I went through a phase back in the 80's where I was painting all the time. It was fun, a different way to tickle the muse and ended up providing The Dream Syndicate with some spooky cover art for Ghost Stories. Then I just stopped. No reason, just one of those things. A few months ago, Randy Franklin, of the very groovy Yard Dog Gallery in Austin, asked me to join Jon Langford in a joint exhibit for their 20-year anniversary celebration. I jumped at the chance. Jon is a musical hero and an established artist and has also become a pal in recent years. Honored to be asked and wanting to be a part of this event, I cleared out a room and started painting again. I came up with a dozen new paintings, which I sent down to Austin for the exhibit, which opens this Friday. I'll be there, beaming proudly and having a ball. The next night, we're doing a gig across the street at the Continental Club. It will be an ad hoc quartet of myself, Linda, Randy and local bass player Hunter Darby. If you're in the neighborhood, drop on by. If not, have a gander at the latest crop online at Yard Dog Gallery's web site. Thanks to Randy for giving me the idea and excuse to dive back into the world of easels and brushes. --SW