music Festival in Mexico playing "John Coltrane Stereo Blues" with Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones on organ (along with my Baseball Project bandmate Peter Buck on 12-string guitar). Here's a clip from that night.

In other words, the fun, the thrills, the good music just keeps on coming. And that means we will continue to pick and choose, showing up whenever and wherever the mood strikes. I think my favorite thing about the band right now is that we exist. That's something I hadn't been able to say for a long time.


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