Spring is here and the roar of a solo electric guitar in clubs across Europe gives way to the crack of the metaphorically musical bat in Florida and beyond. And a few shows with the criminally dormant Miracle 3--about 25 shows in all across the Eastern half of the US before the first rays of summer begin to shine through.

The Solo! Electric! tour was an absolute blast. It felt exciting to be solo on stage and yet just as loud as I would be at any given band show. People told me after the shows that there were moments when they felt like I had a full band behind me. Volume, echo, reverb and a few well-timed double espressos will do that. Thanks to everyone who attended--and I have a feeling there will be more S!E! shows later in the year.

The Baseball Project only tours when the weather gets warmer--we are hibernating musical bears that way--and we will kick into 2015 gear next week in Florida for some Spring Training Grapefruit League barnstorming. And then we tour on and off throughout the season. Shows for April and May are confirmed and then more dates for June and July on the way.

And the Miracle 3. I'm excited to be playing some shows with Jason, Dave and Linda in the Northeast in the coming weeks. We've been a band for 14 years now, longer than any band I've ever had, and I feel the chemistry and friendship and history every time we get together. Might even be time for a new record.

The one band that won't be on the road is The Dream Syndicate. But I have a feeling we'll be hunkering down soon in a studio somewhere. Stay tuned.

In other words, keep the suitcase packed, keep the passport close at hand, stay well-stocked on strings and picks. The road stretches and winds and curves long ahead, the horizon is endless. See you all soon. -SW

2015-06-18 Atlanta, GA
2015-06-19 Asheville, NC
2015-06-20 Charlotte, NC
2015-06-23 Kalamazoo, MI

2015-06-25 Chicago, IL
2015-06-26 Louisville, KY
2015-06-27 Nashville, TN
2015-06-28 Athens, GA